Britain’s Most Eccentric MPs

To celebrate the day of Gordon Brown’s retirement ahem I mean the British General Election, I present a list of my favourite British Members of Parliament. This however not being your usual type of blog but one dedicated to alternative methods of thinking, I have decided to honour those who can be most relied upon to support alternative and holistic methods of healthcare. My methodology has been to search through every “early day motion” regarding homeopathy that was put down during the last Parliament, and to whittle down who signed the most of them. (An “Early Day Motion” is a kind of petition of MPs, used to indicate the levels of support for a given issue.) There were seven such motions in total. The results in reverse order are as follows:

Mike Hancock

Liberal Democrat MP for Portsmouth South. Likes animals. Joint 4th place with a score of 6/7

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour MP for Islington North. Very hard Left – he deserves to pick up extra kudos for winning the Beard of the Year Award in 2001, in protest against New Labour. Joint 4th place with a score of 6/7.

Rudi Vis

Labour MP for Finchley and Golders Green. Fairly left wing. Is facing an uphill struggle this election because his seat is so marginal. Joint 1st with a score of 7 out of 7.

Alan Simpson

Labour MP for Nottingham South. Hard left – but standing down this election. NB: he decided to do so before the expenses scandal. When Sir Thomas Legg asked him to repay £500, Simpson threatened to take him to court. Joint 1st with a score of 7/7.

David Tredinnick

Conservative MP for Hinckley and Bosworth. Tredinnick deserves special mention for the fact that when other MPs were claiming second houses on their expenses, he was claiming astrology software (he has since paid all the money back). This sounds like my kind of politician! What a shame I don’t actually live in Leicestershire or I would vote for him myself.

So good luck to all these gentlemen – or, in the case of Alan Simpson, happy retirement, or in the case of Rudi Vis (as unfortunately seems likely), commiserations.


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5 responses to “Britain’s Most Eccentric MPs

  1. Yeah, you gotta love a politican that tries to get his astrology software comped. Sounds like my type of politican also; too bad I live even farther out of his district than you do.

  2. Glad I found this Blog! Putting it on my blog roll, mainly for beard protest and finding out Tredinnick had claimed for astrology software. ( How did you find that out!?)
    PS. I’m putting it on my Lilith pages blog, the Demonic section….

  3. I am glad to say that Messrs. Tredinnick, Corbyn and Hancock all retained their seats. Vis unfortunately lost, as was to be expected.

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