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Apocalypse is coming … A Week Early

catdogGood news: the world is not going to end on December 21st 2012, as the Mayans (supposedly) predicted. Yay! 🙂

Bad news: it’s actually ending on the 17th instead – next Monday. 😦

The whole business about the hysteria surrounding the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar is based upon the idea that the end of the cycle is occurring at the same time the Sun, Earth and Galactic Centre are in alignment. Actually this is a gross over simplification. The whole business is actually based upon exploiting the pathetic neuroses of a large number of gullible people who feel their lives have no meaning if they aren’t looking forward to the end of the world. But I digress. The sun / earth / galactic centre coincidence is what is mainly fuelling the pre-occupation with the forthcoming end of the Mayan Calendar.

There is at least one problem with this however: the Sun, Earth and Galactic Centre won’t actually be aligning on December 21st – they will already have come into alignment four days previously: at 10.46pm GMT on Monday 17th December 2012, to be exact.

The exact position of the Galactic Centre is 17h 45m 40.4s of Right Ascension – which in terms of the Tropical Zodiac is equivalent to 26º 25′ 6″ Sagittarius. It is fairly easy to use astrology software to find out when the Sun will share the same degree of longitude, and hence mark the moment of the Sun – Earth alignment (see above).

But before we get too upset and be all doomy and gloomy, there are a number of reasons to say that even this will not mark the end of the world per se. Firstly, the Sun / Earth / Galactic Centre line up on a regular basis: once a year, every year, around about the same date. Hence, instead of looking forward to the end of the world just in 2012, we ought by rights to be looking forward to it every year!

Secondly, although the Galactic Centre is 17h 45m 40.4s Right Ascension, its Declination is -29° 00′ 28.1″. Note that because of the tilt of the Earth, the Sun’s own declination can never fall below -23º 30′, so in fact on the day of the alignment the Galactic centre won’t actually be completely aligned with the Sun and Earth but will appear (or would appear if it were visible) slightly beneath the Sun from our point of view. Five and a half degrees may not sound like much to you and me, but in terms of heavenly bodies, one of which is 27,000 light years away, the difference quite literally is astronomical.

Thirdly, were I to invoke astrology, I would say that looking at a chart drawn for the moment of the alignment does not actually show anything remarkable. If I were to predict what will happen on that day I would say that probably there would be yet another dip on the stock market occurring at the same time as yet another prominent public figure being revealed as part of a shady cover-up, leading to widespread public outrage. So in other words, just an ordinary day like any other – but crucially not the end of the world.

Horoscope drawn for the exact moment of Sun / Earth / Galactic Centre alignment 2012

Horoscope drawn for the exact moment of Sun / Earth / Galactic Centre alignment 2012

Interestingly though, I have heard anecdotal evidence that there is a statistical correlation between when the Sun is aligned with the Galactic centre and an increase of psychic activity on planet Earth. I therefore suggest the following course of action for the poor benighted inhabitants of this planet.

  1. If you are a magician – use the evening (Monday) for conducting magical rituals.
  2. If you are a policeman – may I suggest there is another nonce waiting to be arrested as part of Operation Yew Tree, so please do so.
  3. If you are an investor – go short on the stock market.
  4. Everyone else – calm down, calm down!

Finally, as to December 21st itself, may I suggest that it probably won’t be the end of the world: it is however the last Friday before Christmas, so it is a perfect time to go out and have a party – which is probably how the Mayans would have celebrated the end of their calendar anyway.


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Solar Eclipse: May 2012

Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse

A rare astronomic event is taking place on 20th May 2012, starting at 21:10 GMT and ending some four hours later the next morning: a full (annular) Solar Eclipse, visible from parts of South-East Asia and the United States. Astrologically speaking, this means that for this brief period, the Sun, Moon, and Lunar Node will all be in perfect conjunction.

This reminds me of a theory I heard that this is the real meaning of the Osiris – Set – Horus myth. Osiris (the Sun) is killed by Set (the Moon passing in front of it) who is in turn avenged by Horus (note how the Sun emerging from behind the Moon looks like a giant Solar Hawk – the “jewel” of the ring being the Hawk’s body, with its wings stretching out to either side). See the picture to the left.

That was the good news: the bad news comes from a conversation I was having recently with an astrologer friend of mine. He pointed out that the last time such an event occurred, the countries from which the full eclipse was visible all suffered chaos and disaster within a few years of it taking place! Referring to the one which occurred on 11th August 1999, he pointed out that the course of the eclipse crossed most of Europe, the Middle East and Afghanistan, and what do you know, now we have the Eurozone crisis, the Afghan conflict and the second Gulf War.

To be quite frank, this reminds me of the story of the Buddha, who told the grieving widow: “I will raise your son from the dead if you bring me some Earth from a house where no-one has ever died.” However: let’s suspend our disbelief for a moment and look at what is occurring this May. The eclipse promises to start in China, go up via Japan (just missing South Korea), arc across the Pacific Ocean and hit the western seaboard of America, ending in Texas. Intriguingly, for the most part it will be following the course of the tectonic faultlines that circumscribe the Pacific.

Now, I’m not saying that China, Japan, and the United States are going to be destroyed in a conflagration of Earthquakes and tidal waves… BUT: the Egyptological myth quoted above may in fact point the way to how – magically speaking – these countries can escape or mitigate the Setian-destruction, i.e. to invoke Horus. Either that, or drop a reasonable contribution into the Alex Sumner Appreciation Fund and I can put you in touch with estate agents should you want to buy a holiday home in Europe. 🙂


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Looters spared by Void Of Course Moon

The seal of Andromalius.

So there I was, thinking, “What can I, Alex Sumner, the world’s greatest expert on the occult, do to help the people of London who have been affected by the riots recently? I know: I’ll evoke the demon Andromalius to get all the looters to return the property they have stolen!” So I decided to cast a Horary figure to see whether this was a good idea or not.

And what do you know? The Moon – which, in Horary astrology indicates the circumstances in which the question arises, would not form a major aspect with another planet until after it left the current sign (Capricorn). It would however form several minor aspects, i.e. be inconjunct to a retrograde Mercury, and semi-sextile to Neptune and Caput Draconis.

So here is my dilemma. According to one definition, if the Moon does not form a major aspect to another planet before it leaves the sign it is in, it is said to be “Void of Course” (VOC). If a Horary figure is drawn when the Moon is VOC, the only information it provides is that “Nothing will come of this question” (NB: not “the whole chart is meaningless” – the chart has a meaning, just not a very helpful one). So unless VOC is defined as “any aspect” instead of “any major aspect,” it would appear that the looters have been spared the wrath of Sumner by a Void of Course moon.

(If however the chart is not VOC, I would still be put off because the Lord of the Ascendant – Mercury is not only retrograde, but opposed to retrograde Neptune. Deceit, deception and illusion (retrograde Neptune) are likely to cause my project to go awry (retrograde Mercury)!)

More generally though, when looking at the chart for the day, one notices that there is a Grand Cross featuring four Malefic planets – Mars, Saturn, Pluto (r) and Uranus (r). At the height of the trouble several days ago, the Moon transitted retrograde Pluto!

This could of course be a coincidence … or it could mean that THERE WILL BE FRESH TROUBLE NEXT WEEK – when the Moon transits Uranus. There will also probably be a new development in the phone hacking scandal when it transits the Mercury-Neptune (both retrograde) opposition.

Horary figure for the question: "I intend to evoke Andromalius to cause all looters to return their stolen property. Is this a good idea?" Note also the current planetary positions.

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Happy Beast Day!

It’s that time of year again when Black Metal bands think its really kewl to release new albums – yes it is 6/6 day, or Great Beast Day as I have “antichristened” it. No doubt at around 6pm local time wherever you are, expect to see a lot of tweets on Twitter about Satan and what not.

666 is of course most famous from Revelation 13:18, whence comes its popularity in modern culture, from eschatology to horror novels & films (e.g. The Omen), rock music, etc. Aleister Crowley famously dubbed himself “The Great Beast 666” – partly out of re-action against his religious upbringing, but also to assert the Humanistic nature of Thelemic spirituality, i.e. as far as Crowley was concerned, the number of the Beast was not just the number of a particular man, but of Man generally.

Other writers (e.g. Rudolf Steiner) have identified the Great Beast as a being called “Sorath” – whose name in Hebrew Gematria (Samekh + Vau + Resh + Tau) enumerates to 666. This presents a tiny problem for ceremonial magicians (or at least the ones who claim not to be Satanists). According to Henry Cornelius Agrippa, the Intelligences and Spirits of the various Planets all have names whose gematria is associated with the Magic Square of the planet. The magic square of the Sun is a 6*6 grid containing the numbers 1 to 36. Each row adds up to 111, whilst the total for the whole grid – the 36th triangle number in other words – is 666. The Intelligence of the Sun is “Nakhiel,” the gematria of which is 111, whilst the Spirit is (you’ve guessed it) Sorath – for the gematric reasons stated previously. Hence when magicians perform a Qabalistic ceremony to invoke the forces of the Sun, e.g. to perform an evocation or consecrate a talisman, etc, they will wind up calling on Sorath. Magicians who purport to be of the right-hand path justify this by saying the only do so after first invoking all the divine and angelic Solar beings first, so that nasty old Sorath is not running wild, but is safely under control of the forces of light.

I am not alleging hypocrisy of any kind … too much … but this rationalisation starts to break down when it comes to practising the art of Geomancy. As far as the Golden Dawn is concerned, geomancers are encouraged to invoke a “Geomantic spirit” of the planet which most pertains to the question which they are attempting to answer. These Geomantic spirits are the same as the planetary spirits listed by Agrippa – so when a Geomancer attempts a Solar question, they will again find themselves calling upon Sorath – only this time they are not told to invoke the superior divine and angelic names first.

There are three possible conclusions to be drawn – magicians of the Golden Dawn are really closet devil-worshippers; writers like Rudolf Steiner did not know what they were talking about; or that St John the Divine was a git for mucking up an otherwise nice safe magical system. 😉

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Alex explains The Rapture

The Rapture. You're Doing It Wrong.

Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up in the clouds together with them to meet the Lord in the air; and so we will be with the Lord for ever.

1 Thessalonians 4:17

Meet me Jesus, meet me,
Meet me in the middle of the air,
If my wings should fail me Lord
Please meet me with another pair.

Led Zeppelin, In My Time Of Dying.

Following on from my post about the coming Apocalypse, I thought I would share my thoughts on the Initiated view of the so-called Rapture. The popular notion is that on a certain day, the Lord will call His Own to Himself, which will result in them ascending physically into the sky. This will entail great joy for the Virtuous; great lamentation for the not-quite-so-Virtuous; great consternation for those of the Virtuous who were stuck indoors on the day it happens; and widespread looting and partying for everyone else.

Let’s ignore for one moment the fact that the idea of the Rapture is (a) preposterous and (b) inconsistent with other eschatological passages in the New Testament in both the Gospels and  the Book of Revelation. The whole idea about the Rapture is based on the passage from 1 Thessalonians quoted above: the operative word in the verse is “air.” In Greek this would have been Aera i.e. the air of the atmosphere or sky, as opposed to Pneuma or breath. In Hebrew however, this is Shamayim.

Shamayim, spelled with final (top) and medial versions of Mem.

Correctly spelled, this enumerates in Gematria to 1090 – which reduces by Theosophic Reduction (aka Aiq Beker) to 10, the number of Malkuth. Furthermore, the technically-incorrect spelling using the medial Mem instead of the final, which enumerates to 430 – the same as Nephesh.

This casts the situation in a far different light altogether. “Nephesh” is the vital or animal-soul of a person: the word is used in the Old Testament as a synonym for a “living being.” It may also be thought of as bearing the same relation to the Ruach as the Sub-conscious mind does to the Conscious mind. In the Qabalah the Nephesh is associated with Malkuth.

Thus by analysing it Qabalistically, it starts to look pretty much that far from meeting the Lord somewhere above the troposphere, He will manifest down here in the midst of our life in Malkuth within our very own being. After all, Jesus did say (He was quoting Psalm 37 when he did so) that it would be the Meek who inherit the Earth, not the unvirtuous.

NB: This interpretation may sound far-fetched but it is far more reasonable than some of the explanations put about by those who believe in a literal Rapture.


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Alex explains May 21 Doomsday

Apparently, the Rapture is happening this Saturday. This is going to be a bit of a pain for me as I was planning on going up to London for a day out! I do hope that the train and tube drivers are not particularly righteous as it will be a bugger getting up there (or getting home, depending on what time it all kicks off). Anyway – some bloke in America says it is taking place, so it must be true. “But Alex! What do you as the world’s greatest expert on all things occult have to say about this?” I hallucinate that I hear you ask. Needless to say, I immediately applied my powers of Astrology to solve the problem.

When one casts a horoscope for May 21st 2011, one notices two things: first – there is a 4-way stellium in Taurus (or Aries if you are working sidereally *cough* *cough*) – Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury are all conjunct one another. Secondly, three of the slower moving planets – Saturn, Uranus and Pluto – form a “T” – i.e. Saturn and Uranus are opposite one another, whilst Pluto is square to both of them. Pluto is in fact trine to Venus, Mars and Mercury, though this by itself should prove exciting but in a good sense.

What is fundamental to realise is that Venus, Mars and Mercury will be fairly close together for most of the year. Moreover – because Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are slow-moving planets, their energies apply to the long term, not to pinning down specific dates. It is only the Pluto Trine that can said to be specific to that particular time-period.

Hence, here are my predictions for so-called May 21 Doomsday:

  1. The end of the world is not going to occur on May 21st.
  2. If anything momentous does occur, it is most likely to be a revolution in music and/or the arts – for example an artistic event which causes great controversy.
  3. A lot of people will be complaining about bad things occurring to them: however – this will be more to do with the times generally, not Saturday May 21st specifically.


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Ritual of the Apocalypse

In honour of the Grand Cross occurring tomorrow (Friday 8th August 2010) I present the following Planetary working. Its aim is to enable the magician to transcend the planetary influences at work – which is the goal of every true Hermetic Adept – instead of being a victim to them, which is how people who think of astrology as something fatalistic tend to react.

The time of the working is dawn. The magician should determine due East – this will be referred to throughout this ritual as “12 o’clock” (as in a clock-face).

Begin by proclaiming: Hekas! Hekas este bebeloi!

Perform the Lesser Banishing Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram.

Purify and consecrate the temple with Water and Fire. Circumambulate and adore the Lord of the Universe.

Perform the Bornless Ritual.

Now perform what I term the

Special Invoking Hexagrams of the Apocalypse Ritual.

This is similar in structure to the Supreme Invoking Hexagram Ritual, but adapted as follows:

Start with the Qabalistic Cross

The Rite of Luna

Turn first to “one o’clock” and trace the Invoking Hexagram of Luna, i.e. the first triangle is traced clockwise from the lowest point; the second triangle from the top-most. Vibrate Ararita and Shaddai El Chai, Gabriel, Malkah Be-Tarshishim ve-od Ruachoth Shechalim, Shad Barshemoth Ha-Shartathan and Levanah.

Recite the Invocation of Luna.

The Rite of Jupiter

Turn next to “four o’clock” and trace the Invoking Hexagram of Jupiter (first from Jupiter point, then from Mercury point). Vibrate Ararita and El, Tzadqiel, Hismael, Iohphiel and Tzedeq.

Recite the Invocation of Jupiter.

The Rite of Uranus

Still facing “four o’clock” trace the Special Apocalyptic Hexagram of Uranus. This is the same as the Hexagram of Mercury (because Uranus is similar to Mercury but on a higher arc), but with the sigil of Uranus in the centre. Vibrate Ararita only.

Recite the following Invocation of Uranus (taken from the Orphic Hymns):

GREAT Heav’n, whose mighty frame no respite knows,
Father of all, from whom the world arose:
Hear, bounteous parent, source and end of all,
Forever whirling round this earthly ball;
Abode of Gods, whose guardian pow’r surrounds
Th’ eternal World with ever during bounds;
Whose ample bosom and encircling folds
The dire necessity of nature holds.
Ætherial, earthly, whose all-various frame
Azure and full of forms, no power can tame.
All-seeing Heav’n, progenitor of Time
Forever blessed, deity sublime,
Propitious on a novel mystic shine,
And crown his wishes with a life divine.

The Rite of Pluto

Turn next to “seven o’clock” and trace the Special Apocalyptic Hexagram of Pluto (same as that of Mars, but with Pluto sigil). Vibrate Ararita only.

Recite the following Invocation of Pluto (also taken from the Orphic Hymns).

PLUTO, magnanimous, whose realms profound
Are fix’d beneath the firm and solid ground,
In the Tartarian plains remote from fight,
And wrapt forever in the depths of night;
Terrestrial Jove, thy sacred ear incline,
And, pleas’d, accept thy mystic’s hymn divine.
Earth’s keys to thee, illustrious king belong,
Its secret gates unlocking, deep and strong.
‘Tis thine, abundant annual fruits to bear,
For needy mortals are thy constant care.
To thee, great king, Avernus is assign’d,
The seat of Gods, and basis of mankind.
Thy throne is fix’d in Hade’s dismal plains,
Distant, unknown to rest, where darkness reigns;
Where, destitute of breath, pale spectres dwell,
In endless, dire, inexorable hell;
And in dread Acheron, whose depths obscure,
Earth’s stable roots eternally secure.
O mighty dæmon, whose decision dread,
The future fate determines of the dead,
With captive Proserpine, thro’ grassy plains,
Drawn in a four-yok’d car with loosen’d reins,
Rapt o’er the deep, impell’d by love, you flew
‘Till Eleusina’s city rose to view;
There, in a wond’rous cave obscure and deep,
The sacred maid secure from search you keep,
The cave of Atthis, whose wide gates display
An entrance to the kingdoms void of day.
Of unapparent works, thou art alone
The dispensator, visible and known.
O pow’r all-ruling, holy, honor’d light,
Thee sacred poets and their hymns delight:
Propitious to thy mystic’s works incline,
Rejoicing come, for holy rites are thine.

The Rite of Saturn

Turn next to “ten o’clock,” trace the Invoking Hexagram of Saturn (first from Saturn point, then from Luna point). Vibrate Ararita and YHVH Elohim, Tzaphqiel, Agiel, Zazel and Shabbathai.

Recite the Invocation of Saturn.

The Rite of Mars

Still facing “ten o’clock,” trace the Invoking Hexagram of Mars (first from Mars point, then from Luna point). Vibrate Ararita and Elohim Gebor, Chamael, Graphiel, Bartzabel and Madim.

Recite the Invocation of Mars.

Turn to “12 o’clock.” Analyse the Keyword (INRI)

Purify and consecrate the temple again.

Perform the reverse circumambulation, and adoration to the Lord of the Universe.

Announce: “In the name of Yeheshuah I now release any spirits that have been entrapped by this ceremony.”

Close with the Lesser Banishing Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram again.

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