How to predict the General Election 2010 result

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced that the United Kingdom is going to the polls on May 6th 2010. I therefore present my predictions as to what is going to happen, especially to the leaders of the three main political parties.

The Day of the Election Itself

The Sun is square to both the Moon and Mars (which are in opposition to each other). The Moon, incidentally, is in its last quarter. This means that the day is good day for getting rid of things. There will be upset and quarrelling. Moreover, Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct, but both are opposed by Saturn. There will be a revolution in the state of the British Government, which will be at the expense of old ideas – or indeed, older men.

Hence, the day of the General Election will be very acrimonious. We will certainly have a new government – younger contenders will fare better than older ones.

Gordon Brown

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Gordon – leader of the Labour Party and the current Prime Minister – is badly affected by the Saturn-Jupiter opposition. Saturn opposes his natal Venus and Mars, whilst Jupiter is conjunct to them. This means that Gordon will be facing a time of tests and trials – he will find it difficult to attract the things and people he wants in his life, and he will suffer a series of set-backs that cast doubt on his ability to win.

Conversely, however, he will feel a strong urge to socialize and indulge himself, but become lazy with regard to work and his career. It would also be a good time for him to take up a new physical activity.

In summary, the stars are telling Gordon that it is worthwhile taking up a new hobby – after all, come May 7th he will have plenty of time to pursue it.

David Cameron

David Cameron – Conservative leader and current leader of the Opposition – shares a lot in common with Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats (vide infra). In both cases Jupiter is conjunct their natal Saturn. This is both a good and a bad thing – Cameron (and Clegg) will become aware of increased opportunities, but also of increased responsibilities as well. Moreover, both men have the Sun conjunct their natal Caput Draconis – the signifier of Destiny. Both are hungry for growth and direction. Also, according to one source it indicates a time of connecting with others who share common interests – particularly another male or authority figure.

Cameron however does differ from Clegg in significant respects. Neptune opposes his natal Mars. This would indicate that he can bring an unusual degree of imagination and idealism to his work right now, but needs to stay realistic, in case he overstretches himself.

Nick Clegg

Clegg is the leader of the third largest party, the Liberal Democrats. The last time they had the merest whiff of power was in 1978 – thirty-two years ago, when they briefly had a pact with the then Labour government (it fell apart). They have not actually been in Government since the First World War.

Despite being the also-rans of British politics for close to a hundred years now, Nick Clegg of all the three party leaders is personally in the best position astrologically speaking. Like Cameron, he shares the Sun / natal Caput Draconis conjunction, and the Jupiter / natal Saturn conjunction. However in his own right he also has a number of favourable aspects peculiar to himself. Saturn is trine to his natal Venus – signifying it is a good time to curb spending and cut away accumulated debt – also, relationships begun during this time are likely to prove long term.

Uranus is trine to his natal Moon and Sextile to his natal Venus.  This indicates a time during which he can discover new and different reasons or ways to enjoy and appreciate life. Also – that he could receive unexpected help or support from someone younger or a woman – perhaps this means the youth vote, or female voters. Given that Jupiter is conjunct Uranus, it shares the same aspect to Moon and Venus: Clegg is popular right now, and has the opportunity to make a good impression on others.

The only warning note is sounded by Neptune, which is square to his natal Moon. He could get the wrong idea, develop false ideals, and let his imagination carry him away to the point that those who support and care for him are neglected or hurt.


My predictions can be summarised as follows:

  • Gordon Brown – cheerio.
  • David Cameron – could do well, although it will be a difficult time for him.
  • Nick Clegg – will come out of this election very well.
  • Probable result: in the statistically unlikely event of a hung parliament, there will be a Conservative / Liberal Democrat coalition – this will see Clegg rewarded with a senior Cabinet post.

Finally I should point out that in regard to my prediction about older men having to make way for younger ones, it should be noted that Brown (born 1951) is the oldest of the three party leaders; Cameron (born 1966) is second but Clegg is youngest (born 1967).


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12 responses to “How to predict the General Election 2010 result

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  2. Alex,
    thanks for your comments on my article.
    I agree the Lib Dems may surprise us all. Vince Cable also seems very well positoned.
    The Uranus Saturn opposition brought us Barak Obama on its first exact aspect but we’re now approaching the fourth one and we’re right at the end of Virgo/Pisces. The assumption of automatic change, and the victory of youth are not such sure bets. I think the real change is going to happen after the election. Then we have to roll up our sleeves.

    • Thanks for this.

      I have been giving this some more thought since posting: the day of the election is effectively the day that the new Government is “born.” One could even draw up a full natal chart for it – 10pm BST (2100 GMT) @ the House of Commons, Westminster, on May 6th 2010.

      What this would mean (assuming I am right) is that we can get an idea of how the next government will do by the positions of the planets on May 6th. Obviously the Jupiter-Uranus vs Saturn opposition will leave its mark: but also telling is the “T” formed by Sun, Moon and Mars. On that basis I would say: don’t expect an early end to our involvement in armed conflict, in fact one might even surmise a new conflict, which will upset a lot of people and hold the government back from doing what it really wants to do.

      All in all, Gordo obviously didn’t use electional astrology to decide the date of the election. 😦

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  5. I totally agree with you that Clegg has the best astrology, despite that, we still got some Brown predictions ( Pluto on his MC?!), I guess because they thought there is no way the Lib Dems could get in, but hey look what’s happening! As Clair Chandler said, Clegg has become the King-maker.

    We’ve been following this too, getting Nick Cleggs time, (if it is right that is) gives him a great Kite aspect pattern if you put in the Vertex, but this IS time dependant. Jupiter falls on his Saturn (And Camerons) the tail of that kite. On that basis I thought he would do better than expected. Lib Dems did loose seats, but they did have a better share of the vote than they’ve ever had.

    I feel rather more comfortable with a Lib/Con coalition now I’ve looked at Camerons and Cleggs synastry. I’m no Tory, so I’m hoping Lib Dems can stop the Tories going too extreme.

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  8. Hi Alex
    Just trawling the net to read predictions on the outcome of the election and came across yours.
    Congratulations on an excellent and very accurate prediction, and for giving a good account of how you arrived at it. I’m also impressed at how well you describe the lib con coalition too.
    tricia—who in January 2010 predicted GB would still be PM after the election but that conservatives would get a high percentage of the votes, and that it would be a hugely competitive result….wish I’d had Nick’s birth data then!!!

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