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As if reading countless standard response letters to reported UFO sightings is not mind numblingly boring enough in one language, now some MEP wants to force the same repeated in all the linguae francae of the European Union.

Yes: Mario Borghezio wants all EU governments to release all the data they are keeping on UFOs – in much the same way that the British Government did last year.

Personally I think he could save a lot of time by prioritising. The one EU country that UFO hunters definitely do want to release data is Belgium, because it is the scene of one of the only exciting incidents since that of the Halt Memorandum in the past thirty years. Several years ago an F16 was scrambled from an airbase in Belgium in response to a UFO alert. The British MOD has consistently resisted commenting on the incident on the grounds that because it happened in another country it is none of their business.

I do hope though that however the situation is resolved it is not through more EU red-tape and bureaucracy. The more I hear about the goings on of the EU Commission, the more I am reminded of the Vogons from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy!


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Encore le vente pour mon roman.

Bonjour! Aujourd’hui je suis heureux, parce-que j’ai decouvert qu’on peut acheter mon roman, “The Magus” (i.e. Le Magus) en France, Belgie, et tous les pays Francophones. Mais pas Canada (c’est triste, ça). Là, on doit l’acheter d’Amazon.com.

Je suis desolé mais on ne peut que l’acheter en Anglais: il n’est pas traduit en Français, parce-que je n’ai que le compétence des lingues d’Eddie Izzard.

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