How To Predict The General Election 2015, part two

Following on from my previous post regarding the nature of the problems facing the next Government of the United Kingdom, I now turn to predicting the winners / losers specifically. This I have done by looking that the birth charts of the leaders of six main parties, and comparing the transits made with the horoscope for the election. I use this information to calculate whether they will be celebrating or not come close of polls on Election Day, and hence infer the fate of their party therefrom.

David Cameron – Conservatives.

David Cameron

David Cameron

Cameron (9th October 1966, London) has a lot of favourable influences going for him that day, mainly thanks to the planet Jupiter. This is sextile his natal Sun, Venus and Mercury, signifying it is a good time for new opportunities, making a good impression, and for promoting himself and his ideas. The one warning sign, however, is transitting Saturn square to his natal Mars, which suggests he will not be victorious outright.

Ed Milliband – Labour.

Ed Milliband

Ed Milliband

Milliband (24th December 1969, London) will also be experiencing Saturn squaring his natal Mars – like Cameron. Unlike Cameron, however, the planet Jupiter is not so conspicuous. The minor planets such as Venus and Moon suggest he will experience some transitory good news on the day of the election, but this will not last into the new Parliament itself.

Nick Clegg – Liberal Democrats.

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg

Clegg (7th January 1967, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks) has a rather nasty T-formation caused by a transitting Mars / Uranus opposition square to his natal Sun. Clegg will be the subject of much anger, also the forces of change will be proving difficult for him to make any headway. Also, Saturn transitting his natal Moon signifies that it will be a good time for Clegg to be alone, and to realise his flaws and weaknesses.

Nigel Farage – UKIP

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

Farage (3rd April 1964, Downe, Kent) will be having an auspicious day come May 7th. Transitting Saturn is trine to both his natal Sun and Mars, suggesting he is mature, responsible, and projects confidence: also he is able to meet his responsibilities. Moreover, transitting Jupiter is also trine to his Sun, signifying new visions of the future and new inspirations are likely to come along – an increase of good fortune. However: transitting Saturn opposes his natal Venus, suggesting he would do well to rid himself of delusions when it comes to close partnerships (such his relations with other members of UKIP).

Natalie Bennett – Green Party

Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett

Bennett (10th February 1966, Sydney, Australia) has quite possibly the most disappointing chart of all the leaders of the major parties – not because it is particularly disastrous, but because it is totally unremarkable one way or the other! The only transit of interest is that Uranus, representing the forces of change, are in opposition to her natal Moon, signifying that she will be disappointed by the result of the election. The day will be pretty much a non-event for her.

Angus Robertson – SNP

Angus Robertson

Angus Robertson

“Duh, Alex, I thought Nicola Sturgeon was leader of the SNP?” Yes, but she’s not standing in the Westminster Parliament! The leader of SNP’s Parliamentary Party, however, is Angus Robertson MP (28th September 1969, Wimbledon, London), who is confirmed as the director of the SNP’s 2015 general election campaign. I have therefore decided to use his details rather than Sturgeon’s. As it happens, Robertson’s chart has a lot of good points to say about it: Jupiter is sextile his natal Jupiter, showing that he will find it easy to work with his own natural talents for ensuring success. Moreover, transitting Saturn is sextile a natal stellium of Sun, Mercury and Uranus, indicating that he has a more mature grasp of his own capabilities, and projects a more responsible, perhaps serious, and self-assured personality to others. Progress he makes during this transit period is likely to bring him rewards in his career, whilst the forces of change are generally working in his favour. The only warning note is transitting Saturn square to his natal Venus, suggesting that he will have a tough time working on improving his manner as well as the things that he offer to others in partnership.


I shall therefore put my neck on the line and make the following predictions as to the result of the election:

  • The Conservatives will be the largest party in Parliament, but without an absolute majority. David Cameron will stay on as Prime Minister, this time of a minority Conservative government, not a Coalition.
  • Labour will be the second largest, but will experience a loss of seats, mostly to the SNP, but also to UKIP.
  • The Liberal Democrats in general, and Nick Clegg in particular, will collapse.
  • Both the SNP and UKIP will see significant gains in the numbers of their seats. The SNP will find it difficult to hold the balance of power though, as the other parties will be reluctant to work with them. UKIP will go through a period of reform where they are forced to jettison the more extreme elements of their party.
  • The Green Party will be neither better nor worse off after the election than before.

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