Winners & Losers – 3

Nick Clegg

Finally – for this election at any rate, there is Nick Clegg. On April 6th I said:

Clegg is popular right now, and has the opportunity to make a good impression on others.

Which was borne out during the election campaign by his performance in the leaders’ debates. Also:

Like Cameron, he shares the Sun / natal Caput Draconis conjunction, and the Jupiter / natal Saturn conjunction.

The very fact that both he and Cameron have their Caput Draconis in the same place would tend to indicate that their destinies lie together – which is now borne out by the fact that they have formed a coalition government. Finally, I said:

Nick Clegg – will come out of this election very well.


… there will be a Conservative / Liberal Democrat coalition – this will see Clegg rewarded with a senior Cabinet post.

This has been confirmed today with Nick Clegg being named as Deputy Prime Minister – and thus the most senior Liberal politician since David Lloyd George.


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2 responses to “Winners & Losers – 3

  1. Do you see the coalition lasting though?

    There are a lot of stressful aspects between the charts of the two men. As I study Magi Astrology, I use two charts, including the helio chart and Clegg’s Chiron opposes Cameron’s Uranus/Pluto. Cameron’s Sun is inconjunct Clegg’s Saturn and Clegg’s Saturn is also in stressful aspect to Cameron’s Uranus/Pluto. I can’t see it lasting.

    • Hey, back in 1997 I predicted that the Labour government would not last forever – and thirteen years later, I was proved correct!!! So really a more pertinent question would be not whether it will last, but how long (which admittedly I have not yet calculated).

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