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How can I summon Zepar?

My answer to How can I summon Zepar?

Answer by Alex Sumner:

First of all, Goetic demons, like Zepar, are not human friendly. They are in fact very dangerous. It is because they are dangerous that they are powerful.

This does not mean that one should be terrified of them. The elaborate procedures laid down in the Lesser Key of Solomon for evoking Demons are safety precautions for dealing with spirits properly.

Perhaps the reason for your apparent failure to summon is Zepar is unrealistic expectations of what happens when Goetic spirits manifest? If so, I recommend reading the accounts of what other magicians have experienced when working with the Goetia, e.g. Lon Milo Duquette’s My Life With The Spirits.

How can I summon Zepar?

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The Demon Detective – now available via Amazon as well

Artwork © the author 2011

For those who prefer to do all their shopping via Amazon, my new short story “The Demon Detective” is now available there as well – exclusively for Kindle.

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The Demon Detective – New Short Story

Cover artwork © the author, 2011.

You now have the opportunity to read “The Demon Detective” – the first new material I have released since “The Magus Trilogy.” This is a Dark Fantasy short story set in and around contemporary London, and is a tale of murder and demonolatry, featuring new character Guy Shepardson.

This is only available as an ebook. It can be downloaded from SmashWords for only $0.99 in all popular formats.

For more information and to purchase a copy please go here.

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Where to go on holiday in Demonic Britain

Yorkshire, apparently, is the best place to go in order to observe lots of phenomena regarding demonic activity. No I am not talking about Chaos Magick (although come to think about it…). I refer to what politically correct occultists would call “nature spirits,” but which others who have less regard for political correctness and more for the actual etymology of the word would call actual “Dæmons.”

A report today says that last year there were 74 reported incidents involving ghosts, dæmons, etc in Yorkshire. Entities mentioned include Incubi and Succubi, as well as “instances of demonic possession and sightings of hell hounds, water demons and demons with repulsive forms such as ghouls and werewolves.”


Inverness is the highest rated county in Scotland – probably due to the fact that Loch Ness is situated there, whilst Wales and Northern Ireland do not get a look in unfortunately. All in all, the report basically confirms that areas traditionally associated with paranormal activity remain so to this day.

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