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“If you hear any noise, it’s just me and the boys, hit me!”

News that it is estimated that as many as one in four Sun-like stars could have Earth-like planets. Hey! I don’t make this shit up, that is how the Daily Telegraph words it. It’s like that old line from The Naked Gun – “Doctors say that Nordberg has a 50/50 chance of living, though there’s only a 10 percent chance of that.”

Anyhoo – let’s assume for one moment that one in four Sun-like solar systems are in fact inhabited. Recently I have been observing (on this planet) a growing phenomenon which finds manifestation in a number of different forms, but is essentially different ways of saying the same thing. I refer to what I shall call by a generic name of Special People. As far as I can discern, the “Special People” Phenomenon consists of the following:

  • There exists a number of people on this planet who are not like other people – the eponymous “Special People”;
  • There has been a trend since 1968 or thereabouts for progressively more children to be born as “Special People.”
  • These “Special People” are particularly gifted when it comes to psychism, intuition, meditation, etc
  • The “Special People” in some way feel apart from or separate to the rest of humanity.
  • What makes “Special People” special is hotly debated in the New Age community (and takes up a lot of shelf-space in the Mind Body Wallet section of New Age Bookshops).

The “Special People” go by different names, including:

Star-SeedsIndigo ChildrenWalk-InsOld Soulsetc

The more I seem to read up on the subject however, the more I notice one thing in common with all of them: they are all attempts to apotheosize the social inept and awkward, and sometimes in extreme cases the downright sociopathic. It strikes me that if Karma has propelled one’s soul to a specific location, then the Karmic Lesson is to learn how to integrate with the destination, not remain aloof from it.

Moreover: the “Special People” phenomenon overly emphasises the role of people born in the past forty years or so. The danger here being that this is rather unfair on elders who, after all have traditionally been society’s teachers. Hell: most of today’s wisdom originated with people born hundreds or even thousands of years ago, so where they figure into the “Special People” phenomenon is anybody’s guess.

We are all “old souls,” the only difference being that one person may appreciate their past-life  experience to a greater extent than another. We are also all “Star-seeds” – the star in question being our own Sun. If we could look within ourselves and find out what is the best of humanity, then that is what we would be taking out to the cosmos – instead of expecting the flow of information to be one way, from cosmos to Earth.

Not too sure about walk-ins or indigo-people, although the latter does remind of the Purple Joke.


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