Rosicrucian Orders: the Real Deal

OK I’ve been hearing lately that AMORC have shut down Pat Zalewski’s website on the grounds that the latter claimed to be a Rosicrucian Order – and AMORC claimed dibs on the term. Now get this:

About a hundred years ago, Reuben Swinburne Clymer sued Harvey Spencer Lewis, and the court established then it is impossible to copyright the term “Rosicrucian.” I guess AMORC must have forgotten about this or were relying on people like me not to remind people of this.

So come on, stop wallowing in self-righteous pity! Get a lawyer and tell AMORC where they can stick their cease and desist order!


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EU Unbans Occult Websites Banned By David Cameron | Alex Sumner

From Huffington Post:

It has been announced in the news today thatThe European Union has voted through legislation that will require all internet providers to treat online traffic “without discrimination” …

Source: EU Unbans Occult Websites Banned By David Cameron | Alex Sumner

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Future Life Progression: an Interview with Anne Jirsch


Anne Jirsch

Anne Jirsch is a London born professional psychic with a large worldwide following. Her client base includes heads of industry, politicians and celebrities from the world of film, music and sport. She is an internationally best-selling author of four books ‘Instant Intuition,’ ‘The Future is Yours,’ ‘Cosmic Energy’ and ‘Create Your Perfect Future.’ Here she talks about a major technique for helping clients which she has pioneered herself, called Future Life Progression.

What is Future Life Progression (“FLP”)?

FLP is the flip side of regression: instead of going into the past we look ahead into the future.

How did you first develop the idea of FLP?

Well I’d worked with past life regression for many years then one day I was working with a couple of soldiers we were trying to see something that had happened in the past. All three of us somehow glimpsed the future. We saw the attack on the twin towers three weeks before it happened. At the time we thought it was nonsense but when it happened we were shell shocked.

We then began experimenting. For three years we looked and predicted world events with incredible accuracy. We also experimented by looking at our own futures. Then I began to take my clients forward. The results were incredibly accurate, time and again people would see their future partner, or where they would be working or living then it would happen.

Imagine a client comes to you interested in FLP. What sort of thing could they expect in a session with you?

We would discuss what they want and need to know about so that we could tailor make a session for them. We then take the person into a gentle relaxed state and use various techniques to take them forward in time. Sometimes we take people forward to see where they will be in five or ten years time, sometimes we look at various futures in order to find their very best option, other times we take them into their next lifetime to discover who they will be and what their role will be.

What is your favourite FLP success story?

Oh boy I have so many! One of my favourites is a young lady who could not find love. In her future she saw herself married with two gorgeous kiddies. She met the man a short time later. This is the key: once we see it, it tends to happen much sooner. We seem to be able to bring the future into our current consciousness making it all happen much sooner.

For what sort of problems does FLP provide solutions? Conversely, is there anything for which FLP is not suitable?

Very few people live up to their full potential – so we can take them to find their best outcome and how to make it happen. I love using FLP for careers: to find out what the “future-them” does and how they do it. It is really exciting for me to see how people grow after a session and among my practitioners their careers have fast tracked wonderfully. Seven are now authors; three have recently been on television. They are setting up businesses and are full of confidence.

Another area that warms my heart is with people who have lost a loved one. When people pass away it all feels so final, one minute they are there the next they are gone. By taking people into a future lifetime they may well be reunited with their loved one. One lady was heartbroken after the loss of her husband who was her childhood sweetheart. By seeing they would be together again in another lifetime her depression lifted and she got on her current life.

What is your opinion on Reincarnation?

It makes sense to me, even as a child I would wonder why some people had it so hard and some easy. This was not encouraged in a C of E school in London but instinctively I felt there had to be more to it.

I have now spent so many years looking into firstly past lives and now future lives that I am now convinced we live time and time again.



How would you say FLP fits in with methods of divination, such as the Tarot?

I love tarot I have used cards for over 40 years but FLP is something different. Firstly the client views the future themselves rather than me telling them what will happen. They can also ‘live’ it and really feel what it feels like to be where they will be in the future.

But there is a place for everything; I am still very, very busy with tarot. There is something wonderful about sitting down and letting someone see what they can pick up for you. Sometimes we need an outside view that is detached from us.

I once heard one astrologer tell me he believed the Universe was completely deterministic, with no such thing as free will. How would you answer that, in the light of your experience?

I am sure some things are fated. There are people who come into our lives that we sense we have known before or that we have a special connection with them. But overall I am sure we also have free will. We have the chance to change things, to grow and improve things. We notice this most when we see members of a family, for instance sibling, one will work hard and improve their life. The other sibling may sit back accepting their lot in life believing this is how it is meant to be.

If we do not have free will then surely we are simply like robots going through the motions.

In Instant Intuition you mention that a large number of your clients are in the armed forces. Do you not think it odd that soldiers would want to come see a psychic like yourself?

I do have a lot of armed forces and police men and women. They tend to live on their instincts; their sense of danger is far more advanced than most peoples. I often ask them, ‘have you just sensed something?’ They always say yes. Then tell me a story about how they woke up knowing something was going down that day or that danger was around the next corner. Their primitive instincts are heightened.

How would one go about training to be a FLP practitioner?

We have the best time during the FLP Training. It is actually easy for me to teach because FLP attracts amazing people. I have a three day training where we constantly work on each other. I give the practitioners all the tools they need in those three days and they go straight out and start using it.

Finally: what would you recommend to my readers (e.g. books, web-links, etc) who want to find out more about the subject?

I would love you to read my book on FLP ‘The Future Is Yours.’

And on my website I have a number of free downloads (LINKwhere you can look at London in Ten Years Time or The Best Possible Future for the World.

And I have FLP practitioners in 14 countries if you’d like to book a session.

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How do the astrological Houses work?

Answer by Alex Sumner:

The “Houses” are nothing to do with your Sun sign: instead they are determined by (a) the Time of day you were born; and (b) the Latitude (degrees north or south of the equator) of the place you were born.

The time of your birth determines your “Rising Sign” or “Ascendant,” and is specifically the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at that moment. This means that the Ascendant will change by one degree every four minutes, or by a complete sign (thirty degrees) every two hours. Astrologically, the Ascendant represents the face or persona you present to the world.

Incidentally, the Ascendant is the First House marker, and technically is the one part of your birth chart which is the true Horoscope (horos skopos = “house marker.”)

The Latitude of your place of birth, when taken in consideration with your time and date of birth, determines the “Midheaven” or “Medium Coeli” (“MC”). This is the sign at the zenith of the ecliptic (path of the Sun) as viewed from the place of your birth at the time of your birth. To put it simply, if you live in the northern hemisphere, the Ascendant is the sign at the point where the sun rose that day, and the MC is the sign where the sun was at midday. Astrologically, the MC represents how you interact with society at large, and also indicates the influence your mother has upon you.

The positions of the Ascendant and MC determine two axes, and between them twelve houses are created. Unlike the signs the twelve houses are of unequal length, due to the fact that unlike the constellations, which are supposedly absolute markers in Space, the houses are relative to your position on Earth. The Houses represent such things as Life; Wealth; Collaterals; Family; Children; Health; Marriage; Death; Religion; Honours; Friendship; and Enemies.

So to get back to your example of Sun in Aquarius… depending on what time of day and where you were born, your Sun could be in any one of the twelve houses. If for example you had been born exactly at dawn, your Sun would have been in the First house. If you had been born at any other time of the day or night, your Sun would have been in a different house entirely.

How do the astrological Houses work?

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Public Occultism is Dying: An Initiated Response


A Secret Chief responds to Nick Farrell’s blog post.

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October 12, 2015 · 2:31 pm

How do I Start Lucid Dreaming?

Many of the questions I get about Lucid Dreaming come from complete beginners to the subject, and by far the most popular is, simply: “How do I do it?”

Source: How do I Start Lucid Dreaming?

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Interview With a Mesmerist

Lee Gerrard-Barlow

Lee Gerrard-Barlow

Recently I had the opportunity to talk to Lee Gerrard-Barlow, a practising Mesmerist living in England, about his art. Lee is an NLP Master, Hypnotherapist and Official Premier Trainer for “Magnetism” (i.e. Mesmerism). For those not aware “Mesmerism” pre-dates what is nowadays known as Hypnosis, and draws on rich heritage which is regarded with suspicion by skeptics, but is fascinating for students of the Mysteries.

First of all, what is the proper terminology for Mesmerism, and for people who practice it?

It was Franz Anton Mesmer who lived between (1734-1815 ) who popularised an Art that was actually known as ‘Animal Magnetism’ ,  thus his name became inextricably linked with it ,  passing into daily language right up to our times . The correct contemporary terminology is simply ‘Magnetism,’ or Magnetic therapy.

What are the main differences between Mesmerism and ordinary hypnosis?

There are fundamental differences between Hypnosis and Mesmerism ,  however , I should first mention that Hypnosis as we currently understand the term actually derives from studies of the methods of Magnetists who were active during the late 1800’s such as Charles la Fontaine , whom the Surgeon James Braid studied when Fontaine visited England from France . Braid then made a reductionist study of these methods and he was the one who named it Hypnosis, after ‘Hypnos’ the Greek god of sleep circa 1884. This of course started the common misperception of Hypnosis as actually inducing sleep, which is sometimes possible, but certainly not its aim. Braids methods were put into practice and gradually travelled to the U.S.A,   where they very much became what we now commonly understand to be modern day Hypnosis. This gives us a bit of background…

But the essential difference between Hypnosis and Mesmerism is that Hypnosis nowadays predominantly relies upon the spoken word and effecting the ‘mental plane’ as a process. Mesmerism is a method that deals with energetic polarities and both the lunar plane of energies as well as the more spiritualised plane of energy, if one chooses to be open to such. In this way it may be said to be loosely related to various oriental energetic practices. Magnetism is mainly a non-Verbal art, which produces profound trance states.

Finally, due to its non-verbal nature, it is extremely effective on animals, such as dogs, horses, amphibians and so on. This certainly is not possible with ordinary Hypnosis!

What kind of things can be achieved by Mesmerism, that can’t be done by Hypnosis?

As a practitioner of both of the disciplines of Hypnosis and Magnetism, I am of the opinion that both have their specific merits  but are used for different aims. Magnetism could be used to treat all the same issues as Hypnosis, however the approach would be through a completely different energetic and holistic approach. The opposite method however of attempting to achieve the same results with Hypnosis as with Magnetism is not a possibility. Arm levitation of course can and does occur with Hypnosis, but is done through a quite lengthy process of verbal suggestion. You will clearly see in some of my videos on you tube, or on my website, that this kind of thing happens without the use of words and without any suggestion whatsoever from the operator. The only active agent being the operators will to effect changes, which is done purely energetically. Mesmer believed that this was done via a kind of ‘magnetic fluid,’ which we could regard in a like manner to the concept of the ether.

The power to induce states is very, very swift with the combined use of Magnetism and Fascination , or the use of the power of direct eye contact through a kind of fixed magnetic or hypnotic ‘Gazing’ causing an immediate onset of trance state . This is a genuine hypnotic power that has been sadly lampooned and devalued in films and comedies. We teach many ways around these common misperceptions in actual practice. Experience of these realities on our courses will demonstrate its potent veracity.

The state produced during a magnetic session is actually a very lucid state, where the subject can be acutely aware and in a state of heightened ‘Presence,’ despite external appearances. Often an experience outside of the normal perception of time occurs, or a timeless state. A place where personal issues which often are the result of constant disordered thinking begin to collapse, and a feeling of freedom can kick-start the resolution of various inner conflicts, conflicts that have been the cause of imbalance in the individual.

Although magnetism is a therapy which appears to be applied externally, it is also actually a very important gateway for the practitioner themselves, for the production of internal states that can have even an initiatory value. These aspects of Magnetism are in fact of the utmost importance for the serious practitioner who is always ultimately a student of the mysteries.

What happened to the tradition of Mesmerism, after the rise of Hypnotism began in the mid-nineteenth century?

The Tradition of Mesmerism has always been alive, however, in its most interesting forms it became the province of a few very closed esoteric groups on the continent, where its practice was preserved, perpetuated and developed in the spirit of experimentation .

How different is contemporary Mesmerism to what Franz Mesmer himself would have practiced?

In our time, a few other practices have been added as the result of further research and development, some of which was due to the previously mentioned ‘secret magnetic schools.’  However in the school of Dr [Marco] Paret and myself (ISI-CNV –  Arcana Therapies ) we teach fully all of the early methods , as well as new discoveries that have arisen through deep experimentation . It is here important to say , that even at an early period in Mesmerism when one of Mesmer’s students Puysegur was practicing , that there were some divergences in practice and philosophy, thus producing three distinct approaches , being  the ‘Mesmerians,’  the Psychofluidists and the Spiritualists .  We cover all of these approaches in our school.

How is Mesmerism used today?

Today many practitioners use Mesmerism as an addition to Hypnotherapeutic methods that they have already trained in, and producing greatly enhanced results. Also it has been used on the continent, particularly in Italy by stage Magicians, again with stunning results.

Here I must stress that Dr Paret, and I , have been the primary protagonists of the current resurgence of interest in this subject , and it is very easy to trace the majority of those who are currently practicing publicly to have been either directly trained by Dr Paret , or by one of his students.

Imagine a client comes to you to be Mesmerised. What might they expect during a Mesmerism session?

The Subject can easily experience any of the following :

A heightened state of Physical Presence and awareness. A sense of timelessness, inner guidance. A sense of harmony and well-being. An inner security that is able to place troubling issues into a harmonised perspective. The Ability to re-create the inner state reached in oneself at will subsequent to the session. Clarity. Rewards similar to deep meditation, in a fraction of the time.

How did you personally first get involved in Mesmerism?

I had been involved in a long term study of N.L.P and this led me into its origin in Hypnosis, this in turn led me to deeply study Hypnosis and its own origins which I discovered to be Mesmerism or magnetism, I was then very happy to find that magnetism was directly connected to my long term interest in the esoteric and Hermetic traditions of the continent. I truly felt that I had completed a circle and had reached a much deeper understanding and appreciation of traditions which had always been a source of inspiration for me. Synchronously at the same time as I was researching Mesmerism I met Dr Paret at a seminar in London in 2008 and have been studying deeply with him ever since then .

How would one go about learning Mesmerism?

Dr Paret runs courses at the main university ISI-CNV in Nice, in France and also in Italy where the full length teaching is given. I am the primary representative of these teachings for England and I teach the fundamentals of three vital aspects of the teaching over three days. The next course is held in a beautiful setting in Guildford close to Gatwick Airport and London on the 23rd , 24th and 25th October 2015 . Obviously if you are reading this after this date further courses will be listed on my website.

Imagine someone who is already a trained hypnotherapist. How would they find trying to adjust to the practice of Mesmerism?

It is very easy to adjust to Mesmerism, as it is a very natural method. Mesmerism may be considered a stand-alone therapy as it can work very well as a self-contained practice. However, due to the fact that it is the very ‘root’ of the contemporary forms of hypnosis, the practitioners of hypnosis can easily find parallels that link to what they already do. A teacher I had in contemporary Hypnosis once told the whole class that , for some reason , if you use rhythmic ‘passes’ over the subjects body while doing verbal hypnosis that is results in a much deeper and more effective trance induction . Actually, this touches on the point I made earlier, that Braid actually threw out the baby with the bathwater when he made his reductionist system and dispensed with some of the more effective aspects of Magnetism. It’s funny… we need to put them back where they belong and get better results.

Finally : Can you recommend any resources ( books , websites, etc), that readers of my blog could use to find out more about the subject?

Yes of course.  Here are a few that will be of immediate use for the beginner.


Schopenhauer : “On The Will In Nature / Animal Magnetism and Magic” .  

Interview podcast with Lee Gerrard-Barlow:




The Zoist  (Elliotson) :

Oswald Wirth: “The Imposition of Hands.

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Better Lucid Dreaming: Make Your Dreams Vivid! | Alex Sumner

Lucid Dreaming is the art of becoming aware that you are dreaming, whilst dreaming. When you experience this you find your dream-life instantly becomes more exciting.

Source: Better Lucid Dreaming: Make Your Dreams Vivid! | Alex Sumner

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Syria: Christ, Angels, and the Occult | Alex Sumner

In my previous blog on the Syrian Refugee crisis, I proposed resorting to Sorcery to find out what the best solution ought to be. This naturally leads to the question: can Magic be used to put such a solution into effect?

Source: Syria: Christ, Angels, and the Occult | Alex Sumner

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The Magical Solution to the Syrian Refugee Crisis | Alex Sumner


Religious leaders across the world have been calling on people to pray for the fate of refugees, whose plight has become a major issue in Europe, the Middle East and Africa recently. However, I decided not to resort to prayer, but take a different approach, to wit: Sorcery.

Source: The Magical Solution to the Syrian Refugee Crisis | Alex Sumner

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