Out now – CONJURING DEMONS FOR PLEASURE AND PROFIT: An Abramelin Memoir, by Alex Sumner

Announcing the new book by Alex Sumner:

Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit: An Abramelin Memoir is published by Thoth Publications and is available worldwide from Amazon and all good bookstores. To quote from the back cover:

“DURING THE YEAR 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic affected people across the world in a number of different ways … I personally chose to use the time to carry out a lengthy Magical Ritual to invoke an Angel and subsequently summon and bind all the Demons of Hell.”

In 1996 as a young man, Alex Sumner brought a copy of Mathers’ The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, made most famous by the occultist Aleister Crowley. Alex left it lying on his bookshelf for almost a quarter of a century … until the pandemic lockdown caused him to work from home on full-pay – and enabled him to complete the Abramelin Operation.

• The magical diary of a magician who performed the Abramelin Operation for six months, right through to its exciting end.
• What the Operation is, how it is performed and what to expect from “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.”
• Why most books about Abramelin are full of mistakes, and how you can work out the truth for yourself.
• Worked examples of how to make use of the Word Squares to attain fantastic magical effects.
And …
• Why the Abramelin Operation is actually easier than many people seem to think.

Alex Sumner is a novelist and writer on the occult. In 2009 he wrote his first novel The Magus and has gone on to write six novels in total, several short-stories, and numerous non-fiction articles. This is his first full length, non-fiction book. Alex lives with his fiancée in Essex, England.

“Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit: An Abramelin Memoir” by Alex Sumner.

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Thoth Publications (October 29, 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 582 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1913660370
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1913660376
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 1.86 pounds
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6 x 1.3 x 9 inches

Available from Amazon:

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False Awakening

Being “Woke” in popular parlance may be defined as realising that one is being lied to by the forces of Evil (for want of a better word), and then deliberately refusing to accept their narrative anymore. Hence the “Woke” person is in a position to criticise those who persist in old-fashioned belief systems as being contrary to their own enlightened-perspective.

Except that it doesn’t work like that.

Recently, I looked at my news-feed and realised I was being lied to. The items which came up were meant to sedate me into not realising that I wasn’t seeing any stories which might actually inform, enlighten or challenge me. Filled with righteous anger, I went in search of whoever it was who had subjected me to mental slavery, and soon realised it was someone called “Alex Sumner.”

Yes! Far from the Google/Facebook/etc Algorithm being to solely to blame, I realised that by specifying my favourite news sources, my favourite topics, what I liked browsing, etc, I had turned the internet into a mirror – reflecting what I expected to see. And then I realised:

Because the Algorithm comes up with a result tailored to the individual, Everyone Is Seeing A Different Internet To Everyone Else.

Hence, the right wing people constantly receive a feed of right wing stories because they set their preferences to sites like Breitbart, altright.com and The Daily Mail. However, the Woke people constantly receive a feed from their own preferred i.e. “woke” outlets.

Everyone is being told what they want to hear – woke and unwoke.

There can be no dialogue on the internet between people of divergent points-of-view, because none of them are engaging with the same internet. Moreover, people argue assuming they are talking about the same thing whilst in reality each is speaking a different language to the other.

Becoming Woke is therefore not exchanging illusion for Truth, but one illusion for a different illusion.

It gets worse. In Philosophy, a debate between rival Philosophers could take centuries – literally, because the proponents lived in different time-zones. Likewise, in the Sciences, a scientific theory could hold sway for many years, e.g. it took over two hundred years to demonstrate Newton’s laws of motion are not true in every circumstance.

However: the Algorithm(s) are heavily biased in favour of novelty, to such an extent that to have an in-depth discussion on anything, even if it is not a great philosophical or scientific debate, requires an attention-span longer than that allowed for by the Algorithm. The internet may be a mirror, but we are only “seeing through a glass darkly” because it is not conducive to self-examination. It reflects, but does not allow self-reflection.

Personally I’ve started by deliberately altering my news preferences to read sources I would never read otherwise, although I think this might be the beginning of a plot for a dystopian science fiction series.

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The Goetia: an AI bot writes…

OK just having some fun with one of these AI chat-bot type things, and I get into the following conversation:

Alex: What is the best Demon of the Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon to evoke?

Bot: The best Demon of the Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon to evoke is Paimon.
King Paimon, now with AI approval!

Alex: Why is that?

Bot: There is no definitive answer to this question, as each person's opinion may vary. However, Paimon is often considered to be one of the most powerful and useful demons of the Goetia, and is therefore often recommended for evocation.

Alex: Which one is least recommended?

Bot: There is no definitive answer to this question, as each person's opinion may vary. However, some people believe that Astaroth should be avoided, as he is known to be quite deceptive and may attempt to harm the person who evokes him.

So there you have it! King Paimon has the approval of the machines! Do you agree or disagree with the bot’s assessment? Answer in the comments below!

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Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit: Out Now on Kindle

You now have the opportunity to download my newest book, Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit: an Abramelin Memoir, on Kindle.

United StatesUnited KingdomDeutschlandEspañaFranceItaliaNederlands日本BrasilCanadaMéxico Australiaभारत

If you don’t have a Kindle device, you can always read it on a free Kindle app on your computer or smartphone. Or you can read it online via The Cloud.


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Holy Guardian Angel / Van Morrison

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December 1, 2022 · 6:59 pm

Conjuring Demons For Pleasure and Profit: Update

You now have the ability to order my new book, “Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit” in paperback direct from the Publisher’s website. Thoth Publications promise to be able to ship worldwide – especially useful if you find Amazon or Barnes & Noble don’t deliver to your particular country!

For more details, please follow this link: Conjuring Demons For Pleasure and Profit

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What is the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn? Does it still exist? – Quora

The Golden Dawn

The first organisation to be called the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn opened in 1888 as an initiatory society dedicated to the study and practice of Ritual Magic, the Qabalah, Hermeticism, Astrology, Tarot and Alchemy. It was founded by people who wanted to have something like Theosophy, but rooted in the Western Mystery Tradition.

The original order ceased operating under that name in 1903, but continued in various forms until the late sixties or seventies.

However, in the late seventies / early eighties there was a move to revive the Golden Dawn, mainly thanks to the influence of Israel Regardie, and temples originating from that period still exist to this day.

Alex Sumner’s answer to What is the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn? Does it still exist? – Quora

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How can I deal with entities who want to harm me during astral projecting? – Quora

(a2a) There are several strategies which I would use: I suggest you learn all of them so that you can choose which is most appropriate when the need arises. You can:

  • Form a protective barrier around yourself;
  • Bind the spirit within something which acts as a “spirit trap”;
  • Go “invisible” – so that they completely ignore you;
  • Command their respect by invoking a superior power which they recognise;
  • Call upon a Spirit guide to protect you and deal with them on your behalf;
  • Ask them to leave of their own accord;
  • Forcibly banish them if they don’t leave peacefully.

You could try to burn them, but if you did succeed, it would probably only prove that you’re not on the astral plane at all, but rather still inside your mind.

Always try to find out why the spirit is behaving the way it is, before you get heavy-handed. I did hear about one incident where some witches claimed they were attacked by an evil entity – except that it turned out they had trespassed on a sacred site, and the entity was a perfectly reasonable guardian spirit just doing its job. The correct approach would have been for the witches to withdraw from the confrontation themselves.

But by far the best advice I could give is to prepare for astral projection by practicing this lot whilst you are still in your physical body. All of these strategies have their analogue in ceremonial magic, for example by calling upon angels or upon your Holy Guardian Angel, or assuming god-forms, or using rituals such as the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, etc. Practice them now so that you can deploy them at will when you are out of the body.

And always set your intention for what you want to do with your astral projection, and keep this firmly in your mind, before you leave the body: this will make sure you don’t turn up somewhere random and get surprised by something unpleasant.

(2) Alex Sumner’s answer to How can I deal with entities who want to harm me during astral projecting? – Quora

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November 23, 2022 · 2:43 pm

Who is Abramelin? Was he a prophet, a magician, or something? – Quora

“Abramelin” was a Jewish magician, living in 14th century Egypt, who conferred the “Sacred Magic” on one “Abraham the Jew” who came from Worms in present day Germany. Abraham the Jew then wrote up the account of his journey as well as the description of the Sacred Magic, which became the grimoire now known as “The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage,” or “Book of Abramelin.”

That at least is the story: note however that neither Abraham the Jew’ nor Abramelin’s historicity have ever been proven independently, with some people believing them to be fictional characters.

I tend to assume that because the Sacred Magic works, it’s not actually necessary to know who Abramelin was, except that someone must have come up with the idea for it in the first place, so I call that mysterious person “Abramelin” all the same.

Alex Sumner’s answer to Who is Abramelin? Was he a prophet, a magician, or something? – Quora

Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit: An Abramelin Memoir is published by Thoth Publications and is available worldwide from Amazon and all good bookstores.

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Conjuring Demons for Pleasure & Profit – continued…

Well, today I’ve received my author-copies of my new book, Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit: an Abramelin Memoir.

If you would like a signed copy, or you cannot get it via Amazon or your preferred bookstore, message me via the Contact page: I am willing to sell copies directly.


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What Is The Book Of Abramelin The Mage From Interview With The Vampire?

Here at Castle Sumner, no sooner have I come out with a book (nb: PLUG) in which I, ahem, dissect references to Abramelin in A Dark Song, than I find another reference to it in pop-culture, namely the newest adaptation of Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire.

In his article What Is The Book Of Abramelin The Mage From Interview With The Vampire? Mike Worby says:

When Lestat, Louis, and Claudia corral their victims from a Mardi Gras party into a room during the Season 1 finale where they purport to have hidden their secret, Lestat describes the fictional liquid as being the famed elixir of life which has oft been the goal of alchemists for hundreds of years. However, how he claims to have come into the knowledge of the concoction relates to a tome that he calls “The Book of Abramelin, the Mage.”

As it turns out in this often fantastical take on “Interview With the Vampire,” the book Lestat describes is based on a real piece of occult history. […]

Of course, as with any supposedly magical tome, we obviously can’t confirm or deny whether any of this actually works. Still, as the basis of a simple throwaway line in “Interview With the Vampire,” the writers must be lauded for doing their research and finding an appropriate real-life book to cite for their characters’ supposed magical knowledge — and even one that viewers in the real world can actually read today if they want to.

OK I’m going to skip over the fact that that scene was set in late 1790s America, when Abramelin was not available in English, and the only published edition extent was not called “The Book of Abramelin.” 😉

The question which naturally arises in the mind of an occultist is – could Abramelin be really used for Alchemical purposes? In my new book, Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit, I argue that it can, and indeed I myself have attempted to do so.

My thoughts turned to Alchemy almost immediately after completing the Operation. In its immediate aftermath, I spent a lot of time researching the history of the concept of the “ Holy Guardian Angel,” in the course of which I also researched the etymology of a term bandied about by contemporary occultists, the Augoeides.

Crowley implicitly used this as a synonym for “ obtaining Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.” However, taken literally, the word Augoeides does not refer to an angel or dæmon at all – it means “ dawn-like image ” or “ shining body .” Hence, Augoeides should more properly refer to the Resurrection- or Solar-Body, which is the Philosophical Gold. Or to put it more simply, if one imagines Divine Union as a destination, the Augoeides becomes the car which takes one there, whilst the Holy Guardian Angel adopts the role of the driving instructor who teaches one how to drive it in the first place.

I thought : could I use Abramelin-magick itself to help me realise my Augoeides ? The Book describes the function of the third word square of part IV, chapter 7 as “ to learn all sorts of Alchemical arts from the spirits.” Perhaps this really meant Internal Alchemy ? If so, then in amongst all the word-squares which promised rather worldly, low-magick attainments, I had found one which could provide me with practical help as a Hermetic magician.

Sumner, A (2022) Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit: an Abramelin memoir, Thoth Publications, Leicester, UK – p534

The significance of this is that some continental schools of Alchemy (e.g. Kremmerz et al) allege that it is the realisation of the Solar Body which provides the true key to immortality – by allowing one to exist in a perfected form, free from the ravages endemic to imperfect matter. Or in other words, the Elixir Vitae although not literal, is nevertheless a metaphor for a real Alchemical phenomenon.

To cut a long story short, I did a magical operation in which I deployed word square number three from Book IV, Chapter 7 of the Book of Abramelin, whilst researching all I could about Alchemy, and discovered a powerful method of meditation, similar to Kundalini Yoga, which synthesised the teachings of Sendivogius, Isaac Newton, Paracelsus – and of course, the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistos.

NB: I do not claim to have realised the Solar Body – I claim to aspire to do so. I’m still just a neophyte in that regard.

So in conclusion, to answer Mr Worby, yes, in my opinion it is both plausible and possible. In fact I shall probably make a note to watch this new adaptation when it becomes available on Netflix.

Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit: an Abramelin Memoir by Alex Sumner is out now in paperback.

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