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The website of ALEX SUMNER – novelist and writer on the Occult.

Welcome to my website. Here you will find details of my current and forthcoming work, my news, and previous projects as well. This is a successor to my first website which used to be hosted on Geocities.

I have been a writer since 2001: I have had several non-fiction articles published in the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition. As a non-fiction writer my subject material mainly concerns the Hermetic Qabalah, Astrology, Tarot, Alchemy, the Golden Dawn, and Magick generally.

In 2009 I released my first novel, “The Magus,” a horror story set in contemporary London. I released my second novel, “Opus Secunda” in 2010, whilst in 2011 I published the third title in the trilogy – “Licence To Depart.” In 2013, I came out with the novel, “Taromancer,” whilst in 2018 I released Eternal Witch.

In 2020, whilst the world was in lockdown due to COVID-19, I performed the celebrated Abramelin Operation: the diary I kept during that time has become the basis for my first full-length non-fiction book CONJURING DEMONS FOR PLEASURE AND PROFIT: AN ABRAMELIN MEMOIR, published 2022.

You may use the Contact Alex page to send me an email.

I am interested in hearing from all readers (and potential readers!), the media (see also the link in the navigation bar to go to my press pack), and those involved in publishing. Also organisers of Sci-fi and Horror conventions.

Perhaps you are a professional writer yourself (or aspiring to be one)? Contact me if you are interested in swapping links.

Do you run a book club? I can visit any book club if you are reading my works, so long as fares* and accommodation (where necessary) are sorted. (* NB: I live in Essex, UK)

My Publications

Eternal Witch

Cover Artwork © 2018, the author.

ZARIA ROSE has it all: a successful career as a pop star, fame, fortune, adulation – and a Magickal way of getting absolutely anything she wants.

However, when one day she tries to discover her past-life memories, her seemingly perfect life begins to fall apart – with nightmarish and violent consequences…

A Visionary Fiction novel, set in contemporary Britain, by Alex Sumner, author of The Magus and Taromancer.

Released: May 25th 2018

Available in print from: USA; UK; Australia; Japan; and Canada.

Via Kindle: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, and indeed all over the world.

On Google Play: Eternal Witch


Cover artwork © copyright 2013, the author.

Taromancer is a Visionary & Metaphysical Fiction novel, which is a standalone story in its own right.Disenchanted and disillusioned with her career as a fortune teller, Miranda meets a crazy old man one night, and is plunged into a spiritual quest – with the twenty two trumps of the Tarot as her companions.

Available in print from: USA; UK; Canada; India and Japan.

Via Kindle: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, and indeed all over the world.

On Google Play: Taromancer

The Magus Trilogy

The Magus

Cover artwork © 2009 the author

Police are called to a murder scene in Fulham. They find a dead body – but no evidence of murder…Two detectives struggle to find out the truth of the matter. But when a mysterious old man claims that the victim was killed by a Satanist, little do they realise their lives will be changed forever…”

The first book in the “Magus” trilogy. Suitable for adult readers.

Available as a paperback from Amazon: USUKJapan

Via Kindle: USUKJapanCanadaAustraliaIndiaJapan

On Google Play: The Magus

Opus Secunda

Cover artwork © 2010 the Author

Nichola Peterson has been promoted to Detective Inspector and, with her new young partner in tow,is assigned to investigate a new murder case: that of a scientist who worked for a top pharmaceutical company. But as she probes deeper, she encounters hostility and intrigue. Her investigation – and her love-life – become increasingly chaotic. And to cap it all: the mysterious Magus re-appears and reveals he was working with the murder-victim on a top-secret project…

This is the second book in the “Magus” trilogy. Suitable for adult readers.

Available as a paperback from Amazon: USUKJapan.

Also available for download on Amazon Kindle: USUKCanadaAustraliaIndiaJapan; from Smashwords.

On Google Play: Opus Secunda

Licence To Depart

Cover artwork © Copyright 2011, the author

Nichola Peterson, ex-policewoman is at the lowest point of her fortunes: her career in ruins, forcibly separated from the man she loves, and powerless to stop a criminal mastermind from wreaking havoc. Then the mysterious Magus appears, offering her one last chance of redemption.

Suddenly – a shot rings out…

This is the third book in the “Magus” trilogy. Suitable for adult readers.

Available as a paperback from Amazon: USUKJapan.

Also available to download via Amazon Kindle: USUKCanadaAustraliaIndiaJapan; or from Smashwords.

On Google Play: Licence To Depart

The Demon Detective, and other stories

The Demon Detective

Artwork © 2011 the author

Short story. Guy Shepardson has used his mastery over the Black Arts to become a successful businessman and stylish man about town. But when his old mentor is murdered, he vows to use his powers to track down the killer…

Available exclusively as an ebook from Amazon or Smashwords.

A Greater Power

Artwork © 2011 the author

Short story.A dark fantasy thriller, the second in the series “The Demon Detective and other stories.”A man is murdered in the dead of night in rural Oxfordshire – a note in his pocket links him to suave modern-day sorcerer GUY SHEPARDSON. Guy soon finds himself menaced by sinister thugs and aided by the dead man’s beautiful daughter as he attempts to confront the killers…Available exclusively as an ebook from Amazon or Smashwords.

Shall We Kill The President?

Cover artwork for "Shall We Kill The President?" featuring sexy female vampire overshadowed by the stars and stripes

Artwork © 2012 the author

The new novella featuring Guy Shepardson, The Demon Detective.Jet-setting modern-day wizard Guy Shepardson takes a trip to Washington DC where he encounters a group of Vampires who come to him with an unusual request! However, enemies both old and new have plans of their own, and would dearly love Guy Shepardson out of the way. Can Guy escape from their clutches and use all his magical powers to stop a plot to assassinate the President of the United States?

Currently available exclusively as an ebook via Amazon or Smashwords.

A Fairy Story By Any Other Name

Novel. Modern day Sorcerer (and rakish man about Town) Guy Shepardson finds himself out of his depth – and out of this world – when he uses his powers to save a desperately ill girl. Instead he finds himself wandering through magical realms populated by monsters, dragons, cannibals, a seriously bemused Voodoo Loa – and a feisty Fae Warrior, who definitely does NOT want to be Guy’s Damsel In Distress!But as Guy comes closer to his goal, he realises that the cost could be far greater than he ever imagined…A FAIRY STORY BY ANY OTHER NAME – being the continuing adventures of Guy Shepardson, The Demon Detective.

Available in print from Amazon: USA and UK.

Also available on Kindle in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and all the world.

On Google Play: A Fairy Story By Any Other Name.

Pilgrim’s Progress

Crime fiction series.

An Unpardonable Offence

© the Author 2015

Short story, set in Miami, Florida. A professional hit-man falls into a nightmare world, when he agrees to do a “clean-up job” for a powerful gangster…

Available via Kindle: USA; UK; Canada; Australia; India; Japan; and worldwide.

A Reverie On Thievery

A Reverie On Thievery © 2015, the author.

Short story set in modern day Miami. Professional gunman known only as “Pilgrim” is sent by a crime-lord to retrieve a diamond-necklace from a master-thief – but he soon finds he has to take unusual steps to do so…

Available worldwide on Kindle: USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, India, Japan and worldwide.