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Alex Sumner’s answer to Can a female get a 32nd or 33rd degree in masonry? – Quora

Sure they can! It would just not be recognised as regular by male Freemasonry, and neither would the body that conferred it.

Incidentally, there are co-Masonic bodies which do work the degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Rite: possibly women-only Masonic bodies as well, but I am not acquainted with them.

Source: (1) Alex Sumner’s answer to Can a female get a 32nd or 33rd degree in masonry? – Quora

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Alex Sumner’s answer to Do Masons know the truth about Extraterrestials? – Quora

No, we’re nice people really!

Freemasons on this planet do not currently recognise any Grand Lodges or Masonic obediences of a non-Earth origin. Hence we are not in Amity with any Extraterrestrial Masons, and if there is any Alien Masonic activity happening on this planet it would be considered “Clandestine”: i.e. if a regular Freemason tried to take part in it, he would be subject to Masonic Disciplinary Proceedings.

Furthermore, if an extraterrestrial applied for membership of a regular lodge here on Earth, it would run into problems. The qualifications for membership are to be a free *man* aged twenty-one years or more, who believes in a Supreme Being. Hence there might be arguments over whether the extraterrestrial can properly be said to be a “man” or not.

More prosaically: Freemasons probably do know the truth about Extraterrestrials, as many of them (Freemasons that is) are intelligent men who keep up to date with current thinking on astronomy. Freemasonry itself does not have an official opinion on the matter.

Source: Alex Sumner’s answer to Do Masons know the truth about Extraterrestials? – Quora

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Masonic baggage in the Golden Dawn (response)

So there has been an article in the blogosphere on this subject by Nick Farrell already, but in my opinion, its description of what the GD owes to Freemasonry not go far enough. Here then is my own take on what concepts from Freemasonry have found their way into the Golden Dawn.

Knowledge Lectures

Each of the three degrees of Craft Masonry has its own “Lecture” which contains the traditional teaching of the degree. These are written as a Catechism i.e. question and answer format: the original intention being that they could be performed in Lodge as a ritual, if there was not any other degree work to be worked at any given meeting. Furthermore, before being advanced to a higher degree, each candidate was expected to learn the Degree Lecture, and undergo an examination in its contents before proceeding. Unlike the Golden Dawn, the examination was done in oral form in Lodge, in front of the other brethren.

The lectures of the degrees of Masonry can be found here.

Unfortunately, what has happened in modern Freemasonry is that the Degree Lectures are seldom printed with the ritual books, nor are they automatically given to each candidate after he has taken his degree. Furthermore, there is no volition on the part of the United Grand Lodge of England to oblige Lodges to do so. What is left of this traditional practice is that candidates are given a small set of questions to memorise, which in each case amounts to a mere fraction of the original Degree Lecture – without necessarily being made acquainted with the traditional teachings from which they are derived.

Thus, the inclusion of Knowledge Lectures in the Golden Dawn, far from being an Hermetic innovation, is actually an attempt by its founders to get back to the original essence of Freemasonry!

Spiritualisation of the Lodge Room Prior To The Ceremony

Farrell said:

One Golden Dawn order used to require members to que[ue] up to enter the temple and give the handshake and whisper the password to the sentinel to get in – all forced, masonic and all un-necessary.

This is disingenuous on Farrell’s part to say the least, because he does not mention why the members were made to leave the Temple and wait outside in the first place.

I, myself, am aware of an order that did this – it was because the Hierophant was busy conducting an Inner Order Ritual to activate the god-forms of the Temple, in advance of the ceremony.

The details of this Inner Order Ritual are a confidential matter for that order, suffice to say that being an inner order ritual, it would have been inappropriate to perform it in front of members of the outer order. Now, think about this: you have a load of outer order members waiting to enter the sacred space of the temple. Do you make them enter in an appropriate manner, which forces them to think about this sacredness, and re-affirm their connection to the energies invoked at the most recent Equinox ceremony? Or do you just say “Right, in you come, you lot.” ?

But I digress.

The idea of spiritualising the ritual space in advance of the meeting is in fact an old Masonic tradition, and is still practiced in some Lodges in Scotland. The form this takes, however, does not consist of elaborate hermetic rituals, but more simply that the officer appointed to prepare the Lodge (the Tyler) offers prayer whilst doing so – specifically in the lighting of the lodge candles. The Tyler’s actions therefore are a form of Candle Magick to invoke Wisdom, Strength and Beauty into the Lodge room! One can therefore appreciate why the Golden Dawn might want to do this, but after a more Qabalistic fashion. I believe that some Lodges in England follow the Scottish practice or do something similar, or at least they did within living memory. Unfortunately, however, as with the Degree Lectures mentioned above, UGLE does not require individual lodges to do this, with the result that although it is traditional, it is not a common feature of modern Freemasonry.

Grade Signs

In the context of discussing the grip, Nick says

Unlike the grade signs [the grip] has no inner use either because you don’t tend to shake hands with strange beings to test them…

I’m glad to learn that Grade Signs are a way to communicate with discarnate entities – as let’s face it, grade signs did not exist in the Grimoire Tradition. This means that the introduction of grade signs is a welcome innovation which the Golden Dawn made. Hmm, I wonder where the GD got that idea from…

People Who Only Turn Up For Their Degrees, Then Bugger off.

The sad fact is both Freemasonry and the Golden Dawn have had their portals darkened by people with entitlement issues. I’m talking about people who are willing to jump up the degree or grade ladder themselves, but lose interest when the focus of any given ceremony is not about them, but someone else. This is really contrary to the spirit of joining a magical order in the first place: the point of not being a Billy No-Mates self-initiate is that there is value in helping each other on the path of spiritual evolution, whether that be in the form of taking a formal office, or just by providing moral support to a fellow initiate.

The idea of clubbing together in a fraternal order to help one another is something the GD inherited from Freemasonry, but so too is the fact that there will be people who are unclubbable, who think “what’s in it for me?” Taken to the extreme, they depart as soon as they realise that the only real progression left open to them comes through service to others – again, a legacy from Freemasonry.

This by itself is unfortunate: but what becomes really irritating is that these same people then go on to think that they are now uniquely qualified to pass judgement on the order – whether it be Freemasonry or the Golden Dawn – when in fact they have the least experience of that which they profess to know.


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David Bowie: Closet Occultist!

Q: “So were you involved in actual devil worship?”
A: “Not devil worship, no, it was pure straightforward, old-fashioned magic.”
Q: “The Aleister Crowley variety?”
A: “No, I always thought Crowley was a charlatan. But there was a guy called [Arthur] Edward Waite who was terribly important to me at the time. And another called Dion Fortune who wrote a book called ‘Psychic Self-Defense‘. You had to run around the room getting bits of string and old crayons and draw funny things on the wall, and I took it all most seriously, ha ha ha ! I drew gateways into different dimensions, and I’m quite sure that, for myself, I really walked into other worlds. I drew things on walls and just walked through them, and saw what was on the other side!”

David Bowie, interviewed in NME, 1997

So the news this week has been dominated by the passing of David Bowie, and when I consider how much attention was paid to the untimely death of Freddie Mercury – the last pop star of comparable status to leave us – it is almost certain that this event will remain in public consciousness for years to come. Anywho: amongst the magical community, it has been widely noted that Bowie was interested in the occult, as witness his interview with NME quoted at the top of this page, and the back cover over the Station to Station LP, below left:

Photo used for the back cover of Station To Station (1976)

Photo used for the back cover of Station To Station (1976)

Video for Lazarus (2015)

Video for Lazarus (2015)

NB: given the amount of Charlie he was packing away at the time, his precise allegiance might well be pinned to the Holy Order of the Sun! Interestingly, Bowie resurrected the costume covered with, ahem, “white lines,” for his almost-certainly-not final music video “Lazarus” (above right). Might not this video be suggesting that David Bowie did not just keep this costume but this persona hanging up in the closet all this time?

But I digress.

There is an image in the Lazarus video on which a number of bloggers have already commented: where Bowie sits frantically writing at a desk, on which rests a skull. Now the obvious interpretation is that it was a reference to Bowie’s own impending mortality, but when I saw it, it stirred the Sumner Family Brain Cell to life, and got me thinking, where have I seen that before?

See: 3minutes 38seconds.

The answer is: it comes from the first degree (Apprentice) ritual of the Ancient & Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim – a particularly esoteric form of Freemasonry. Assuming the candidate for initiation passes the ballot, just before the ceremony of his initiation,

…[t]he Expert (i.e. Junior Deacon) then takes possession of the Candidate in the Parvis, carefully binds his eyes and leads him to the Chamber of Reflection. He has him sit before a table, sparingly furnished with a real human Skull; a lit wax Candle, half-consumed; a sheet of white paper, pen and ink. The seat is a stool without a back. He lights a little Myrrh, the traditional funereal perfume, in a corner of the room, in a Censer containing lit coals.

Expert: – Sir, alone, left to yourself, before an image of termination of terrestrial Life, I invite you to write your Philosophical Testament.

The “Philosophical Testament” consists of the candidate’s reflections on his duties to God, the World, and himself: but more especially, like its name suggests, how the candidate would answer these questions if his words were the final legacy which he leaves on Earth. However, the code-word “philosophical” indicates that one is meant to interpret it alchemically. In other words, Death is not the end for the candidate – i.e. for David Bowie – but is the first step on the path to spiritual transmutation.

So, there you have it – Bowie indulging in esoteric symbolism right up until the last!


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QOTD: Co-Masonry

“When I first joined Co-Masonry, I thought at first that it was going to be Freemasonry-Lite. How wrong I was.

A (male) co-mason.

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September 4, 2014 · 4:38 pm

Hug A Freemason Day

Marie Onette

Marie Onette

Marie Onette, Alex’ Director of Communications, writes:

Hi, Alex has gone off to London and left me in charge of his Wizard’s tower for the day. After clearing up from last night’s magical ritual, and taking all the empties down to the bottle-bank, that has left me with enough time to compose today’s blog-post: Hug A Freemason Day.

Yes! Freemasonry is an important part of the Western Mystery Tradition. In a perfect world, both masons and non-masons have much to contribute to magick and should be able to meet together without divisions caused by sectarian dogma! If you do not like having Masons in your temple, that makes you a racist!

"90% of the quotes about me on the internet are just made up." - the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

“90% of the quotes about me on the internet are just made up.” – the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here are some reasons why you should hug a Freemason:

  • Inside A Magical Lodge by John Michael Greer

    Magical temples run smoother with when Masonic-style organisation is used. The best illustration of this is Inside a Magical Lodge by John Michael Greer.

  • Two of the most influential magical systems – the Golden Dawn and the Elus Cohens – were originally founded by Masons using the lodge structure. In fact the Masonic-style was considered the de rigeur model upon which to found any kind of secret society back in the 18th / 19th centuries, whether esoteric or not.
  • Whilst regular Freemasonry may consist of a bunch of old men who would not recognise anything esoteric even if it danced naked in front of them shouting “Hi, I’m something esoteric!” – not all Freemasonry is regular. For example, there is Memphis Misraim, Pansophic Freemasonry, and Co-Masonry. The latter uses a ritual written by Annie Beasant which contains enough mystical inner workings to rival those of the rituals of the Golden Dawn! Incidentally, it is within Alex’ personal knowledge – or so he was telling me between glasses of Merlot last night – that there used to be at least two Lodges warranted by UGLE that actually worked this Beasant-ritual in Lodge… until UGLE found out what they were up to, and banned them from practising it.

In relation to the last point, there have been criticisms voiced by certain people on the internet that Freemasonry is not by its nature esoteric. However this displays great Anglocentric bigotry. On the continent of Europe, it is considered quite usual within regular Freemasonry for each initiate to present a short paper in Lodge demonstrating what they have learnt whilst in that degree – they cannot advance to the next degree without doing so. For example: if an English Mason wanted to join the CBCS in Belgium (which a lot of them have done, as it happens), he would expect to have to write and present a paper on the subject of what spiritual integration means to him, before ever hoping to progress to the highest degree. In this way the continental CBCS manages to preserve some of the proto-Martinist ideals of its founder, Jean-Baptiste Willermoz.

Indeed, Alex has heard from his contacts within the illuminati that many continental Masons are surprised that this does not happen in England!

For those who are concerned about admitting into their order the wrong sort of Mason – otherwise known as the “Joiner” or “Knife-and-Fork-Mason” – here is a really simple test to set candidates for initiation. Ask them the magic question: “How many Masonic Units do you belong to?”

If he answers any number, not realising it’s a trick question, get rid of him straightaway.

If, however, he says something like: “I don’t belong to any ‘Masonic Units,’ they’re all valid orders in their own right,” then he is worthy of further consideration. The key to understanding this is that “Masonic Unit” is a ghastly term used by owners of masonic venues who treat the orders that meet there as nothing more than commodities. Doesn’t matter if your order is a noble brotherhood with a long and honourable tradition, if you hire a masonic hall and then dine afterwards, you are just a “Masonic Unit” in their eyes. Most worrying though is the number of Freemasons who use the term themselves without any sense of irony!

So go out today and hug a Freemason! They are a friendly bunch, both the male and the female kind, and it’s surprisingly easy to join them! So easy, in fact, that only a complete idiot who gets into silly arguments with other people easily would fail to find a home there!

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Freemasonry: The Terrifying Truth!

Darkness Visible: A Revelation & Interpretation of Freemasonry, by Walton Hannah

This is an actual letter written by a Freemason to his son. Date uncertain, but it could not have been before 1952, as I found it tucked up in a copy of Darkness Visible which I found in a second hand bookshop.

Forget the Morgan Scandal! Forget the Taxil Hoax! Forget even that post going round the internet about the bloke who turned up to his 33rd degree initiation without his chequebook! This, my friends, gives the real deal on what Masonry is all about 😉

Dear Peter,

Thanks for your letter. Book enclosed as requested. Do not lend it out and let me have it back in reasonable time. Your Mum called for it recently but got bogged down and packed it in. Bit heavy going. It is something which does crop up from time to time – usually when I am going to bed.  The theme is “There is nothing in life for us.” This accrues from her contacts with a few ladies whose hubbies belong to the “pinny brigade” and they huddle together and your Mum feels out of it and wonders what it is all about. She should have a good idea for we did go for quite a time to a Friday night dance run by these people and she got bored stiff in those days with the gossip and small talk. They do however cling together.

I should that that 50% of the men who do join are pushed into it in the first place by wives who hear glowing accounts of “ladies evenings” where each lady receives a nice little gift and they vie with each other in the way of new frocks etc etc.

An authentic depiction of a ritual

It is something which doth count quite a lot and even in high places and your interest suggest that you may have come up against it. It has influence in all sorts of ways and I have no doubt that Birtell owes a lot to it – he is Secy for one Lodge. Rex Rigby owes his job to it and so do quite a few in the Town Hall and such places. In Scotland and – your Mum says – in Australia it is a working man’s cup of tea and reasonably cheap – like the Buffalos and Oddfellows but in England it can be quite expensive. A new lodge was formed a year or two ago and I understand it cost £50 to get in. It can be quite expensive if you intend to go “through the chairs” but many think it worth while for the sake of business. Quite a number of the younger end have joined here in the past year or two. They have been brought in by fathers to help fill up certain lodges which had got a bit thin. Usually they keep a body hanging fire for some time. Uncle Eric joined some two or three years ago. May have helped him keep his job – don’t know.Like any other organisation – there are those who join for what they can put into it and others for what they can get out of it and if one strikes a lodge where the latter outnumber the former it can be rough going. The Catenians and the Knights are the opposite number but they do not wield the same influences in big business. If Religion did not stand your way my advice would be – get in – as my Pop advised me many years ago – I could have made much more lolly.

We still have the frost. Bright sun to-day but freezing all the time. There is very little snow around here and we have been very fortunate when we see the telly.

We had a letter from David today – seems to be in good order and quite content with his lot.

He has probably other fish to fry than ringing you – he gets around you know.




  1. The whole letter was typed, except the final two lines which are hand written.
  2. Sic – “Secretary.”
  3. The allusion here is to the Catenians and the Knights of Saint Columba, two organisations for Roman Catholic professional men. Of these I have heard it said that “The Knights are Catholics playing at being gentlemen, and the Catenians are gentlemen playing at being Catholics!” NB: the man who said this was a Knight of Saint Columba, and was fairly merry after several pints at the time!
    The implication would seem to be this letter was written by a Catholic father to his son. who is not so much concerned with the spiritual and theological ramifications of joining an organisation supposedly at variance with Holy Mother Church, as he is for missing out on a load of wonga.

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Happy St John’s Day! .’.

FreemasonryToday, the 24th June, in the Christian calendar is the feast of St John the Baptist. It is also the anniversary of the founding of the first Grand Lodge of Freemasonry in England. It is now referred to as the “Premier Grand Lodge” although this is a ret-con in light of later developments. 😉

It is not the anniversary of Freemasonry in England, as Elias Ashmole claimed to have been made a mason during the era of the Civil War in the previous century. The first official Masonic publication, Anderson’s Constitutions (1720), claims that it thrived during the latter part of the 17th century (even including Sir Christopher Wren as one of its prominent members), suffered a lull roundabout the time of the first Jacobite rebellion (1715) – whereupon, the existing lodges in London decided to get their act together and formed a Grand Lodge.

Neither, for that matter, is it the anniversary of Freemasonry itself. There are lodges in Scotland which date back to the mid 16th century. Indeed I once met a Brother who said his mother lodge still had a minute book dating back to 1560 or thereabouts. Unfortunately he later said that his lodge had lent it out to someone who had not returned it. D’oh! 😦

Anywho, I have therefore decided to bring my astrological powers to bear by casting a chart for the “birth” of the Premier Grand Lodge.

Chart for the formation of the Premier Grand Lodge of England, 24th June 1717, London. Time approximated to 6pm.

Chart for the formation of the Premier Grand Lodge of England, 24th June 1717, London.
Time approximated to 6pm.

In the above chart I have estimated the time of “birth” to 6pm, given that the aforesaid Anderson’s Constitutions says that the four lodges which met at the Goose & Grid Iron that day were primarily meeting for dinner. I therefore opted for earlier in the evening, as any later a bunch of Freemasons in a pub would have been in no fit state to form anything. 😉

By looking at the chart we immediately notice that Premier Grand Lodge is Sun Cancer, Moon Capricorn – its first meeting was the very day after the full moon. Of this combination it is said:

The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a good deal of ambition and determination in your personality. Yet this is well disguised in a mask of congeniality and understanding.


You are well equipped for a role in some type of public or official responsibility, and apt to gain recognition for your work in this regard. Prestige and status are likely to flow your way if you make any effort to achieve before the public.

And even:

You appreciate the value of a dollar, but you’re not likely to spare cost when it comes to obtaining quality for your investment. A high degree of self-discipline allows you to save or even hoard money for that rainy day … You know how to drive a hard bargain with a smile on your face, and you have a keen sense for understanding people and instinctively sensing their motives.

By way of comparison, cool people born with this combination include scientists such as Rupert Sheldrake and Stanislav Grof, celebrities such as Julius Caesar, and world leaders such as Liv Tyler.

Liv Tyler. Yes this is relevant to this article!

Liv Tyler. Yes this is relevant to this article!

Moving on, we also notice that there is a T formation in the chart, between a conjunction of Sun / Venus / Jupiter, Caput Draconis, and the Moon. This would be a grand cross if we counted the Cauda Draconis as well. This would indicate that Grand Lodge’s “destiny” is to seek to achieve the “love and harmony which should at all times characterise Freemasons” (Caput Draconis in Libra). However, its fall-back position to which it may feel tempted to revert is that of a brash, power-hungry mentality.

It feels under pressure to achieve this love and harmony by works which increase the self-esteem, pleasure and good fortune of its members. However it feels it needs to balance this against a sense of propriety. This prudishness causes it to act in an authoritarian manner at times, making it want to dictate the enjoyment experienced by it members on its own terms.

So I wish all Brethren well this day, and remember that it is our destiny to succeed in the noble ideals on which the Craft was founded.

In memoriam: Michael Baigent, 1948 – 2013, former editor of Freemasonry Today and tireless campaigner to uphold the traditional standards of Masonry.

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Florida Grand Master Decides Pagans Can’t Be Freemasons

Over at the the Wild Hunt I notice that the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Florida has decided that certain named types of pagans – including Wiccans and Odinists – cannot be Freemasons. Here is a scan of the edict:

Florida Grand Master Decides Pagans Can’t Be Freemasons

Now, get this. As far as I understand Freemasonry, the authorities he has cited as part of his edict – the Landmarks, and the charge of a Freemason – are entirely correct. However he seems to have excluded a number of things from his consideration, to wit:

The Volume of the Sacred Law is not necessarily a specific book (e.g. the Bible), but that which constitutes the revelation from heaven which is binding on the conscience of the individual. Hence, it would be the Holy Book of the religion of the candidate being initiated – and indeed, non-Christians are allowed to swear their G.’. and S.’.O.’. on the Holy Book of their choice, e.g. the Tanakh, Koran, Zend Avesta, etc. It is my understanding of Freemasonry, therefore, that one may become a Mason so long as one believes in a God, who is the G.’.A.’.O.’.T’.’.U.’. from one’s own point of view,  and one is prepared in all good conscience to swear on a Holy Book of one of the world’s religions.

Furthermore, the GM of Florida has managed to discriminate against pagans, without exercising discrimination! Whilst Agnosticism probably isn’t compatible with the craft, Gnosticism and Paganism are far too general terms to bandy about and there is a lack of explanation as to what is exactly wrong with Wiccan and Odinism. The thing is, religious and political discussions are banned within craft lodges anyway, so once they are in, they cease to be members of different religions and are simply Brothers of one Craft. It is within my personal knowledge that there are many pagans who are Freemasons, though not within Florida in the United States.

Now let me tell you a little story. In my novella, Shall We Kill The President? I described a conversation between a taxi driver and a Vampire in the Deep South of America.

“The bus-boycott was when, exactly?” Elijah said.

“You’re from out-of-state, right?” the driver said. “Just cause it’s fifty years gone don’t mean attitudes change much in these parts.”

“Tell me about it,” Elijah muttered.

“Like when I joined the Masons,” the driver continued. “Whenever I tried going to a Lodge in this state, immediately they go to ‘refreshment’ soon as I walk in the door. ‘So, Bros,’ I sez to ’em, ‘when we gone from refreshment to labour again? Ain’t you got a ritual today?’ But they just plain ignore me as if I ain’t there. I gets the message real quick, and take mysel’ down to Prince Hall sharpish, if you know what I’m sayin’.”

“Huh!” Elijah snorted. He paused, before adding: “So how do you join the Masons? The Prince Hall ones, I mean.”

“Oh, you just need to believe in God and that you’re goin’ to Heaven when you die,” the driver said. “Why? Does that sound like something which appeals to you?”

Elijah frowned. “No,” he said.

The fact of the matter is that although dressed as fiction, the experience described by the taxi-driver is a real-life phenomenon experienced by African-Americans who are either Masons or who want to become Masons in certain parts of America. I know this because it was related to me by an American Mason – in the state of Florida.

That’s right: the unpalatable truth is that pagans might feel aggrieved because they can’t become Masons in Lodges warranted by the Grand Lodge of Florida, but black Masons have been discriminated against in the same state for far longer than just November 2012. The problem is far more serious than pagans seem to realise.


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Protected: The Aura of the Earth

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