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How to predict the General Election Result – part 3

The real battle in the UK general election is hotting up. No – not between the rival parties: I’m talking about rival astrologers! Russell Grant predicts a win for David Cameron this Thursday, using the time-honoured astrological technique of noticing that the Tories are in front in the opinion polls.

Still I notice that he agrees that the election has been called at the worst possible time. On May 6th itself there will be a T between the Moon, Sun and Mars: i.e. the Moon is square to the Sun, which is square to Mars, which is in opposition to the Moon. The people (Moon) will be challenging the Government (Sun) to action, but warfare etc (Mars) will be holding it back – which in turn will upset everyone. Whoever wins on Thursday is going to have a tough time of it in the new parliament.

I still think that Clegg is going to do well – and note that I predicted this a month ago at the start of the campaign, before all the TV debates started!


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