How To Predict The General Election 2015, part one

After having successfully predicted a Con-Lib Coalition, and the retirement from politics of Gordon Brown (remember him? Yeah, me neither!) back in 2010, I return with my prognostications for the next British General Election, which has today been confirmed as taking place on Thursday 7th May 2015.

In drawing up a chart I have selected 10pm that evening (British Summer Time) as the “birth time,” as that will be the moment the polls close – and hence seal the fate of the election. For the place of birth I have used Westminster, i.e. the location of the Houses of Parliament. A chart drawn up using these data looks like this:

Chart for the moment the polls close (10pm BST) on 7th May 2015, @ Westminster UK

Chart for the moment the polls close (10pm BST) on 7th May 2015, @ Westminster UK

It is therefore possible to forecast the influences which will affect the new Government – whichever it happens to be – to wit:

The Government itself (Sun)

Government will try to effect Judicial reform, and to enact further measures which encroach upon the Church of England, e.g. by extending gay marriage rights. Both the Judiciary and the Church of England (nb: both represented by Jupiter) will be upset by this, and try to resist the Government’s efforts.

The People (Moon)

Material prosperity will generally stabilise (Moon in Capricorn in 1st House). However there will be public unrest regarding foreign relations (Moon opposition Venus) – i.e. a general opposition to seeking peaceful solutions to disputes which arise with foreign countries – in particular, Russia, China and North Korea.

The Armed Forces (Mars)

The Armed forces will be very active during the term of the new Parliament: but War does not seem likely. Instead, military personnel will be key to helping combat a major epidemic. There will be at least one strike in the Ambulance service where the Army is called upon to operate the Ambulances.

Bankers (Jupiter)

Bankers will continue to resist the Government attempting to scrutinise their activity – this will lead to an impasse, as the bankers will find themselves in a strong position.

The Press (Mercury)

The Press will play a key role in stirring up public opinion against Russia, China and North Korea (Mercury square Neptune). There will be a major initiative to curtail Press abuses through increased regulation (Mercury opposition Saturn).

BUT… who will the new Prime Minister be? And who will form the new Government? Stay tuned for part two!!!

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