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BREXIT Astrology Problems OR What a difference 6 minutes makes!

Chart for BREXIT: 0000 GMT, 1st February 2020, Westminster

So here’s my dilemma. BREXIT officially happens at 0000 GMT on 1st February 2020. In trying to draw up a chart for it, and taking London as the “place of birth,” I notice that the Ascendant is in Libra, but right on the cusp of Scorpio. In other words, if BREXIT happened six minutes later, it would actually be in Scorpio.

Why is this a problem? Because if Libra, then the Lord of the Ascendant is Venus, which I interpret to mean that the public face of the new BREXIT-regime will be all smiles: it will be dominated by the arts and popular entertainment, in particular the National Lottery, and PR campaigns fronted by glamorous young women. There will be a honeymoon period in which people are idealistic about it, at least at first.

However, if Scorpio, then the Lords of the Ascendant are Mars and Pluto, which means moody frowning instead of smiles. The same persona of the new regime will either be all armed conflict, civil unrest and economic instability (i.e. Mars); or perhaps Government upheaval and lone terrorist attacks on Britain’s transport networks (i.e. Pluto).

So please, my loyal blog-followers! Which sign do you think will exert the most influence over the new political situation? Vote now in my new poll!

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How To Predict the General Election 2019

Jeremy Corbyn

News today that the United Kingdom is going to have its third General Election in four years this year, on Thursday 12th December 2019. I shall therefore continue what I initially thought was going to be only a five-yearly occurrence, by publishing my predictions, based on the astrology of the election itself, and the transits formed at the time with regard to the leaders of the main parties.

In my previous attempt to use Astrology for this purpose, I noted that:

In my experience of trying to use Astrology to predict election results, I have come to the following conclusions.

  1. Astrology is indeed very good at predicting the way the popular vote will go.
  2. Astrology is not so good at predicting the final result.

This is especially true where a country has an electoral system where votes do not translate directly into seats, either in the House of Commons (UK) or the Electoral College (USA).

* But he did make a comeback in the 2017 Dr Who Christmas special, also as I predicted.

Nevertheless I did manage to call the final result, with the exception being that the SNP fared slightly worse than I predicted and the Lib Dems slightly better – although I did predict their leader, Tim Farron (yes, me neither!) would be swiftly exiting British politics.*

Interestingly, in the two years since the last general election, the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, and Scottish National Party have each changed their Parliamentary leader i.e. whilst Nicola Sturgeon is still in overall charge of the SNP, they have a new leader in the House of Commons. Labour and the DUP have remained stable within the past two years; whilst UKIP has had four leaders and has currently suspended its current leader from the party and reported him to the National Fraud Investigation Bureau. I shall therefore take the liberty of including for the first time the Brexit Party, as in its short lifetime it has managed to accumulate 4 Welsh Assembly members and 29 MEPs, having done notably well in the European Parliament elections earlier this year.


The General Election will take place on Thursday 12th December 2019. As with previous prediction attempts, I have taken the “birth-time” as the close of polls that day (10pm), and the “birth-place” as Westminster, location of both 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament. A Horoscope calculated with these parameters looks like this:

Chart for the 2019 General Election

Chart calculated for Thursday 12th December 2019, 10pm (i.e. close of polls), Westminster, UK.

The Moon – representing the People – is in a weak Opposition to the Sun – representing the new Government. I say “weak” because the Moon, the faster moving planet, is at the edge of the orb and moving away from the aspect. In other words, we shall not be surprised when the public registers dissatisfaction with how the new Government fares, but this will not necessarily be a major concern for the new Government.

Of more concern is the Moon – Jupiter aspect, which is a strong Opposition. Jupiter being the planet of the Judiciary and Church leaders, we may expect at least one major court case of public concern. Tellingly, Uranus, the Planet of BREXIT, is trine to Jupiter and sextile to the Moon, which leads me to suspect that the major court case will take the form of members of the public, acting independently of the Government, resorting to litigation to force BREXIT to occur – which will eventually be decided in the Brexiteer’s favour. The Press will be unsympathetic to this public campaign, but not so much as will affect the outcome.

Neptune, the planet of Remainers, is square to the Sun, signifying that those opposed to Brexit will be a drag on the new Government’s plans, trying to delay it as much as possible (which is to be expected) – we should not be surprised if the new extension (31st January 2020) is extended yet again.

The Sun, being in the fourth House, signifies that the major concern of the Government in the lifetime of the next Parliament will be how the political issues of the day affect housing and living conditions.

How the Parties will fare in the Election

Boris Johnson

Conservatives – Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson was born on 19th June 1964, in Manhattan, New York, USA – the only political leader in this election not born in this country. He is going into this election feeling confident (he starts the campaign ahead in the opinion polls). However, he is experiencing over inflated feelings of importance, which cause him to over-reach. He will be prone to making miscalculations based on an avoidance of critical details. He will experience loss – travelling around the country or attempting to deal with religious people is not a good idea. It will not be a good time for domestic affairs or legal disputes.

Johnson is also likely to go through a period of erratic behavior: so much so that it loses him votes amongst young people – or he will have a major bust-up with younger members of his team. Boris will not be enjoying himself on Election day. However: long term, he will straighten out his personal priorities and prepare for a better future for himself, once out of office.

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour – Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn was born on 26th May 1949, at Chippenham.

Corbyn’s wish to be independent, to try new things, and so on comes at an inappropriate time and could cause real tensions amongst his colleagues. He might make embarrassing errors, neglect important details, or carry some delusions now. Corbyn will have difficulty in putting himself across well to others. He is also more sensitive emotionally, and may be prone to being misled. However, Corbyn’s relationships with other people will improve and he will experience a time of rising personal popularity. His passion will come to the fore, and he can expect this to be a productive time for when his own plans advance, and realizing his dreams. Legal disputes he will be able to resolve mostly in his favour (contrast this with Johnson).

Corbyn will see the things holding him back leave his life. His reputation will receive a boost, and the Labour party itself may see new financial support from donors thanks to Corbyn’s influence.

Jo Swinson

Liberal Democrats – Jo Swinson

Jo Swinson was born 5th February 1980 in Glasgow, Scotland.

On the plus side, Swinson is almost guaranteed of having some major improvements in her overall life during this time period: for example, breakthroughs in her political career. She has the power to assert herself boldly and accomplish a great deal during this time period. She could receive unexpected backing and, in general, her efforts are successful and reach new heights of originality.

Work she has done will pay off, with more attention to planning and strategy. Pleasing contact with female voters is probable. Her overall manner in social situations is more mature, and she can easily make a good impression with her peers and with those older than her (which is just as well as she is the youngest of the major party leaders in this election).

However there are some warning signs, e.g. transitting Neptune opposite her natal Mars warns against being overly optimistic. Also, the Pluto, Saturn and Venus Stellium is square to her natal Pluto, signifying unpleasant power-plays with those close to her, whilst Jupiter square to her natal Moon shows dissatisfaction with her personal circle. The danger is that although Swinson will do as best she can, probably causing a net increase in the Liberal Democrats’ fortunes, there will be some in her party who will think this is not good enough and attempt to stab her in the back in the election’s aftermath.

Ian Blackford

Scottish National Party – Ian Blackford

For the purposes of this article I am analyzing the chart of the leader of the SNP’s contingent at Westminster, Ian Blackford, not Nicola Sturgeon, who is not standing in this election. Blackford was born on 14th May 1961 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This is a potentially empowering time for Blackford when his personality is more vibrant, magnetic, focused, and resolute. He projects a more responsible, perhaps serious, and self-assured personality to others. We feel considerably more mature and capable of handling our personal lives. Social functions and artistic endeavours go well. Blackford is more likely to be received well on Election Day than on other days.

However: it is also a time of relationship tests, struggles, or trials. Blackford may not attract things and people that he wants in his life as easily as he could in the past, and this will be eye-opening for him. Blackford will need to work on improving his manner as he causes frustration with his colleagues – for example, through angry outbursts. Transitting Uranus square to his natal Mars also indicates a likelihood of being involved in an accident.

Nigel Dodds

Democratic Unionist Party – Nigel Dodds

Nigel Dodds was born 20th August 1958, in Belfast. Dodds is in an ambitious and dynamic phase of his life, and has the ability to form fruitful new relationships with voters and political colleagues. Ironically however, the planets are indicating that he will feel the need to reform himself and his ideas – hence changing the political direction of the DUP. For example he will experience dissatisfaction with the DUP’s accomplishments to date, and hence seek advice and new ideas, and implement them – in a way he would not have done so before. By embracing change, he will be able to resolve a potential power struggle harmoniously.

Nigel Farage

The Brexit Party – Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage was born on 3rd April 1964, at Farnborough in Kent. There is an overwhelming message in Farage’s planets that he can achieve great things so long as he does not try to cling on to policies which are old-fashioned or out-dated. Now would be a good time for Farage to strike out on new, innovative policies – a breakthrough in his political career is possible, whilst what has limited his progress in the past will collapse. Farage’s reputation will generally get a boost. He will also be successful if faced with legal disputes or power struggles within his party.

UKIP ???

UKIP’s nominal leader is a guy called Richard Braine, but as he (a) is currently suspended from his own party; and (b) has not published full birth data on himself, I am not inclined to draw up a chart for him. He was born in April 1968 in London, but on what day, Wikipedia does not disclose. I do not feel that I am sticking my neck out by saying that UKIP are not going to amount to much in this election.


Hence, if I were to forecast the result of the election, based on the popular vote (subject to the caveats I noted at the top of this article), I would say the following:

  • Jeremy Corbyn and Labour for the win. I do believe that it is JC’s year this year, as he is the one party leader for whom the stars are lining up most favourably. At time of writing this blog, I note that Jeremy is currently 2/1 favourite at William Hill, although, confusingly, the same bookies are saying that the favourite overall result at 11/10 odds on is a Conservative majority! Figure that one out if you can!
  • Goodbye, Boris Johnson. Although BoJo has started the campaign well, it will go downhill henceforth. Of course, I have been using this blog to lead a Hex Boris Johnson campaign but, as much as I would like to take credit for getting rid of him, the fact is that the stars and planets themselves are against him!
  • Brexit Party to do well – at least in terms of number of votes. I have noted before though that this does not mean they will translate this into a gain in seats.
  • Liberal Democrats will make small increases, but not enough for a lot of Liberal Democrat activists.
  • Scottish Nationalist Party – tricky one to call – I would be inclined to say they will be appear to do well in the election campaign at first, before suffering a disaster which make it turn out to be a wasted opportunity for them.
  • DUP – will probably do badly in the election campaign itself, however, this will be a blessing in disguise, as it will cause them to reform and modernize the party.


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How to Predict the General Election 2017

In my experience of trying to use Astrology to predict election results, I have come to the following conclusions.

  1. Astrology is indeed very good at predicting the way the popular vote will go.
  2. Astrology is not so good at predicting the final result.

This is especially true where a country has an electoral system where votes do not translate directly into seats, either in the House of Commons (UK) or the Electoral College (USA). So for example, in the most recent US Presidential election, I announced that Hilary Clinton had the most favourable stars on that occasion, and indeed she edged the popular vote… but Donald Trump got in nonetheless. Likewise, at the last UK general election, held just two years ago in 2015, I predicted great success for the UK Independence Party, and indeed they became the third most popular party in the country… in terms of people voting for them. However, because of the way their support was distributed across the country, this only meant that they came third in almost every constituency for which they fielded candidates, hence they did not actually gain any MPs that way.

With this is in mind, I shall now publish my predictions for the next UK general election, including the major issues that the new government will face, as well as how the popular vote will go for the major parties on the day.


Current Prime Minister Theresa May has called the election for Thursday June 8th 2017. Polls will close at 10pm that day, which is the moment that the fate of the election is sealed. I have therefore taken 10pm on 8th June 2017 at Westminster (where the House of Commons is situated) as the time, date and place of birth for the new Parliament. A chart drawn up using these parameters looks like this:

The General Election: 10pm on Thursday 8th June 2017, at Westminster.

What I immediately noticed about this chart is that the date of the election is very close to the Full Moon. We should therefore expect a high turn-out of voters from the extremist ends of the spectrum, as the Full Moon always causes the special members of the electorate to crawl out of the woodwork!

The new government is represented by the Sun, which is in Gemini in the 6th House. The moon – which represents the People – is in opposition to it in the 11th, whilst both are squared by Neptune, making a nasty T-formation. Neptune here represents political systems based on collectivity, which suggests to me it should represent the remaining 27 members of the EU, In which case we can be confident that the public will generally feel frustrated by our soon-to-be-erstwhile European partners, who will in turn be trying to pressurise the Government into taking a decision that it would rather not take.

Ironically, however, BREXIT will only be one issue that the new government has to deal with. The main focus of its forthcoming term of office, rather than Europe, will actually be reform of the National Health Service.

The general population will mostly be opposed to the work of the Government, instead caring more about Parliamentary reform, especially in the way the House of Commons works.

There will be a major allegation of electoral fraud, probably made by the UK Independence Party (for reasons which I will outline below), due to foreign interference in the election – either by the EU or by Russia. The Judiciary (represented by Jupiter) however will resolve the allegation in a manner which is favourable to the Government, and at least satisfactory to the people.

On the plus side, the economy will improve. On the minus side, Russia and North Korea will continue to be headaches.

How the Parties will fare in the Election

To determine this, I have used my tried and trusted method of analysing the transits formed by the Election’s chart with the horoscopes of the parties’ leaders.

Theresa May

Conservatives (incumbent)

Led by: Theresa May, born 1st October 1956, Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Theresa will have transitting Saturn trine to natal Moon / Venus / Pluto; transitting Caput Draconis conjunct natal Moon / Venus / Pluto; and Jupiter just past natal Sun but arguably within the orb, though this must be considered weak at best. Generally this is favourable: a sense of responsibility and needing to take things carefully sits well with Theresa’s emotions, her relationships with others and secret (inner) strength. She has a sense of destiny that is pulling her out of her comfort zone, but ultimately to her good. This is a time of increasing success in her life.

Jeremy Corbyn


Led by: Jeremy Corbyn, born 26th May 1949, Chippenham.

Transitting Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune, trine to natal Mercury Px and Venus.
Transitting Sun conjunct Venus / Mercury.
Transitting Mercury conjunct natal Sun.
The result of the election and the newly formed Government will work out well for Corbyn, but not as pronouncedly as Theresa May. Corbyn will experience a certain amount of popularity on the day, but is not a good long term prospect.

Angus Robertson (funny picture not available)

Scottish Nationalist Party

Led by: Angus Robertson, born 28th September 1969, Wimbledon. NB: I have not based my calculations on Nicola Sturgeon, as although she is first minister of Scotland, she doesn’t hold a seat in the House of Commons – Angus Robertson, her deputy, the parliamentary leader of the SNP. Hey, I correctly predicted the SNP’s result in the last election based on Robertson’s chart, so I’m damn well going to do it again!

Transitting Jupiter conjunct a whole load of natal planets: Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Sun.
Transitting Saturn square to Pluto.

Angus is in a very strong position, going through a Jupiter Return at the moment. His fortunes are on the increase. It is likely that the SNP will win the remaining seats in Scotland, and get their desired wish for a new Referendum.

It is likely that Robertson will be seen as a strong and capable leader in the House of Commons, and the SNP will wipe out the few seats in Scotland that are still held by other parties. On the downside, however, the SNP’s seats in Parliament will be limited not by electoral defeat, but by the new boundary changes!

Tim Farron

Liberal Democrats

I had to look this up, but apparently they are led by somebody called Tim Farron, of whom I had never heard until earlier this afternoon. Tim was born 27 May 1970, Preston, Lancashire.

Transitting Saturn opposed to Natal Mars, square to Natal Pluto.
Transitting Uranus opposed to natal Jupiter.
Transitting Mercury conjunct natal Sun, trine to natal Uranus.

Despite the fact that his and Corbyn’s birthdays are a day apart, their fates will be very different. His need to be resonsible and careful is diametrically opposed to his temper – he is likely to blow his chances with angry outbursts. His attempt to criticise Donald Trump will backfire on him, as he will come to be seen as someone not fit to conduct transatlantic relations with America. Like Corbyn, he will benefit from a slight filip of transitting popularity on the day.

In fact, the only thing that can be said in his favour is that he bears a passing resemblance to The Master, as portrayed by John Simms! We may joke, but if Farron suddenly summons a load of Toclafane to decimate the world’s population, you know where you read it first.

Separated at birth?


Tim Farron


The Master

The Green Party

Caroline Lucas, getting to know her constituents.

Led by: Caroline Lucas, born 9th December 1960, Malvern in Worcestershire. Technically the Green Party is led by two people, but I am going with Caroline’s chart as she is leader of the Parliamentary Party, by virtue of being the party’s only MP.

Sun opposite Sun!

Transitting Mars trine natal Sun and sextile Moon. Her energy and passion is in the right place, however the Green Party itself will not make significant headway.

Paul Nuttall


Led by: Paul Nutall, born 30th November 1976, Bootle, Merseyside.

Transitting Jupiter conjunct Pluto, sextile Sun, Neptune, Mars.

UKIP will poll a respectable share of the popular vote, which will reflect well (in the eyes of UKIP supporters) on Nuttall’s leadership of the party. However, having a large share of the popular vote did not help UKIP last time, so this is not necessarily any indicator of increased success in the House of Commons. Of all the party leaders, Nuttall is the most significantly affected by transitting Neptune, the planet of corporate crime and electoral fraud, hence why I suggested he would be most likely to call foul.


Hence my predictions are:

  • Theresa May and the Conservatives for the win.
  • Labour will only come second. Although this will be a huge disappointment for Labour supporters, many of the actual losers will be Corbyn-opponents, so ironically Jezza himself will survive.
  • SNP to do very well. Referendum 2 is definitely on the way.
  • The Green Party and UKIP will not see great increases in their seats. UKIP will however be notable for kicking up the most fuss in the lifetime of the new Parliament.
  • The Liberal Democrats will fare even worse than they did two years ago. Tim Farron would best be advised to quit politics and go into showbiz, e.g. in popular science fiction programmes.


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