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A UFOlogoist’s lot is not a happy one

News today of a Policeman who has compiled an online database of UFO sightings. There are two interesting things about this. Firstly – the reports are all from policemen, and hence the kind of people one would hope would be level-headed about this sort of thing. Secondly, the copper who has compiled them has managed to act like a quality-filter and brought the really interesting stories to the fore – for example, by finding several more CE2s of which I was not previously aware. This incidentally was one of my gripes against the material released by the Ministry of Defence: this and the fact that although they released all in bulk, they made no attempt to flag up any interesting bits.

What puzzles me most, though, is why UFOs – if they are indeed extraterrestrial craft – should be seen above the British Isles at all. Human rocket-scientists have found that the best place from which to launch a spaceship is as close to the Equator as possible – because then such a craft can make best use of the Earth’s rotation. This, incidentally, is why the Apollo landings took place in the Sea of Tranquility: because it lies on the Moon’s equator, this would assist the astronauts in launching from the Moon and returning to Earth.

Hence, if our extraterrestrial brethren are visiting us, one would assume they know at least as much about celestial mechanics as we do, and hence would concentrate their visits to Earth along our own Equator, the easier to make a quick getaway when it is time to leave. By rights therefore, the further away from the Equatorial regions a UFO is sighted, the less likely it is to be an extraterrestrial visitor.

This makes me think of a top-tip for speculating on real-estate on the Moon! We can assume that if anyone is going to make a go of settling on the Moon, one of the first things that will happen is that a Spaceport will be built, i.e. a permanent take-off / landing facility. This we can guess will be situated on the Luna Equator. It stands to reason therefore that the most valuable Luna real-estate will be that which is closest to the putative spaceport, i.e. nearest the Luna Equator, while the least valuable will be the most far away.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. The website of the policeman who has compiled all the UFO reports is here.

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MOD Files – what I have learnt so far…

I have been ploughing my way through the files recently released by the MOD regarding UFOs: here are my preliminary conclusions:

  • There has only been one decent UFO sighting in the past 30 years – the “Halt Memorandum” incident, which occurred on 27th December 1980. This was a CE2.
  • The overwhelming majority of other incidents have either been CE1s, or false-alarms. Many of the false-alarms, curiously, were caused by Richard Branson – who at one time introduced the Virgin Lightship, an illuminated dirigible, to the skies of Britain, as an airborne advertising ploy.
  • Civillian UFO research organisations act as a quality filter, as far as the MOD are concerned, when it comes to reports of UFO sightings.
  • A large number of CE1s have been reported by people who admitted they had gone out looking for them, e.g. Crop-circle enthusiasts.
  • The MOD has a stock reply letter which it regularly sends out with depressing frequency.
  • CE3s, CE4s etc have not appeared in the reports I have read so far, except to the extent that the MOD doubts that they occur.

In response to the news that the MOD is going to discontinue collecting reports of UFO sightings, I have to say that from what I have read so far, we would not actually be losing much. In my opinion, the job of running a UFO hotline should be handed over to the civilian UFO research organisations – after all, it is they – not the MOD – who are actually committed to investigating the phenomena.

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“Aliens Staring Us In The Face”

Apparently our extrasolar brethren might be staring us in the face, for all that we know. That is the opinion of the Astronomer Royal, no less.

Now let’s backtrack a second here. This is the Astronomer Royal we are talking about. The word Royal gives us a clue as to exactly what kind of people he himself regularly finds staring him in the face. Is this the most indiscrete comment ever made by a royal adviser?

Come back, David Icke! All is forgiven! 😉

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Aliens: British Government admits cover-up

Our Extrasolar Brethren have been visiting us regularly for several years and what is more, the British Government has now fessed up to sitting on details of thousands of UFO sightings! However the government has decided to take the wind out of the sails of anyone expecting a juicy conspiracy story by going public with the files compiled by the Ministry of Defence.

For the next month, almost 900 MB of files will be available for free download. After that a certain amount of files will still be available, but for a small fee.

I intend to take a look through this lot to see if there are any good bits, although from what journalists have looked at so far, many of the reports seem to be of the kind “I was on my way home from the pub one night, and I saw a strange light in the sky, and then it disappeared and I went on my way,”  etc etc.


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Take me home, country space-ways

Good things, like valuable parcels being delivered by the Royal Mail, often take a long time in arriving. Just this morning the Daily Telegraph reported that Sri Lankan-born scientist Chandra Wickramsinghe has claimed that all humans are in fact aliens from outer space. What the Daily Telegraph failed to point out that Wickramsinghe, along with his late mentor and colleague Fred Hoyle, has been saying the same thing for around thirty years or more. There’s nothing like up to the minute reportage!

Professor Chandra Wickramsinghe

The basis of Wickramsinghe’s claims is a phenomenon termed Panspermia, the notion life on this planet was in fact “seeded” by organic material brought to earth by passing (or in some cases impacting) comets. If you are thinking at this point that this sounds like a plot device from an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, then you are correct – the show’s writers lifted the idea from Hoyle & Wickramsinghe’s work.

Note however that the theory of Panspermia does not by itself, contrary to the Telegraph’s headline writers, suggest that we are in fact aliens, or that alien life does exist elsewhere in the universe – merely that the seeds of life may come from outer space. However there is at least one theory by Francis Crick (he of DNA fame) that Panspermia might in fact be “directed” – i.e. brought either deliberately or inadvertantly by our extraterrestrial brethren. Apparently the rationale for directed Panspermia is that the probability of such life-seeds hitting earth by mere chance is literally astronomic.

See also: The Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology.

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“… because there’s bugger all down here on Earth.”

Wonderful thing, digital communication. Nice compact data streams, zillions of channels, etc etc – and no signals which will leak into space. Yep – the more our telecommunications advance, the more invisible we become to our Exosolar Brethren – that is the theory according to a new paper by the head of SETI.

Hence, it is not the fact that we have not detected aliens because they have inferior technology, but because they are technologically superior! Note however, that it is the head of SETI that is suggesting this – he is clearly giving himself an escape route as to why his organisation is not coming up with the goods.

Who knows? These alien hunters might be coming round to my ideas about searching for aliens through advanced consciousness (as opposed to advanced technology) sooner than I had anticipated!

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2010: The Year We Make Contact

Happy New Year everyone. Those who know their sci-fi will remember that the title of this blog-post refers to the 1984 film of Arthur C Clarke’s novel. I am particularly hoping that this proves to be prophetic, not least because it may validate my own theories about spiritual contact with alien entities, which I have written about previously.

At time of writing, there are currently 415 known extra-solar planets, and 303 “candidate” ones. Looking at a list of them, one notices that there is only a passing correlation between their locations and conventional astrology. It would be interesting though to investigate them using the Golden Dawn’s system of astrology, which does not confine itself to the belt of the Zodiac, but ascribes significance to each portion of the visible heavens.

Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius all have extrasolar planets orbiting at least some of their stars. There is at least one in the constellation of Draco, which in the Golden Dawn system is attributed to the sephirah Kether.

Meanwhile, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius all have “candidates.” A “candidate” is one whose status as an exoplanet is yet to be confirmed. There are others, both confirmed and candidate exoplanets, dotted around the whole sphere of the whole sphere of the heavens. These are all many light-years away, so the prospect of contacting them through conventional means is going to be a difficult and drawn out process.

However, following Michael Talbot’s idea of a “holographic universe,” even the greatest distances of time and space are present right here and now: if we find out the correct mode of consciousness to access them. The human mind is really a “holon” of the macrocosmic hologram, i.e. the universe itself. Thus the prospect of reaching out into the Universe with spiritual means is a far more viable option for 2010.


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Stop press: more aliens!

You have got to admire a country who have named their capital city after the Gnostic concept of redemptive wisdom. Since writing the blog entry which precedes this one, I have uncovered this new story: apparently government scientists in Bulgaria are already in contact with extraterrestrial beings. Personally I think these scientists are the victims of a practical joke by one of my colleagues in the occult community. Naming no names, but if these aliens start telling the scientists to stop using Apple Macs and switch to Windows-based systems instead, you will know what I am talking about 😉

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Aliens & Magick

The Vatican apparently is now interested in astrobiology, i.e. life among the stars. This has set many tongues wagging, with commentators pointing out that if life does exist on other planets, this would go against a literal interpretation of the Bible. I do not think this will be too much of a problem, as the Catholic Church has not let its magisterium be constrained by something so inconvenient as actually reading the source text up to now.

However – never mind about what happens with regards to Christianity when life on other planets is confirmed: more importantly, how will this affect the Qabalah?

A Tree of Life Crop Circle which has been photoshopped by some teenager *cough* I mean created by an alien who knows about Athanasius Kircher.

The Tree of Life
I have heard some people argue that the Qabalah is in fact a universal principle, given that there have been instances on earth of Crop Circles in the form of the Tree of Life. (Strange how our alien brethren approve of the Kircher version of the Tree of Life, as opposed to, say, the Lurianic version!) Now the Sepher Yetzirah makes great mention of the fact that the Qabalah is based on the number ten, not nine, ten, not eleven. But… what kind of Qabalah would an alien with a different number of fingers to us humans have come up with?

Now some people, still pointing to the crop circles as proof, have tried to argue that the number ten is a universal principle which has nothing to do with the number of fingers that we have. However: the evidence is in Sepher Yetzirah that the magic number ten is indeed associated with our fingers, as Qabalistic attributions are given thereto: moreover, it attaches importance to being able to form letters of the Hebrew alphabet with ones fingers. This incidentally is how Leonard Nimoy devised the Vulcan Salute. It is actually the sign a Cohen makes as he is giving the valedictory blessing in a synagogue (it actually represents the letter Shin).

Most authorities are of the opinion that we use a decimal system as opposed to any other simply because we have ten fingers – because they are our first counting tools. I therefore say this. If aliens have a version of the Qabalah and the Tree of Life, it will be based not on Ten sephiroth, but on whatever number-base they happen to use – i.e. which is most likely to be the number of fingers they have, if indeed they have fingers.

The most popular forms of Astrology present on Earth are by their very nature Geocentric. The constellations are the way that the stars appear from Earth, and the belt of the Zodiac is defined by the route which the Sun – our Sun – takes through the heavens.

However, if Aliens had their own version of Astrology, firstly it would not be Geocentric; secondly it would be based on a completely different Sun and set of planets; and thirdly there would be no correlation to our constellations whatsoever, as their own would appear to be completely different. The only feature of our astrology which might feature in their version would be the fact that our Sun might be visible from their own solar system. This is significant because the development of Astrology on our own planet has been governed by attaching importance to that which is most visible (the Sun, the Moon), and then defining the rest of the system in relation to that. It is therefore reasonable to assume that Alien Astrologers would only attach importance to the objects which are most noticeable from their own home planet(s), which could mean that if our Sun is in what is to them a relatively obscure part of their sky, it may not enter into their consideration at all.

This is somewhat by the by, though, as I predict that Earth Astrology is soon going to be refuted according to its own logic. This has nothing to do with astronomy purporting to have refuted it already. I shall explain: Earth Astrology relies on a given birth / event / etc having a time, date and place somewhere on the planet’s surface, because the key to the Horoscope is the Ascendant, the sign which is on the horizon at the time for which the chart is drawn.

However, the higher one is above the ground, the more fluid the concept of the horizon becomes, until when one has left the Earth altogether, it ceases to have any meaning. Thus – at some point in the future, there is going to be a human being born in outer space, and when that happens, it will be impossible to draw up a horoscope for that person. Therefore I say that at that point conventional astrology will have to be abolished, because there will be at least one person alive to whom it cannot apply.

There is such a thing as Heliocentric astrology, although because of the peculiarities of the heliocentric system it is not suitable for dealing with the kind of issues for which geocentric astrology is currently used. However, even Heliocentric astrology is going to be refuted when the first human being is born outside our solar system. Which brings me back to Alien Astrology – if aliens do exist in other solar systems, then we cannot apply our astrology to them.

The Age of Aquarius
Finally, I shall just like to briefly mention this: the whole idea of cosmic ages is another geocentric notion which is going to go the same way as geocentric astrology. Now, as noted above, I predict that astrology is going to be refuted when at least one human being is born in outer space. Reason suggests that this is going to be sometime in the next hundred or two hundred years. The Age of Aquarius is due to begin in the next hundred or two hundred years – at approximately the same time that the whole concept of the Age of Aquarius will be refuted according to the logic of Astrology. Irony of ironies! Were I a superstitious man I would be inclined to say that the birth of the first human in space will be the actual event that signifies the Age of Aquarius. In any case the challenge of the next great aeon will be to move away from a human-centric, ego-centric, notion of mysticism and to evolve a more cosmological outlook.


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