The General Election – Winners and Losers 1

A month ago, I attempted to use astrology to predict the outcome of the General Election. Let’s see what has in fact happened:

Gordon Brown

On April 6th I said:

…Gordon will be facing a time of tests and trials – he will find it difficult to attract the things and people he wants in his life…

He certainly does find it difficult to attract the things and people he wants in his life, i.e. things (staying in power) and people (Nick Clegg). The Telegraph reports that Brown’s attempts to broker a deal with Clegg ended in acrimony, although Clegg probably did not help things by suggesting that Brown should resign.

… he will suffer a series of set-backs that cast doubt on his ability to win.
Prediction, April 6th.

Let’s see: there were the dismal performances in the leader’s debates (see here, here and here) for a start. And then of course there was  the infamous gaffe in which he called a pensioner a bigot whilst wearing a TV microphone. And of course most importantly I predicted:

Gordon Brown – cheerio.

Which came to pass on May 11th 2010.

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