Winners and Losers 2

David Cameron

It appears that David Cameron will be Prime Minister after all. On April 6th I said:

David Cameron – could do well, although it will be a difficult time for him.

As it turned out this pretty much summed up his results. Although his party won the most seats in the election, he did not become Prime Minister automatically: it only took until Tuesday for Gordon Brown to finally admit defeat.

Messrs Tredinnick, Corbyn and Hancock

All won their respective seats I am glad to say. Rudi Vis unfortunately did not. This means that unless there are some dark horses in the new intake, there are two less MPs who are sympathetic to astrology and alternative health in the new Parliament.

Astrologers generally

Before I get too egotistical I should point out that a number of astrologers correctly predicted what was going to happen. What I will say though is that there are at least two ironies brought out by this whole affair. I firmly believe that the stars impel and do not compel: but that presupposes that one takes notice of them in the first place. Thus we have a classic situation here that Gordon Brown could have listened to the advice of astrologers and not held the election on that particular date: he also could have listened to the advice that we were giving him and taken pains to avoid making the kind of mistakes from which we said he was in danger. But he did not, so it played out with Brown being the hapless puppet of circumstance.

The other irony – and one which I am especially pleased about – is that David Tredinnick faced opposition in his constituency from some quantum physicist who disliked his stance on homeopathy (nb: what does a quantum physicist know about medicines and healthcare???). However the stars were looking out for the MP, and not for the physicist!

So hooray for astrology and astrologers in general! Politicians: you ignore us at your peril!

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