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Do you think the world is ready for alien disclosure?

No, we're nice people really!

No, we’re nice people really!

My answer to Do you think the world is ready for alien disclosure?

Answer by Alex Sumner:

No – for several reasons:

Firstly, from a military point of view, the armed forces of this planet are under orders to treat any unidentified incursion into their nation’s airspace as a potentially hostile action.

Secondly, from a psychological point of view, any attempt to present evidence that beings of a non-Earth origin are in contact with this planet would run up against widescale Cognitive Dissonance, i.e. the vast majority of the population would either dismiss it as fake, or not accept it as literally true except insofar as they could fit it into their unconscious prejudices about how they view the Universe.

Our extraterrestrial brethren will not openly reveal themselves willingly until they have made contact in a non-threatening manner with a large number of sympathetically minded humans. Any human agency that tries to do forcibly disclose their existence before then does not have their best interests at heart!

Do you think the world is ready for alien disclosure?

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“If you hear any noise, it’s just me and the boys, hit me!”

News that it is estimated that as many as one in four Sun-like stars could have Earth-like planets. Hey! I don’t make this shit up, that is how the Daily Telegraph words it. It’s like that old line from The Naked Gun – “Doctors say that Nordberg has a 50/50 chance of living, though there’s only a 10 percent chance of that.”

Anyhoo – let’s assume for one moment that one in four Sun-like solar systems are in fact inhabited. Recently I have been observing (on this planet) a growing phenomenon which finds manifestation in a number of different forms, but is essentially different ways of saying the same thing. I refer to what I shall call by a generic name of Special People. As far as I can discern, the “Special People” Phenomenon consists of the following:

  • There exists a number of people on this planet who are not like other people – the eponymous “Special People”;
  • There has been a trend since 1968 or thereabouts for progressively more children to be born as “Special People.”
  • These “Special People” are particularly gifted when it comes to psychism, intuition, meditation, etc
  • The “Special People” in some way feel apart from or separate to the rest of humanity.
  • What makes “Special People” special is hotly debated in the New Age community (and takes up a lot of shelf-space in the Mind Body Wallet section of New Age Bookshops).

The “Special People” go by different names, including:

Star-SeedsIndigo ChildrenWalk-InsOld Soulsetc

The more I seem to read up on the subject however, the more I notice one thing in common with all of them: they are all attempts to apotheosize the social inept and awkward, and sometimes in extreme cases the downright sociopathic. It strikes me that if Karma has propelled one’s soul to a specific location, then the Karmic Lesson is to learn how to integrate with the destination, not remain aloof from it.

Moreover: the “Special People” phenomenon overly emphasises the role of people born in the past forty years or so. The danger here being that this is rather unfair on elders who, after all have traditionally been society’s teachers. Hell: most of today’s wisdom originated with people born hundreds or even thousands of years ago, so where they figure into the “Special People” phenomenon is anybody’s guess.

We are all “old souls,” the only difference being that one person may appreciate their past-life  experience to a greater extent than another. We are also all “Star-seeds” – the star in question being our own Sun. If we could look within ourselves and find out what is the best of humanity, then that is what we would be taking out to the cosmos – instead of expecting the flow of information to be one way, from cosmos to Earth.

Not too sure about walk-ins or indigo-people, although the latter does remind of the Purple Joke.


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Aliens: British Government Admits Yet Another Cover-up

In the ongoing debate about the existence of extra-terrestrial life, by far the most reliable barometer of veracity has weighed in on the side of our Alien Brethren. No, not scientists – I’m talking about William Hill, the bookmakers! In a story in today’s Daily Telegraph, it is reported that they are slashing the odds that our Cosmic Companions exist because it transpires that Winston Churchill covered up a UFO incident in World War Two.

Actually, given the Daily Telegraph’s reputation for up-to-the-minute reportage, it is probably the same UFO incident that we already know he covered up, but reported for a second time.

The odds of the British Government admitting intelligent alien life existing by the end of the year are now 80-1, down from 100-1. These are actually surprisingly good – they are certainly better than playing the National Lottery.


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News today that our extraterrestrial friends have been paying us a visit again, this time taking in China.

One of the greatest ironies is that this has been covered widely on Google and YouTube – two sites which are censored by the Chinese Government! Hence: most of the Chinese people don’t actually know that this UFO has been hovering over their country!

Unfortunately though I do not hold out much hope that this is an example of extraterrestrial technology. The airport where it was sighted – Zheijang – is 29º North of the equator: as I have said on previous occasions, only UFO sightings on or near the equator itself should be seriously investigated as possible alien craft.

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As if reading countless standard response letters to reported UFO sightings is not mind numblingly boring enough in one language, now some MEP wants to force the same repeated in all the linguae francae of the European Union.

Yes: Mario Borghezio wants all EU governments to release all the data they are keeping on UFOs – in much the same way that the British Government did last year.

Personally I think he could save a lot of time by prioritising. The one EU country that UFO hunters definitely do want to release data is Belgium, because it is the scene of one of the only exciting incidents since that of the Halt Memorandum in the past thirty years. Several years ago an F16 was scrambled from an airbase in Belgium in response to a UFO alert. The British MOD has consistently resisted commenting on the incident on the grounds that because it happened in another country it is none of their business.

I do hope though that however the situation is resolved it is not through more EU red-tape and bureaucracy. The more I hear about the goings on of the EU Commission, the more I am reminded of the Vogons from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy!


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A UFOlogoist’s lot is not a happy one

News today of a Policeman who has compiled an online database of UFO sightings. There are two interesting things about this. Firstly – the reports are all from policemen, and hence the kind of people one would hope would be level-headed about this sort of thing. Secondly, the copper who has compiled them has managed to act like a quality-filter and brought the really interesting stories to the fore – for example, by finding several more CE2s of which I was not previously aware. This incidentally was one of my gripes against the material released by the Ministry of Defence: this and the fact that although they released all in bulk, they made no attempt to flag up any interesting bits.

What puzzles me most, though, is why UFOs – if they are indeed extraterrestrial craft – should be seen above the British Isles at all. Human rocket-scientists have found that the best place from which to launch a spaceship is as close to the Equator as possible – because then such a craft can make best use of the Earth’s rotation. This, incidentally, is why the Apollo landings took place in the Sea of Tranquility: because it lies on the Moon’s equator, this would assist the astronauts in launching from the Moon and returning to Earth.

Hence, if our extraterrestrial brethren are visiting us, one would assume they know at least as much about celestial mechanics as we do, and hence would concentrate their visits to Earth along our own Equator, the easier to make a quick getaway when it is time to leave. By rights therefore, the further away from the Equatorial regions a UFO is sighted, the less likely it is to be an extraterrestrial visitor.

This makes me think of a top-tip for speculating on real-estate on the Moon! We can assume that if anyone is going to make a go of settling on the Moon, one of the first things that will happen is that a Spaceport will be built, i.e. a permanent take-off / landing facility. This we can guess will be situated on the Luna Equator. It stands to reason therefore that the most valuable Luna real-estate will be that which is closest to the putative spaceport, i.e. nearest the Luna Equator, while the least valuable will be the most far away.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. The website of the policeman who has compiled all the UFO reports is here.

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MOD Files – what I have learnt so far…

I have been ploughing my way through the files recently released by the MOD regarding UFOs: here are my preliminary conclusions:

  • There has only been one decent UFO sighting in the past 30 years – the “Halt Memorandum” incident, which occurred on 27th December 1980. This was a CE2.
  • The overwhelming majority of other incidents have either been CE1s, or false-alarms. Many of the false-alarms, curiously, were caused by Richard Branson – who at one time introduced the Virgin Lightship, an illuminated dirigible, to the skies of Britain, as an airborne advertising ploy.
  • Civillian UFO research organisations act as a quality filter, as far as the MOD are concerned, when it comes to reports of UFO sightings.
  • A large number of CE1s have been reported by people who admitted they had gone out looking for them, e.g. Crop-circle enthusiasts.
  • The MOD has a stock reply letter which it regularly sends out with depressing frequency.
  • CE3s, CE4s etc have not appeared in the reports I have read so far, except to the extent that the MOD doubts that they occur.

In response to the news that the MOD is going to discontinue collecting reports of UFO sightings, I have to say that from what I have read so far, we would not actually be losing much. In my opinion, the job of running a UFO hotline should be handed over to the civilian UFO research organisations – after all, it is they – not the MOD – who are actually committed to investigating the phenomena.

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“Aliens Staring Us In The Face”

Apparently our extrasolar brethren might be staring us in the face, for all that we know. That is the opinion of the Astronomer Royal, no less.

Now let’s backtrack a second here. This is the Astronomer Royal we are talking about. The word Royal gives us a clue as to exactly what kind of people he himself regularly finds staring him in the face. Is this the most indiscrete comment ever made by a royal adviser?

Come back, David Icke! All is forgiven! 😉

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Aliens: British Government admits cover-up

Our Extrasolar Brethren have been visiting us regularly for several years and what is more, the British Government has now fessed up to sitting on details of thousands of UFO sightings! However the government has decided to take the wind out of the sails of anyone expecting a juicy conspiracy story by going public with the files compiled by the Ministry of Defence.

For the next month, almost 900 MB of files will be available for free download. After that a certain amount of files will still be available, but for a small fee.

I intend to take a look through this lot to see if there are any good bits, although from what journalists have looked at so far, many of the reports seem to be of the kind “I was on my way home from the pub one night, and I saw a strange light in the sky, and then it disappeared and I went on my way,”  etc etc.


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Take me home, country space-ways

Good things, like valuable parcels being delivered by the Royal Mail, often take a long time in arriving. Just this morning the Daily Telegraph reported that Sri Lankan-born scientist Chandra Wickramsinghe has claimed that all humans are in fact aliens from outer space. What the Daily Telegraph failed to point out that Wickramsinghe, along with his late mentor and colleague Fred Hoyle, has been saying the same thing for around thirty years or more. There’s nothing like up to the minute reportage!

Professor Chandra Wickramsinghe

The basis of Wickramsinghe’s claims is a phenomenon termed Panspermia, the notion life on this planet was in fact “seeded” by organic material brought to earth by passing (or in some cases impacting) comets. If you are thinking at this point that this sounds like a plot device from an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, then you are correct – the show’s writers lifted the idea from Hoyle & Wickramsinghe’s work.

Note however that the theory of Panspermia does not by itself, contrary to the Telegraph’s headline writers, suggest that we are in fact aliens, or that alien life does exist elsewhere in the universe – merely that the seeds of life may come from outer space. However there is at least one theory by Francis Crick (he of DNA fame) that Panspermia might in fact be “directed” – i.e. brought either deliberately or inadvertantly by our extraterrestrial brethren. Apparently the rationale for directed Panspermia is that the probability of such life-seeds hitting earth by mere chance is literally astronomic.

See also: The Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology.

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