About Alex Sumner

Alex Sumner is a novelist and writer on the occult. He first began by writing non-fiction articles for the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition. In 2009 he came out with his first novel, The Magus. He followed this in 2010 with a sequel, Opus Secunda. The third instalment of the “Magus Trilogy,” Licence to Depart, was published in May 2011.

In late 2011, Alex began writing a new series, “The Demon Detective, and other stories.” Again set in contemporary London, this features a brand new lead character, Guy Shepardson, the eponymous “Demon Detective.” As part of this series Alex has written two short stories, a novella, and a new novel (“A Fairy Story By Any Other Name,” published April 2014).

In December 2013, Alex published the novel “Taromancer,” a fictionalised story of one woman’s journey through the trumps of the Tarot – inspired by an actual magical operation that Alex himself performed. Due to a promotion that Alex ran at the time, on the day of its release Taromancer became an Amazon best-seller.

In December 2018 he published the novel “Eternal Witch” which like Taromancer is a stand-alone novel. The central story-twist, in which the lead-character makes a horrific discovery, was directly inspired by one of Alex’ nightmares, or as he calls them, “plot ideas.”

In 2020, whilst the during the Covid-19 lockdown, Alex performed “the Abramelin Operation,” a six-month long magical ritual first made famous by Aleister Crowley. Alex kept a diary throughout the Operation, and this became the basis of his new book, “Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit: An Abramelin Memoir.” This is Alex’ first full length non-fiction book, and also his first to be published by Thoth Publications.

Alex has also written non-fiction articles

All of Alex’ books are available from Amazon.

Alex is a practising ceremonial magician, and either is or has been a member of several reasonably secret magical, mystical and fraternal organisations. As such he is able to use his background to provide a unique, insider’s view of the Occult in modern day society.

Alex is currently working on further books and screen plays as well. Alex lives in Essex, England.

Alex Sumner: Media Pundit

Alex is able to field enquiries from Journalists and members of the press in need of quotes for their articles: for example, he was approached by the BBC World Service to comment on the astrological significance of William and Kate’s wedding.

Alex’ areas of expertise are:

  • Astrology
  • Tarot
  • Ceremonial Magic, including
    • Contemporary pagan and ceremonial magic groups
  • The Internet and the Occult
  • Freemasonry

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Alex’ message to the world’s media regarding Halloween (Video Resumé)

About Alex’ publications

All of Alex’ books are available in both print and Kindle formats. Alex is keen to support Ebooks as (a) they do not weigh anything; (b) they are environmentally friendly – no trees are harmed in their making; and (c) they are more economical to produce and therefore represent better value for money to the reader (and Alex himself). For a long time, Alex has campaigned for Ebooks to be VAT-free, which finally happened in 2020.

NB: it is not necessary to own a Kindle reader in order to enjoy Kindle ebooks – click here for more details.

Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit:
An Abramelin Memoir


Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit: An Abramelin Memoir © 2022, Alex Sumner

“DURING THE YEAR 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic affected people across the world in a number of different ways … I personally chose to use the time to carry out a lengthy Magical Ritual to invoke an Angel and subsequently summon and bind all the Demons of Hell.”

In 1996 as a young man, Alex Sumner brought a copy of Mathers’ The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, made most famous by the occultist Aleister Crowley. Alex left it lying on his bookshelf for almost a quarter of a century … until the pandemic lockdown caused him to work from home on full-pay – and enabled him to complete the Abramelin Operation.

• The magical diary of a magician who performed the Abramelin Operation for six months, right through to its exciting end.
• What the Operation is, how it is performed and what to expect from “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.”
• Why most books about Abramelin are full of mistakes, and how you can work out the truth for yourself.
• Worked examples of how to make use of the Word Squares to attain fantastic magical effects.
And …
• Why the Abramelin Operation is actually easier than many people seem to think.

Alex Sumner is a novelist and writer on the occult. In 2009 he wrote his first novel The Magus and has gone on to write six novels in total, several short-stories, and numerous non-fiction articles. This is his first full length, non-fiction book. Alex lives with his fiancée in Essex, England.

Eternal Witch

Eternal Witch Cover copy

Published: 26th May 2018 Artwork © 2018, Alex Sumner

A Visionary Fiction thriller set in contemporary Britain.

ZARIA ROSE has it all: a successful career as a pop star, fame, fortune, adulation – and a Magickal way of getting absolutely anything she wants.

However, when one day she tries to discover her past-life memories, her seemingly perfect life begins to fall apart – with nightmarish and violent consequences…

Eternal Witch is currently available as both a Paperback and Kindle Ebook from Amazon worldwide. Please click on the links below to purchase them, or see my About page to find the link to my book on your own country’s Amazon site.


Taromancer cover copy

“Taromancer” cover art, copyright © Alex Sumner 2013.

A Visionary Fiction novel set in contemporary England, which tells the story of one woman’s spiritual quest, involving the Tarot.

Disenchanted and disillusioned with her career as a fortune teller, Miranda meets a crazy old man one night, and is plunged into a spiritual quest – with the twenty two trumps of the Tarot as her companions.

Despite being cast in the form of fiction, the book contains much material on topics such as Ceremonial Magick, Esoteric Christianity, the Kabbalah, Theurgy, and of course the Tarot itself.

“The Magus Trilogy”
The Magus

The Magus - by Alex Sumner

Front cover artwork © 2009 by the author.

Set in contemporary London, “The Magus” starts off as a crime novel, but quickly evolves into something far more mysterious.

Police are called to a murder scene in Fulham. They find a dead body – but no evidence of murder… Two detectives struggle to find out the truth of the matter. But when a mysterious old man claims that the victim was killed by a Satanist, little do they realise their lives will be changed forever…

“The Magus” is a steamy novel full of murder, sex, and black magic, the details of which are based on the practices of actual occultists. A novel is not necessarily a work of fiction.

Opus Secunda

Front-cover artwork © 2010 the author.

Set in contemporary England, this is the sequel to “The Magus” and is set a year after the events in the first novel. It features Nichola Peterson, the lead character of the first book, as well as a return from the mysterious Magus, as they investigate sinister goings on in British industry.

Nichola Peterson has been promoted to Detective Inspector and, with her new young partner in tow,is assigned to investigate a new murder case: that of a scientist who worked for a top pharmaceutical company. But as she probes deeper, she encounters hostility and intrigue. Her investigation – and her love-life – become increasingly chaotic. And to cap it all: the mysterious Magus re-appears and reveals he was working with the murder-victim on a top-secret project…

“Opus Secunda” goes beyond the first book by exploring themes of Alchemy and Sex Magick.

Licence To Depart

LTD cover

Couvrir art © 2009 par l’auteur.

The final book of the “Magus Trilogy” is set approximately a year after the events of Opus Secunda, and finds lead character Nichola Peterson – who has been forced to leave the police force – delving into the Magus’ shadowy world to bring a criminal mastermind to justice. However: she is being attacked by a powerful black magician who is intent on killing her, and will stop at nothing to bring his evil plans to fruition.

Nichola Peterson, ex-policewoman is at the lowest point of her fortunes: her career in ruins, forcibly separated from the man she loves, and powerless to stop a criminal mastermind from wreaking havoc. Then the mysterious Magus appears, offering her one last chance of redemption. Suddenly – a shot rings out…

Licence To Depart is an occult crime thriller which explores themes of murder, sex magick, Wicca, paganism, and conspiracy theories. Suitable for adult readers.

“The Demon Detective, and other stories.”
The Demon Detective

Cover artwork for "The Demon Detective," ceremonial knife

Cover artwork © the author, 2011.

A short story about murder and demonolatry set in modern London, by the author of “The Magus Trilogy.”

Guy Shepardson has used his mastery over the Black Arts to become a successful businessman and stylish man about town. But when his old mentor is murdered, he vows to use his powers to track down the killer…

A Greater Power

Cover artwork for "A Greater Power" - a screaming man / screaming skull

Cover art © 2011, the author.

A man is murdered in the dead of night in rural Oxfordshire – a note in his pocket links him to suave modern-day sorcerer GUY SHEPARDSON. Guy soon finds himself menaced by sinister thugs and aided by the dead man’s beautiful daughter as he attempts to confront the killers…

Shall We Kill The President?

Cover artwork for "Shall We Kill The President?" featuring sexy female vampire overshadowed by the stars and stripes

Shall We Kill The President? © Alex Sumner 2012

A Dark Fantasy novella, part of the series “The Demon Detective and other stories.”

Jet-setting modern-day wizard Guy Shepardson takes a trip to Washington DC where he encounters a group of Vampires who come to him with an unusual request! However, enemies both old and new have plans of their own, and would dearly love Guy Shepardson out of the way. Can Guy escape from their clutches and use all his magical powers to stop a plot to assassinate the President of the United States?

A Fairy Story by Any Other Name

A Fairy Story By Any Other Name

A fantasy thriller featuring Guy Shepardson, the Demon Detective.

Modern day sorcerer (and rakish man about town) Guy Shepardson finds himself out of his depth – and out of this world – when he uses his powers to save a desperately ill girl. Instead he finds himself wandering through magical realms populated by monsters, dragons, cannibals, a seriously bemused Voodoo Loa – and a feisty Fae Warrior, who definitely does NOT want to be Guy’s damsel in distress!

But as Guy comes closer to his goal, he realises that the cost could be far greater than he ever imagined…

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