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How is a Pagan supposed to do the Abramelin?

From Reddit: “How is a pagan supposes (sic) to do the abramelin?”

By the power of Metaphor.

You go into it assuming that “YHVH,” “Tzebaoth” and “Adonai” are all metaphors for whichever god(dess) that you do worship, so that when you invoke them you are really invoking your patron deity by another name.

Dion Fortune

Remember, Dion Fortune once said that all gods are but one God, and all goddesses are one Goddess. Indeed, the Hermetic Qabalah was formulated so that people of different religions could all share in one magical tradition: participants were actively expected to translate the, for example, Egyptian symbolism they encountered in a Golden Dawn ceremony into concepts that made sense to them in the context of their own religion, via the Qabalah.

The modern fancy that you have to stay within the ghetto of your own religion, no matter what, goes against the history of why the western magical tradition was created in the first place.

Source: How is a pagan supposes to do the abramelin? (sic)

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Abramelin vs Gnosticism

From Reddit: Are ceremonial magic rituals such as the Abramelin acceptable in Gnosticism?

One of the most popular rites used to invoke the Holy Guardian Angel as part of the Abramelin process – viz., The Bornless Ritual – is an actual Gnostic Ritual. Certain key words and phrases in the ritual only make sense if understood from a Gnostic context, the most obvious one I can think of being the line, “I am He, the grace of the world.”

The original Greek is η χάρις του αιώνος – “He Charis Ton Aionos” i.e. the Grace of the Aeon. Quite aside from the point being that the “world” referred to in the ritual is the Pleroma or spiritual world, not the material one, “Charis” is a title in Valentinian Gnosticism for the consort of the first aeon (the same word crops up throughout other systems of Gnosticism).

One Abramelin practitioner told me he believed the Holy Guardian Angel was a messenger from the Pleroma to the individual – like a “personal Logos,” if you will – but I digress.


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How dangerous is the Abramelin ritual really?

Shared from Reddit, where a user asks:

For quite a while I have thought about doing the Abramelin ritual, but been hesitating because of the dreadful things I’ve read about the consequences of the ritual going wrong. Crowley wasn’t the same after he tried the ritual, some of his disciples, so I’ve read, even killed themselves after trying the ritual and failing. And then there’s that really spooky description in Dion Fortune’s Psychic Self Defense… Obviously this ritual is really powerful, done right or done wrong even.

How dangerous is it really? Any firsthand experiences?


My reply:

I have performed the Abramelin Operation, and even written a book about it.

I did not experience any of the horror stories, but then again, that is probably because I researched everything Crowley did, saw where he went wrong, and made a deliberate effort not to make his mistakes myself. For example, by only dealing with the word-squares within sacred space, so that the demons didn’t turn before time and cause havoc, as they apparently did with Crowley’s local butcher.

On the whole, my experience of Abramelin was overwhelmingly positive. Not only was I pleased with the way it ended, but I found the discipline of doing what is essentially a simple ritual two (or later, three) times a day every day for two hundred days rewarding in itself.

The final seven days was nerve-wracking, but it made me realise that the real key to success was overcoming my own fear.

Because I enjoyed Abramelin so much, I would encourage more people to give it a go, by saying it is worthwhile and is probably easier that you think.

BTW – you better hurry up if you want to do it, as the start of Abramelin season is coming up in just ten days time – MONDAY 10TH APRIL 2023 (Easter Monday).

Wishing you all the best,

Alex Sumner
Author, “Conjuring Demons for Pleasure and Profit: an Abramelin Memoir.”


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Lucifer, Reficul, but what’s the rest from this Magical Square? : occult


This post originally referred to a question on Reddit which I thought so interesting I would share it here… but then the OP deleted his post a few days later! Any how, the context was a discussion about this Abramelin Square:


Alex’ answer:

This is Square number 2 from the third chapter of Book 3 of the Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage – “To make [any spirit] appear in the shape of any animal,” although Mathers in his translation speculated that this should be to make a spirit appear in human form.

Usually with such squares, at least one of the lines refers to the Spirit who is responsible for making that square work. Alternatively, the top-line gives an indication of the meaning of the square.

This is actually an unusual square for two reasons. “Lucifer” is the name of one of the Kings of Hell, and although he figures prominently in the Abramelin system, he is far to high up the hierarchy of Spirits to preside over an individual magic square.

Moreover, most of the words in the magic squares (the ones which are words are not arbitrary letters to make up the acrostic pattern) are Hebrew words written phonetically in German. “Lucifer” by contrast is not a Hebrew word, but a Latin one (i.e. “Light-Bearer”).

However, it so happens the name “Lucifer” in Hebrew is Helel, which is also the name of one of the servant spirits, which do rule over this particular magic square (the servant spirits of Oriens, Paimon, Ariton and Amaymon). What I believe has happened is that the magician who first channelled this square came into contact with the spirit Helel, who told him to create a square using its own name but translated into Latin, hence rather cheekily making it look like its more famous namesake.

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