Aliens: British Government Admits Yet Another Cover-up

In the ongoing debate about the existence of extra-terrestrial life, by far the most reliable barometer of veracity has weighed in on the side of our Alien Brethren. No, not scientists – I’m talking about William Hill, the bookmakers! In a story in today’s Daily Telegraph, it is reported that they are slashing the odds that our Cosmic Companions exist because it transpires that Winston Churchill covered up a UFO incident in World War Two.

Actually, given the Daily Telegraph’s reputation for up-to-the-minute reportage, it is probably the same UFO incident that we already know he covered up, but reported for a second time.

The odds of the British Government admitting intelligent alien life existing by the end of the year are now 80-1, down from 100-1. These are actually surprisingly good – they are certainly better than playing the National Lottery.


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3 responses to “Aliens: British Government Admits Yet Another Cover-up

  1. Monick

    I must admit that following alien conspiracy claims over the years, more and more governments are starting to hint at the existence of aliens… However I have become wary as to how “real” their claims actually are, considering that “the more coverage they get, the better the vote count” and whatnot. Sadly I think I’ll stick with the research and proof of “alien hunters” because then we know it’s not about the money/fame/votes etc. What do you say Alex?

    • Aliens can be telepathically contacted already through magickal ritual. I don’t need my beliefs to be validated by politicians!

      That is not to say that everything or indeed anything they have to say is relevant to Earth because they are, well, alien (extraterrestrials I mean, not politicians). 😉

  2. What is the greatest cover-up in history?

    Can one discovery change the destiny of humanity and restore sanity and harmony to the planet? Who is behind the thrones of governments, religion, science

    and big business? Is the “New World Order” really something new? Is there an occult history of America and the world? Why do governments and religions and

    businesses use occult symbolism? Know what secret societies and freemasons have been keeping from you for thousands of years. Over 30,000 surviving ancient

    texts refer to Atlantis and alien visitation. Can they all be wrong? Have we been told the truth about our origins, our forefathers and Earth’s past?


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