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New Directions in Sigil Making

You have the ability to create – using online tools – Sigils which are visually far more interesting and varied than ever before. The above set of designs, for example, was four images created from the phrase: THIS MY WILL TO END GLOBAL WARMING.

Everyone who has at least a passing knowledge of Chaos magick will know about the technique derived from Austen O Spare, that of creating a sigil from a statement of intent by eliminating repeated letters and then manipulating the remaining letters into something which looks appropriate. Now, what I have been experimenting with is give the latter part of the process, the “manipulating the remaining letters” to an AI-art generator, to see what it would come up with.

The resulting images come from me eliminating repeating letters from the original phrase, which left me with THISMYWLOENDGBAR, which I made into a graphic thus:

You could probably use MS Paint, or just take a screenshot of having typed the letters out. I then uploaded this to NightCafe, and set it to work its wonders.

For those interested in the fine details, I first used the “Artistic” engine, selected “advanced options” and uploaded my starting graphic, and entered the following text prompt:

A Chaos Magick Sigil to end global warming, by Austen O Spare and Steffi Grant, a masterpiece, 8k resolution, 35mm, hyper realistic, hyper maximalist, hyper detailed, green

I then “evolved” the result using the “Stable” engine, which resulted in the four images you see at the top of this page.

In short, it is now not only possible but comparatively easy to create decent sigils very quickly using free resources on the internet. It certainly saves faffing around with a pen and a scrap of paper, which is what I had been doing up to now. When AI affords us with the means of not only creating sigils but raising the gnosis to empower, who knows what might be achieved!

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What the Stars have in store for 2023

The Tower. Artwork created by me, via Night Cafe.

Happy Equinox. The moment the Sun enters Aries is also, in Mundane Astrology, an indicator of what is going to happen in one’s country for the coming months or year. Hence I have drawn up a chart for the UK (see image). The precise location I have redacted from the image, save to say it is somewhere in the South-east of England.

Chart drawn up for the moment Sun entered 0º Aries (i.e. the Equinox).

Unfortunately it does not look good. The ascendant is in Scorpio, a Fixed Sign, implying that the chart applies throughout the next twelve months. More tellingly however, the Lord of the Ascendant is Mars, the planet of wars and conflicts, which is in the 8th House, the House of death! Tellingly, the Ascendant is in close conjunction with Cauda Draconis, implying that the country’s general condition of prosperity and health will be closely tied up with issues arising from its past (e.g. colonial legacy).

In fact, the difficultly placed Mars puts a dampener on much of the year, given that it is Square to the Sun (which represents the Government), and the Moon (which represents the People). I would therefore predict as follows:

The Sun

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, in league with some dodgy criminals.

Represents the UK government, is in the fifth house. Government policy will be mainly concerned with legislation affecting children and young people, including gender-identity issues and sexuality. The industrial disputes that have been affecting public services will continue and not see resolution.

(Sun square Mars) There will be at least one major terrorism incident involving the assassination of a senior British leader, and this will colour the Government’s attitude to home security throughout the year.

The Government will generally enjoy good relations with the Press, and also with literary figures, and those in the entertainment industry.

However, the Government will also be involved in shady relations with criminals, and will quite hypocritically entertain people in private who are supposedly not aligned with the Government.

The Moon

Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party, will succeed in groping for public support.

Represents the people. Pisces / 4th House.

The general populace will mainly be concerned with itself: politically, there will be an upturn in support for the Labour party (currently in Opposition) as indicated by the its placement in the 4th house and its conjunction with Neptune, the planet of socialism and collectivist politics.

The people will greatly resent the Government’s handling of the major terrorist incident mentioned above: one can infer will impact public consciousness greatly.


I apologise if this is rather bleak, but hey, I call ’em like I see them. However, there are ways for the people of Britain to leverage the stellar influences currently manifest to its favour. For example, the stars only really look bad for the current Conservative government. Get rid of the Tories, and people will be a lot happier. Moreover, the flip-side of Cauda Draconis being conjunct the Ascendant, is that Caput Draconis is conjunct the Descendant – implying that Britain’s future lies in having benevolent relations with foreign countries – dare I say it, the European Union?

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