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Russian Meteor Conspiracy Theory

OK, so a meteor supposedly exploded over the Ural mountains the same day as another asteroid is going to zip underneath some of our communication satellites. Coincidence? I think not!

Seriously though, the meteor today had an explosive yield equivalent to a small tactical nuclear device air-bursting in the atmosphere. Although lots of people were injured, the damage was as nothing compared to the infamous Tunguska incident in 1908, which it is estimated had a yield equivalent to a maximum of 30 megatons of TNT. By way of comparison, this is 1000 times that of Nagasaki, and 2/3 that of the largest nuclear device known to have been exploded ever.

I say known to have exploded, because, seriously, how do we know it was a real meteorite? This leads me to my Grand Conspiracy Theory – which, if any Hollywood Film Producers are reading, is © me, Alex Sumner 2013, and I will only accept serious donations to the Alex Sumner Appreciation Fund to licence it out. It is this:


Think about it. If you read descriptions of e.g. the Tunguska event, you will notice that the recorded phenomena are indistinguishable from that of an air-bursting nuclear device, to wit: a blinding flash of light; intense heat; a blast wave; and the sound of a large explosion. Hence, if the Shadow World Government wanted, they could detonate a nuclear device over someone they don’t like, and then get their contacts in the media to report it as another meteor. Sounds implausible? Not if they public are already used to the idea of meteors hitting the earth.

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Licence To Depart – the new novel by Alex Sumner

Front cover artwork © 2011 by the author.

You are now able to read my brand new novel, Licence To Depart, on Amazon Kindle. The print-edition will be available through Amazon shortly, although it’s available on Lulu now.

“Licence To Depart” is the final instalment of “The Magus Trilogy,” which was begun by The Magus in 2009 and continued by Opus Secunda in 2010. It is a supernatural tale of murder, black magick, and international conspiracy set in contemporary England (and elsewhere), and is suitable for adult readers *. As with previous books it is crammed with detail drawn from the author’s real-life occult experiences.

Nichola Peterson, ex-policewoman is at the lowest point of her fortunes: her career in ruins, forcibly separated from the man she loves, and powerless to stop a criminal mastermind from wreaking havoc. Then the mysterious Magus appears, offering her one last chance of redemption. Suddenly – a shot rings out…

Note that it is not necessary to have a Kindle device to read Kindle e-books! Follow this link for more details.

* OK, ok, I lied when I said my next novel would not contain any sex. If you hadn’t guessed by now, it was an April Fool’s Joke. 🙂


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Aliens: British Government admits cover-up

Our Extrasolar Brethren have been visiting us regularly for several years and what is more, the British Government has now fessed up to sitting on details of thousands of UFO sightings! However the government has decided to take the wind out of the sails of anyone expecting a juicy conspiracy story by going public with the files compiled by the Ministry of Defence.

For the next month, almost 900 MB of files will be available for free download. After that a certain amount of files will still be available, but for a small fee.

I intend to take a look through this lot to see if there are any good bits, although from what journalists have looked at so far, many of the reports seem to be of the kind “I was on my way home from the pub one night, and I saw a strange light in the sky, and then it disappeared and I went on my way,”  etc etc.


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Alex is committed to World Peace

On the left, President Barack Obama (USA). On the right, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (Norway). One of these is the most influential man in the world.

The recent uproar over this year’s Nobel Peace Prize has prompted yours truly to look more deeply into the matter. The criteria for the Prize are:

“The capital shall be invested by my executors in safe securities and shall constitute a fund, the interest on which shall be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind. The said interest shall be divided into five equal parts, which shall be apportioned as follows: … one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity among nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

Alfred Nobel’s will (emphasis added).

The prize physically consists of a nice gold medal, and approximately $1.5 million dollars in cash. It is officially awarded on the 10th December each year (the anniversary of Nobel’s death), but the deadline for nominations to be received is several months earlier – in fact it is February 1st each year. Now, here is the funny thing: Barack Obama only became President of the United States on January 20th 2009 (or if you want to be pedantic and say he got the words wrong when he took the inauguration oath the first time, January 21st 2009). Furthermore, Alfred Nobel’s will specifically says it must only be awarded for work done in the preceding year, not for the results Obama is expected to achieve in the future. You see what this means?

Barack Obama is being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for doing just 11 days “work.”

This is the equivalent of being paid approximately $140,000 per day for not doing anything. It was at this point in my researches that if I had had sufficient taste in music, I would have started hearing Billie Holiday singing “Nice work if you can get it.” I am glad to say that I am cultured enough not to have started singing “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits. Instead, all I heard was a lot of cash-registers going “Kerching!”

Now, call me cynical, but if some secretive organization pays a high-ranking politician $1.5 million on the flimsiest of pretences, that is technically known as a bribe. The Nobel Prize Committee is quite shamelessly trying to influence President Obama’s future policy direction by paying him loads of money, and what is more, they are being quite blatant about it. Had this been someone like the Bilderberg Organisation doling out the wonga everyone would be shouting “New World Order!” But because the Nobel Prize has the sheen of respectability (the omission of Mahatma Gandhi notwithstanding), they seem to get away from the taint of accusations of conspiracy.

So who are these members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee? Alfred Nobel’s will goes on to specify that they are five people appointed by the “Storting” i.e. the Norwegian Parliament. The Storting is currently dominated by the so-called “Red-Green Coalition” (which maintained its grip on power after this year’s general election), which is a grouping of three left-wing and left-of-centre parties: the Socialist Labour Party, the Labour Party (the largest group in the three), and the Centre Party. The leader of the coalition and thus the Prime Minister is Jens Stoltenberg, the head of the Labour Party, who was also the incumbent before the recent election.

Now, call me cynical in Norwegian, but it seems to me that if the Storting appoints the committee which decides the Nobel Peace Prize, then its composition cannot fail to reflect the influence of Jens Stoltenberg’s government. And, what do you know? The recipients in recent years are people who have generally held views coinciding with Stoltenberg’s brand of centre-left politics. Had this year’s recipient been someone who had actually done stuff in the past year, it could justifiably have been argued that this simply reflects the fact that the majority of Norwegians are naturally inclined to that view of international relations. However, the fact that this year the Nobel Peace Prize has spectacularly come a cropper suggests that other considerations are at work, e.g. the Nobel Peace Prize committee is cynically trying to influence the direction of US policy, or that Stoltenberg is pathetically trying to curry favour with the new US President.

Hence, I therefore say to the people of the World generally, Norway specifically, and Prime Minister Stoltenberg in particular:

  • I, Alex Sumner, hereby fully commit myself to the cause of World Peace.
  • I have not actually done anything in particular for world peace, but as events have shown, this is not necessarily a bar to consideration and, what is more,
  • My rates for not doing anything are considerably cheaper than President Obama’s. I am prepared to go as low as accepting $100,000 a day, and will limit my “working” days to no more than the last guy’s.
  • I really appreciate the Christmas Tree you guys in Norway send us every year. Honestly, Trafalgar Square just would not look the same without it.
  • I will of course continue to work for World Peace at least as hard as President Obama has done after receiving the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize; and lastly and most importantly

The opinions expressed in this article are complete bullshit, but hey! If I am going to monetize my blog, I have got to find some way to attract traffic to it.


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