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How to Predict the General Election 2017

In my experience of trying to use Astrology to predict election results, I have come to the following conclusions.

  1. Astrology is indeed very good at predicting the way the popular vote will go.
  2. Astrology is not so good at predicting the final result.

This is especially true where a country has an electoral system where votes do not translate directly into seats, either in the House of Commons (UK) or the Electoral College (USA). So for example, in the most recent US Presidential election, I announced that Hilary Clinton had the most favourable stars on that occasion, and indeed she edged the popular vote… but Donald Trump got in nonetheless. Likewise, at the last UK general election, held just two years ago in 2015, I predicted great success for the UK Independence Party, and indeed they became the third most popular party in the country… in terms of people voting for them. However, because of the way their support was distributed across the country, this only meant that they came third in almost every constituency for which they fielded candidates, hence they did not actually gain any MPs that way.

With this is in mind, I shall now publish my predictions for the next UK general election, including the major issues that the new government will face, as well as how the popular vote will go for the major parties on the day.


Current Prime Minister Theresa May has called the election for Thursday June 8th 2017. Polls will close at 10pm that day, which is the moment that the fate of the election is sealed. I have therefore taken 10pm on 8th June 2017 at Westminster (where the House of Commons is situated) as the time, date and place of birth for the new Parliament. A chart drawn up using these parameters looks like this:

The General Election: 10pm on Thursday 8th June 2017, at Westminster.

What I immediately noticed about this chart is that the date of the election is very close to the Full Moon. We should therefore expect a high turn-out of voters from the extremist ends of the spectrum, as the Full Moon always causes the special members of the electorate to crawl out of the woodwork!

The new government is represented by the Sun, which is in Gemini in the 6th House. The moon – which represents the People – is in opposition to it in the 11th, whilst both are squared by Neptune, making a nasty T-formation. Neptune here represents political systems based on collectivity, which suggests to me it should represent the remaining 27 members of the EU, In which case we can be confident that the public will generally feel frustrated by our soon-to-be-erstwhile European partners, who will in turn be trying to pressurise the Government into taking a decision that it would rather not take.

Ironically, however, BREXIT will only be one issue that the new government has to deal with. The main focus of its forthcoming term of office, rather than Europe, will actually be reform of the National Health Service.

The general population will mostly be opposed to the work of the Government, instead caring more about Parliamentary reform, especially in the way the House of Commons works.

There will be a major allegation of electoral fraud, probably made by the UK Independence Party (for reasons which I will outline below), due to foreign interference in the election – either by the EU or by Russia. The Judiciary (represented by Jupiter) however will resolve the allegation in a manner which is favourable to the Government, and at least satisfactory to the people.

On the plus side, the economy will improve. On the minus side, Russia and North Korea will continue to be headaches.

How the Parties will fare in the Election

To determine this, I have used my tried and trusted method of analysing the transits formed by the Election’s chart with the horoscopes of the parties’ leaders.

Theresa May

Conservatives (incumbent)

Led by: Theresa May, born 1st October 1956, Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Theresa will have transitting Saturn trine to natal Moon / Venus / Pluto; transitting Caput Draconis conjunct natal Moon / Venus / Pluto; and Jupiter just past natal Sun but arguably within the orb, though this must be considered weak at best. Generally this is favourable: a sense of responsibility and needing to take things carefully sits well with Theresa’s emotions, her relationships with others and secret (inner) strength. She has a sense of destiny that is pulling her out of her comfort zone, but ultimately to her good. This is a time of increasing success in her life.

Jeremy Corbyn


Led by: Jeremy Corbyn, born 26th May 1949, Chippenham.

Transitting Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune, trine to natal Mercury Px and Venus.
Transitting Sun conjunct Venus / Mercury.
Transitting Mercury conjunct natal Sun.
The result of the election and the newly formed Government will work out well for Corbyn, but not as pronouncedly as Theresa May. Corbyn will experience a certain amount of popularity on the day, but is not a good long term prospect.

Angus Robertson (funny picture not available)

Scottish Nationalist Party

Led by: Angus Robertson, born 28th September 1969, Wimbledon. NB: I have not based my calculations on Nicola Sturgeon, as although she is first minister of Scotland, she doesn’t hold a seat in the House of Commons – Angus Robertson, her deputy, the parliamentary leader of the SNP. Hey, I correctly predicted the SNP’s result in the last election based on Robertson’s chart, so I’m damn well going to do it again!

Transitting Jupiter conjunct a whole load of natal planets: Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Sun.
Transitting Saturn square to Pluto.

Angus is in a very strong position, going through a Jupiter Return at the moment. His fortunes are on the increase. It is likely that the SNP will win the remaining seats in Scotland, and get their desired wish for a new Referendum.

It is likely that Robertson will be seen as a strong and capable leader in the House of Commons, and the SNP will wipe out the few seats in Scotland that are still held by other parties. On the downside, however, the SNP’s seats in Parliament will be limited not by electoral defeat, but by the new boundary changes!

Tim Farron

Liberal Democrats

I had to look this up, but apparently they are led by somebody called Tim Farron, of whom I had never heard until earlier this afternoon. Tim was born 27 May 1970, Preston, Lancashire.

Transitting Saturn opposed to Natal Mars, square to Natal Pluto.
Transitting Uranus opposed to natal Jupiter.
Transitting Mercury conjunct natal Sun, trine to natal Uranus.

Despite the fact that his and Corbyn’s birthdays are a day apart, their fates will be very different. His need to be resonsible and careful is diametrically opposed to his temper – he is likely to blow his chances with angry outbursts. His attempt to criticise Donald Trump will backfire on him, as he will come to be seen as someone not fit to conduct transatlantic relations with America. Like Corbyn, he will benefit from a slight filip of transitting popularity on the day.

In fact, the only thing that can be said in his favour is that he bears a passing resemblance to The Master, as portrayed by John Simms! We may joke, but if Farron suddenly summons a load of Toclafane to decimate the world’s population, you know where you read it first.

Separated at birth?


Tim Farron


The Master

The Green Party

Caroline Lucas, getting to know her constituents.

Led by: Caroline Lucas, born 9th December 1960, Malvern in Worcestershire. Technically the Green Party is led by two people, but I am going with Caroline’s chart as she is leader of the Parliamentary Party, by virtue of being the party’s only MP.

Sun opposite Sun!

Transitting Mars trine natal Sun and sextile Moon. Her energy and passion is in the right place, however the Green Party itself will not make significant headway.

Paul Nuttall


Led by: Paul Nutall, born 30th November 1976, Bootle, Merseyside.

Transitting Jupiter conjunct Pluto, sextile Sun, Neptune, Mars.

UKIP will poll a respectable share of the popular vote, which will reflect well (in the eyes of UKIP supporters) on Nuttall’s leadership of the party. However, having a large share of the popular vote did not help UKIP last time, so this is not necessarily any indicator of increased success in the House of Commons. Of all the party leaders, Nuttall is the most significantly affected by transitting Neptune, the planet of corporate crime and electoral fraud, hence why I suggested he would be most likely to call foul.


Hence my predictions are:

  • Theresa May and the Conservatives for the win.
  • Labour will only come second. Although this will be a huge disappointment for Labour supporters, many of the actual losers will be Corbyn-opponents, so ironically Jezza himself will survive.
  • SNP to do very well. Referendum 2 is definitely on the way.
  • The Green Party and UKIP will not see great increases in their seats. UKIP will however be notable for kicking up the most fuss in the lifetime of the new Parliament.
  • The Liberal Democrats will fare even worse than they did two years ago. Tim Farron would best be advised to quit politics and go into showbiz, e.g. in popular science fiction programmes.


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General Election 2015: The Aftermath

With the results declared, the British General Election is over, and so it is time to see how my predictions fared against the actual facts and figures. I cannot help but think that the overall conclusion to be drawn is that the stars predicted the direction the result was going to go today – though not the precise details.

David Cameron / The Conservative Party

What I wrote:

Cameron (9th October 1966, London) has a lot of favourable influences going for him that day… The Conservatives will be the largest party in Parliament, but without an absolute majority. David Cameron will stay on as Prime Minister, this time of a minority Conservative government, not a Coalition.

What actually happened:

The Conservatives did get an absolute majority – but only just, to wit: twelve seats. However, in practical terms it’s actually sixteen seats because Sinn Fein boycott the House of Commons on principle. The prediction I made did seem to reflect the BBC’s exit poll published just as the polls closed, but not the final results! Still, we should remember that it is entirely possible that with by-elections, this majority may be wiped out and become a minority in the course of this parliament – that is exactly what happened to John Major in 1992.

Ed Milliband / The Labour Party

What I wrote:

Labour will be the second largest, but will experience a loss of seats, mostly to the SNP, but also to UKIP.

What actually happened

Labour were the second largest, and did experience a loss of seats to the SNP. However, due to a quirk in the UK’s election system, they lost a lot of seats not to UKIP, but because of UKIP. More about this anon.

Nigel Farage / UKIP

What I wrote:

…UKIP will see significant gains in the numbers of their seats… UKIP will go through a period of reform where they are forced to jettison the more extreme elements of their party.

What actually happened:

UKIP saw significant gains in their number of votes, not seats. According to a BBC poll, UKIP notched up 12.6% of the popular vote, becoming the third most popular party amongst the electorate, with only the Conservatives and Labour in front of them. However, because of the way UKIP voters are distributed throughout Britain, voting for UKIP divided support for the Labour party, allowing in many cases the Conservative candidate to get in. Had for instance, the same number of UKIP voters been concentrated in a small region instead of equally distributed across the country, the same number of votes would have translated into increased seats in parliament – but the constituency map is gerrymandered against them.

Still I was right about UKIP having to jettison the more extreme elements of their party – e.g. Nigel Farage himself! 😛

Scottish National Party

What I wrote:

[T]he SNP … will see significant gains in the numbers of their seats. The SNP will find it difficult to hold the balance of power though, as the other parties will be reluctant to work with them.

What actually happened:

The stars were generally correct about the SNP’s fortunes – also vindicating my decision to examine the horoscope of Angus Robertson, their campaign director. The SNP did see a significant gain in the number of its seats – mainly because, unlike UKIP, they are concentrated in one (demographically) small region (i.e. Scotland), where the average size of each constituency in terms of voters is smaller than the rest of the country. The system, in other words, is gerrymandered in their favour.

The SNP also failed to hold the balance of power, though for different reasons entirely – i.e. the  Conservatives winning an outright majority. However: as I said above, it is still within the realm of possibility that the Tory majority may diminish within the lifetime of the parliament, so the dynamic of power between the parties may yet change.

Natalie Bennett / The Green Party

What I wrote:

[S]he will be disappointed by the result of the election. The day will be pretty much a non-event for her… The Green Party will be neither better nor worse off after the election than before.

What actually happened:

Unfortunately, this is precisely what occurred. The Green Party held on to its one seat in Brighton, but won nothing else.

Nick Clegg / The Liberal Democrats

What I wrote:

Clegg will be the subject of much anger, also the forces of change will be proving difficult for him to make any headway… [I]t will be a good time for Clegg to be alone, and to realise his flaws and weaknesses… The Liberal Democrats in general, and Nick Clegg in particular, will collapse.

What actually happened:

I so totally called this one!!!

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How To Predict The General Election 2015, part two

Following on from my previous post regarding the nature of the problems facing the next Government of the United Kingdom, I now turn to predicting the winners / losers specifically. This I have done by looking that the birth charts of the leaders of six main parties, and comparing the transits made with the horoscope for the election. I use this information to calculate whether they will be celebrating or not come close of polls on Election Day, and hence infer the fate of their party therefrom.

David Cameron – Conservatives.

David Cameron

David Cameron

Cameron (9th October 1966, London) has a lot of favourable influences going for him that day, mainly thanks to the planet Jupiter. This is sextile his natal Sun, Venus and Mercury, signifying it is a good time for new opportunities, making a good impression, and for promoting himself and his ideas. The one warning sign, however, is transitting Saturn square to his natal Mars, which suggests he will not be victorious outright.

Ed Milliband – Labour.

Ed Milliband

Ed Milliband

Milliband (24th December 1969, London) will also be experiencing Saturn squaring his natal Mars – like Cameron. Unlike Cameron, however, the planet Jupiter is not so conspicuous. The minor planets such as Venus and Moon suggest he will experience some transitory good news on the day of the election, but this will not last into the new Parliament itself.

Nick Clegg – Liberal Democrats.

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg

Clegg (7th January 1967, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks) has a rather nasty T-formation caused by a transitting Mars / Uranus opposition square to his natal Sun. Clegg will be the subject of much anger, also the forces of change will be proving difficult for him to make any headway. Also, Saturn transitting his natal Moon signifies that it will be a good time for Clegg to be alone, and to realise his flaws and weaknesses.

Nigel Farage – UKIP

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

Farage (3rd April 1964, Downe, Kent) will be having an auspicious day come May 7th. Transitting Saturn is trine to both his natal Sun and Mars, suggesting he is mature, responsible, and projects confidence: also he is able to meet his responsibilities. Moreover, transitting Jupiter is also trine to his Sun, signifying new visions of the future and new inspirations are likely to come along – an increase of good fortune. However: transitting Saturn opposes his natal Venus, suggesting he would do well to rid himself of delusions when it comes to close partnerships (such his relations with other members of UKIP).

Natalie Bennett – Green Party

Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett

Bennett (10th February 1966, Sydney, Australia) has quite possibly the most disappointing chart of all the leaders of the major parties – not because it is particularly disastrous, but because it is totally unremarkable one way or the other! The only transit of interest is that Uranus, representing the forces of change, are in opposition to her natal Moon, signifying that she will be disappointed by the result of the election. The day will be pretty much a non-event for her.

Angus Robertson – SNP

Angus Robertson

Angus Robertson

“Duh, Alex, I thought Nicola Sturgeon was leader of the SNP?” Yes, but she’s not standing in the Westminster Parliament! The leader of SNP’s Parliamentary Party, however, is Angus Robertson MP (28th September 1969, Wimbledon, London), who is confirmed as the director of the SNP’s 2015 general election campaign. I have therefore decided to use his details rather than Sturgeon’s. As it happens, Robertson’s chart has a lot of good points to say about it: Jupiter is sextile his natal Jupiter, showing that he will find it easy to work with his own natural talents for ensuring success. Moreover, transitting Saturn is sextile a natal stellium of Sun, Mercury and Uranus, indicating that he has a more mature grasp of his own capabilities, and projects a more responsible, perhaps serious, and self-assured personality to others. Progress he makes during this transit period is likely to bring him rewards in his career, whilst the forces of change are generally working in his favour. The only warning note is transitting Saturn square to his natal Venus, suggesting that he will have a tough time working on improving his manner as well as the things that he offer to others in partnership.


I shall therefore put my neck on the line and make the following predictions as to the result of the election:

  • The Conservatives will be the largest party in Parliament, but without an absolute majority. David Cameron will stay on as Prime Minister, this time of a minority Conservative government, not a Coalition.
  • Labour will be the second largest, but will experience a loss of seats, mostly to the SNP, but also to UKIP.
  • The Liberal Democrats in general, and Nick Clegg in particular, will collapse.
  • Both the SNP and UKIP will see significant gains in the numbers of their seats. The SNP will find it difficult to hold the balance of power though, as the other parties will be reluctant to work with them. UKIP will go through a period of reform where they are forced to jettison the more extreme elements of their party.
  • The Green Party will be neither better nor worse off after the election than before.

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How To Predict The General Election 2015, part one

After having successfully predicted a Con-Lib Coalition, and the retirement from politics of Gordon Brown (remember him? Yeah, me neither!) back in 2010, I return with my prognostications for the next British General Election, which has today been confirmed as taking place on Thursday 7th May 2015.

In drawing up a chart I have selected 10pm that evening (British Summer Time) as the “birth time,” as that will be the moment the polls close – and hence seal the fate of the election. For the place of birth I have used Westminster, i.e. the location of the Houses of Parliament. A chart drawn up using these data looks like this:

Chart for the moment the polls close (10pm BST) on 7th May 2015, @ Westminster UK

Chart for the moment the polls close (10pm BST) on 7th May 2015, @ Westminster UK

It is therefore possible to forecast the influences which will affect the new Government – whichever it happens to be – to wit:

The Government itself (Sun)

Government will try to effect Judicial reform, and to enact further measures which encroach upon the Church of England, e.g. by extending gay marriage rights. Both the Judiciary and the Church of England (nb: both represented by Jupiter) will be upset by this, and try to resist the Government’s efforts.

The People (Moon)

Material prosperity will generally stabilise (Moon in Capricorn in 1st House). However there will be public unrest regarding foreign relations (Moon opposition Venus) – i.e. a general opposition to seeking peaceful solutions to disputes which arise with foreign countries – in particular, Russia, China and North Korea.

The Armed Forces (Mars)

The Armed forces will be very active during the term of the new Parliament: but War does not seem likely. Instead, military personnel will be key to helping combat a major epidemic. There will be at least one strike in the Ambulance service where the Army is called upon to operate the Ambulances.

Bankers (Jupiter)

Bankers will continue to resist the Government attempting to scrutinise their activity – this will lead to an impasse, as the bankers will find themselves in a strong position.

The Press (Mercury)

The Press will play a key role in stirring up public opinion against Russia, China and North Korea (Mercury square Neptune). There will be a major initiative to curtail Press abuses through increased regulation (Mercury opposition Saturn).

BUT… who will the new Prime Minister be? And who will form the new Government? Stay tuned for part two!!!

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Winners & Losers – 3

Nick Clegg

Finally – for this election at any rate, there is Nick Clegg. On April 6th I said:

Clegg is popular right now, and has the opportunity to make a good impression on others.

Which was borne out during the election campaign by his performance in the leaders’ debates. Also:

Like Cameron, he shares the Sun / natal Caput Draconis conjunction, and the Jupiter / natal Saturn conjunction.

The very fact that both he and Cameron have their Caput Draconis in the same place would tend to indicate that their destinies lie together – which is now borne out by the fact that they have formed a coalition government. Finally, I said:

Nick Clegg – will come out of this election very well.


… there will be a Conservative / Liberal Democrat coalition – this will see Clegg rewarded with a senior Cabinet post.

This has been confirmed today with Nick Clegg being named as Deputy Prime Minister – and thus the most senior Liberal politician since David Lloyd George.


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Winners and Losers 2

David Cameron

It appears that David Cameron will be Prime Minister after all. On April 6th I said:

David Cameron – could do well, although it will be a difficult time for him.

As it turned out this pretty much summed up his results. Although his party won the most seats in the election, he did not become Prime Minister automatically: it only took until Tuesday for Gordon Brown to finally admit defeat.

Messrs Tredinnick, Corbyn and Hancock

All won their respective seats I am glad to say. Rudi Vis unfortunately did not. This means that unless there are some dark horses in the new intake, there are two less MPs who are sympathetic to astrology and alternative health in the new Parliament.

Astrologers generally

Before I get too egotistical I should point out that a number of astrologers correctly predicted what was going to happen. What I will say though is that there are at least two ironies brought out by this whole affair. I firmly believe that the stars impel and do not compel: but that presupposes that one takes notice of them in the first place. Thus we have a classic situation here that Gordon Brown could have listened to the advice of astrologers and not held the election on that particular date: he also could have listened to the advice that we were giving him and taken pains to avoid making the kind of mistakes from which we said he was in danger. But he did not, so it played out with Brown being the hapless puppet of circumstance.

The other irony – and one which I am especially pleased about – is that David Tredinnick faced opposition in his constituency from some quantum physicist who disliked his stance on homeopathy (nb: what does a quantum physicist know about medicines and healthcare???). However the stars were looking out for the MP, and not for the physicist!

So hooray for astrology and astrologers in general! Politicians: you ignore us at your peril!

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The General Election – Winners and Losers 1

A month ago, I attempted to use astrology to predict the outcome of the General Election. Let’s see what has in fact happened:

Gordon Brown

On April 6th I said:

…Gordon will be facing a time of tests and trials – he will find it difficult to attract the things and people he wants in his life…

He certainly does find it difficult to attract the things and people he wants in his life, i.e. things (staying in power) and people (Nick Clegg). The Telegraph reports that Brown’s attempts to broker a deal with Clegg ended in acrimony, although Clegg probably did not help things by suggesting that Brown should resign.

… he will suffer a series of set-backs that cast doubt on his ability to win.
Prediction, April 6th.

Let’s see: there were the dismal performances in the leader’s debates (see here, here and here) for a start. And then of course there was  the infamous gaffe in which he called a pensioner a bigot whilst wearing a TV microphone. And of course most importantly I predicted:

Gordon Brown – cheerio.

Which came to pass on May 11th 2010.

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Britain’s Most Eccentric MPs

To celebrate the day of Gordon Brown’s retirement ahem I mean the British General Election, I present a list of my favourite British Members of Parliament. This however not being your usual type of blog but one dedicated to alternative methods of thinking, I have decided to honour those who can be most relied upon to support alternative and holistic methods of healthcare. My methodology has been to search through every “early day motion” regarding homeopathy that was put down during the last Parliament, and to whittle down who signed the most of them. (An “Early Day Motion” is a kind of petition of MPs, used to indicate the levels of support for a given issue.) There were seven such motions in total. The results in reverse order are as follows:

Mike Hancock

Liberal Democrat MP for Portsmouth South. Likes animals. Joint 4th place with a score of 6/7

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour MP for Islington North. Very hard Left – he deserves to pick up extra kudos for winning the Beard of the Year Award in 2001, in protest against New Labour. Joint 4th place with a score of 6/7.

Rudi Vis

Labour MP for Finchley and Golders Green. Fairly left wing. Is facing an uphill struggle this election because his seat is so marginal. Joint 1st with a score of 7 out of 7.

Alan Simpson

Labour MP for Nottingham South. Hard left – but standing down this election. NB: he decided to do so before the expenses scandal. When Sir Thomas Legg asked him to repay £500, Simpson threatened to take him to court. Joint 1st with a score of 7/7.

David Tredinnick

Conservative MP for Hinckley and Bosworth. Tredinnick deserves special mention for the fact that when other MPs were claiming second houses on their expenses, he was claiming astrology software (he has since paid all the money back). This sounds like my kind of politician! What a shame I don’t actually live in Leicestershire or I would vote for him myself.

So good luck to all these gentlemen – or, in the case of Alan Simpson, happy retirement, or in the case of Rudi Vis (as unfortunately seems likely), commiserations.


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How to predict the General Election Result – part 3

The real battle in the UK general election is hotting up. No – not between the rival parties: I’m talking about rival astrologers! Russell Grant predicts a win for David Cameron this Thursday, using the time-honoured astrological technique of noticing that the Tories are in front in the opinion polls.

Still I notice that he agrees that the election has been called at the worst possible time. On May 6th itself there will be a T between the Moon, Sun and Mars: i.e. the Moon is square to the Sun, which is square to Mars, which is in opposition to the Moon. The people (Moon) will be challenging the Government (Sun) to action, but warfare etc (Mars) will be holding it back – which in turn will upset everyone. Whoever wins on Thursday is going to have a tough time of it in the new parliament.

I still think that Clegg is going to do well – and note that I predicted this a month ago at the start of the campaign, before all the TV debates started!


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How to predict the General Election 2010 result – Part 2

Following on from my article yesterday, I turn from the leaders of the three main political parties to those that are also running.

Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin (born March 1st 1959) is leader of the extreme right-wing BNP. Despite the fact that he lives in Wales, he is standing as a candidate in Barking & Dagenham. What do the stars have in store for him? As it happens there is good news and bad news.

As regard’s Nick’s personal life, this will go well. Saturn sextile his natal moon indicates confidence and control in regard to domestic affairs: family matters are important right now. Retrograde Pluto squaring his natal Venus indicates facing a challenge in his love-life. On the one hand that means trying to find a new level to one’s relationship – but it could indicate marital problems if this is not addressed. Fortunately, Venus conjunct his natal Mars signifies a good time for LURVE.

Regarding Nick’s political ambitions, the situation is more complex. As I mentioned yesterday, the General Election is current dominated by a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction which is jointly oppposed by Saturn. The planets Jupiter and Uranus are generally indicating favorable times for Mr Griffin, but Saturn is casting a downer. So on the one hand Griffin is feeling popular right now, and may receive unexpected help from a woman or young people. NB: this is actually the same situation with Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats – this may suggest that the BNP is receiving support from female voters and from the youth-vote.

On the other hand, Saturn opposite natal Mercury strikes a pessimistic note, and indicates that Griffin will have communication problems and come into conflict with others. His words are filled with negativity.

Neptune square to both natal Jupiter and Mars suggests Griffin could get the wrong idea, develop false ideals, and let his imagination carry him away to the point that those who support him are neglected or hurt. Extreme restlessness and discontent with the limitations of his current situation cause him to speculate and gamble on ways to quickly change his life. Griffin has a strong tendency to exaggerate and put on a front to impress others and gain the advancement that he seeks.

Finally retrograde Pluto conjunct natal Saturn indicates that if change does come into Griffin’s life he will not be able to make positive use of it by seeing the change as opportunity.

In conclusion then I recommend that now is a good time for an exciting new direction in Nick Griffin’s love life. I suggest that instead of taking part in the General Election, he take his lady-wife on a romantic break in an attempt to revitalise his marriage – the stars indicate he would be successful in doing so.

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