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How to predict the General Election 2010 result – Part 2

Following on from my article yesterday, I turn from the leaders of the three main political parties to those that are also running.

Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin (born March 1st 1959) is leader of the extreme right-wing BNP. Despite the fact that he lives in Wales, he is standing as a candidate in Barking & Dagenham. What do the stars have in store for him? As it happens there is good news and bad news.

As regard’s Nick’s personal life, this will go well. Saturn sextile his natal moon indicates confidence and control in regard to domestic affairs: family matters are important right now. Retrograde Pluto squaring his natal Venus indicates facing a challenge in his love-life. On the one hand that means trying to find a new level to one’s relationship – but it could indicate marital problems if this is not addressed. Fortunately, Venus conjunct his natal Mars signifies a good time for LURVE.

Regarding Nick’s political ambitions, the situation is more complex. As I mentioned yesterday, the General Election is current dominated by a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction which is jointly oppposed by Saturn. The planets Jupiter and Uranus are generally indicating favorable times for Mr Griffin, but Saturn is casting a downer. So on the one hand Griffin is feeling popular right now, and may receive unexpected help from a woman or young people. NB: this is actually the same situation with Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats – this may suggest that the BNP is receiving support from female voters and from the youth-vote.

On the other hand, Saturn opposite natal Mercury strikes a pessimistic note, and indicates that Griffin will have communication problems and come into conflict with others. His words are filled with negativity.

Neptune square to both natal Jupiter and Mars suggests Griffin could get the wrong idea, develop false ideals, and let his imagination carry him away to the point that those who support him are neglected or hurt. Extreme restlessness and discontent with the limitations of his current situation cause him to speculate and gamble on ways to quickly change his life. Griffin has a strong tendency to exaggerate and put on a front to impress others and gain the advancement that he seeks.

Finally retrograde Pluto conjunct natal Saturn indicates that if change does come into Griffin’s life he will not be able to make positive use of it by seeing the change as opportunity.

In conclusion then I recommend that now is a good time for an exciting new direction in Nick Griffin’s love life. I suggest that instead of taking part in the General Election, he take his lady-wife on a romantic break in an attempt to revitalise his marriage – the stars indicate he would be successful in doing so.

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