Manchester United Appoint Sorcerer as their New Manager

Alex Sumner, novelist and writer on the Occult and now Football manager as well!

MANCHESTER – Officials at Old Trafford today have named José Mourinho’s replacement as Alex Sumner, following the former’s sudden sacking today.

Alex Sumner is a novelist and writer on the Occult. He published his first novel, The Magus in 2009. His latest novel, Eternal Witch, was published earlier this year.

When asked on his qualifications, Alex said:

“Well, someone said they were desperate to bring a load of red devils under control, so I immediately said, ‘Aha! I’m your man!’

“I don’t intend to use traditional coaching techniques to win matches. Instead, I’ll be evoking my old friend Andromalius to reclaim all the success that has been stolen from United; Orobas to win honours for the team; and Paimon to bind the referees from making unfavourable decisions.

“I admit I haven’t got a clue about football management at Premiership level, or indeed at any level. But on the plus side that at least gives me more chance than the last two cretins they had in the job.”

Look there’s a demon right there! If that’s not a Goetic symbol, nothing is! 😉

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Thither Lulu!

You now have the opportunity to buy all of my paperback novels, including especially The Magus Trilogy, as I originally intended them. I have spent the past few days migrating them to CreateSpace, so they are no longer on

The Magus: Book 1 in the Magus Trilogy.
Artwork © copyright 2009, Alex Sumner.

Opus Secunda: Book 2 in the Magus Trilogy.
Artwork © copyright 2010, Alex Sumner.

Licence To Depart: Book 3 in the Magus Trilogy.
Artwork © copyright 2011, Alex Sumner.

Grr! All this aggravation about lulu… you know it makes me want to SHOUT!

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Whither Lulu?

A cautionary tale for both my readers and for other Authors! Please read on…

Not that Lulu. Unfortunately.

One of my loyal readers has informed me that the paperback versions of The Magus Trilogy are not available from Amazon except through third party sellers and then only for silly money! On investigation, I found the facts to be as follows:

  • Whilst this is true about the paperback versions, the Kindle versions are still fully available, and at the prices at which I intended them. They are also available electronically from other sites such as iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords at similar prices (the links to these three sites can be found via my web-page).
  • The paperback versions of “A Fairy Story By Any Other Name,” “Taromancer” and “Eternal Witch” are available from Amazon as normal. So too are they from Barnes & Noble – which doesn’t have paperback versions of the Magus Trilogy at all.

On redeeming the Sumner Family Brain Cell from the local pawn shop and re-engaging it, the truth dawned on me. Of all my novels, the three books of the Magus Trilogy were published via the website which I had used on the understanding that it would distribute the paperbacks through Amazon for me anyway. The Kindle versions however I published through Amazon’s own Kindle Direct Publishing.

Hence, it would appear that both Amazon and Barnes and Noble have decided to arbitrarily stop selling the books I created via, but are quite happy to continue to sell those via Amazon’s own CreateSpace!

Might this have anything to do with the fact that Amazon earlier this year were consolidating their CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing ventures into one streamlined whole, and were therefore wanting to edge out competitors?

What bugs me, though, is that whatever the real explanation for this predicament – I received no notice of it from either Amazon or Lulu!

This may very well mean that you may be seeing new paperback editions appearing on Amazon via CreateSpace in the not too distant future. In the meantime, I encourage you to save a tree in the Amazon rain-forest and treat yourself to a Kindle version all the same.

Are you a Lulu-published author and have you been affected like this? Please respond in the comments below!


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How can you do a tarot reading on yourself? – Quora

(A2A) In the tradition with which I am familiar, it is unusual not to do tarot readings for oneself, because: firstly, Tarot is most importantly a tool for self-discovery; and secondly, you can only ultimately learn the real meanings of the cards through practice. A real Tarot reader ought to know what the Tarot cards mean without having to refer to the Little White Book all the time.

You can use any decent Tarot spread like the Celtic Cross, but you should Use ALL the tarot cards at once: don’t resort to the vile practice of removing some of the cards from the deck, and don’t interfere with the cards once you have dealt them. In other words, don’t resort to any of the practices that hucksters use to cheat rubes who come to them for fake readings. Be brutally honest with yourself – that’s how you achieve objectivity.

Whilst you may chose to go to another person to read your Tarot cards for you, I find the idea of insisting on someone go to another person for a reading is deceitful: it encourages slavish dependence at best, and charlatanism at worst.

Source: Alex Sumner’s answer to How can you do a tarot reading on yourself? – Quora

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Coffee Mug of the Month: Sagittarius

Sagittarius Hermetic Qabalistic coffee mug: featuring the sigil of Advachiel, Angel of Sagittarius, according to the teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The Sun has entered Sagittarius! If it’s your birthday between now and December 21st, then may I be the first to say: “Happy birthday, Sagittarius!”

You now have the opportunity to celebrate your birthday – or get a present for a Sagittarius in your life, from my Etsy shop. This features the sigil, taken from the Golden Dawn’s rose-cross lamen, of the Angel of this month’s astrological sign (in this case Sagittarius), in the correct Zodiacal colours.

For more details and to order, please follow this link:
SAGITTARIUS Hermetic qabalistic coffee mug

My Etsy store:

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Review: “Archangels of Magick,” by Damon Brand

I was surprised by how powerful the magick contained in this book actually was. I admit I have been wary of occultism contained in mass-market paperbacks, having had low opinions of Finbarr Books and Parker Publishing and the like. However: whilst reading this book, and especially examining the methods of invocation and evocation, I became convinced that the formulae which Damon Brand describes actually work. This may be because he describes them as being derived from “Shorshei Ha Shemot,” a very hard-to-come-by Qabalistic text, and other obscure tomes which only Masters of the Holy Name are said to be able to use.

In one sense I find it disturbing, because my first reaction is how can such potent magic be published in a book for public consumption? Is it not like giving babies nitro-glycerine with which to play? Nevertheless, me and a group of magicians have been adapting some of the rituals here for use in ceremonial magic, and to good effect. It also inspires me to go search out Shorshei Ha Shemot et al for deeper research, on the supposition that there is far more within the Hebrew Qabalah without having to go outside it to Hermeticism. Possibly not what Damon Brand intended, but for me it is a happy side-effect.

Archangels of Magick: Rituals for Prosperity, Healing, Love, Wisdom, Divination and Success by Damon Brand – available on Amazon.

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Deo, Non Fortuna – Dion Fortune, Psychic Warfare and the Magical Battle of Britain


“What mathematics are to matter and force, occult science is to life and consciousness…” – Dion Fortune, Sane Occultism*

Dion_Fortune_Golden_Dawn-mp83c0mq99wwycukllv8n6ywkjyilhyavy2gxup8co Penry Evans and Dion Fortune

The 21st century for all of it’s scientific propensity rivals past civilizations in the widespread and popular acceptance of what is commonly called occultism. From indie bands like the Klaxons, to mainstream artists like Lady Gaga and Jay-Z, occult imagery and philosophies are spread far and wide with a surprising lack of reaction from all but the most fundamentalist branches of culture.

Christian leaders like Rick Warren “cast their visions” on the culture, popular Kabbalah is a mainstay in Hollywood, Scientology (L. Ron Hubbard’s association with, and betrayal of, the occultist Jack Parsons is often overlooked) holds sway over established actors like Tom Cruise and John Travolta, even Oprah, a household favorite, is knee deep in mysticism and channeled teachings.

When we begin to look there appears…

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What does dreaming about demons but not scary mean? – Quora

A Demon

(a2a) On the quest to become a fully-realised individual, every one of us, sooner or later, comes to realise that we each have a Dark Side, and the only way to become whole is to face up to it. It remains Dark, because it represents what we most hate about ourselves. Ironically however, it is also a source of strength. Hence the journey to wholeness involves integrating the Dark Side – or making your Demons work for you, instead of against you.

Luckily for you, dreaming about demons but in a non-scary manner would suggest that you are confident about facing up to your inner darkness, and are already well on the way to becoming a well-rounded individual.

Source: Alex Sumner’s answer to What does dreaming about demons but not scary mean? – Quora

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Do you believe in tarot card readings? Have you ever had one? How do you believe that would work? Did you gain insight from the reading? Did you do it more than once? With different readers? – Quora


(a2a) I rarely go to other people for Tarot readings (I’ve had about two in my entire lifetime) – usually it is me giving readings for them. So if I wanted a Tarot reading, the first person I would think of going to is myself. The cards make me think of things which I would not normally consider, and hence because I am forced out of my habitual thought-patterns, this helps to spark my intuition. The Tarot cards really work as Keys to Unlock my own insight, and stimulate my psychic awareness.

I also find that if I have a question bothering me, and I do a tarot reading on it once, that provides closure on the issue, whatever the particular outcome of the reading happens to be. I strongly advise against the temptation to attempt to have more than reading or consult more than one reader attempt to answer the exact same question – you would be losing objectivity by hearing only what you want to hear.

Source: Alex Sumner’s answer to Do you believe in tarot card readings? Have you ever had one? How do you believe that would work? Did you gain insight from the reading? Did you do it more than once? With different readers? – Quora

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Rosicrucian Vault Prints on Etsy

For more details click here:
SOLASCENDANS – the Etsy Store of Alex Sumner

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October 26, 2018 · 4:19 pm