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Alex explains May 21 Doomsday

Apparently, the Rapture is happening this Saturday. This is going to be a bit of a pain for me as I was planning on going up to London for a day out! I do hope that the train and tube drivers are not particularly righteous as it will be a bugger getting up there (or getting home, depending on what time it all kicks off). Anyway – some bloke in America says it is taking place, so it must be true. “But Alex! What do you as the world’s greatest expert on all things occult have to say about this?” I hallucinate that I hear you ask. Needless to say, I immediately applied my powers of Astrology to solve the problem.

When one casts a horoscope for May 21st 2011, one notices two things: first – there is a 4-way stellium in Taurus (or Aries if you are working sidereally *cough* *cough*) – Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury are all conjunct one another. Secondly, three of the slower moving planets – Saturn, Uranus and Pluto – form a “T” – i.e. Saturn and Uranus are opposite one another, whilst Pluto is square to both of them. Pluto is in fact trine to Venus, Mars and Mercury, though this by itself should prove exciting but in a good sense.

What is fundamental to realise is that Venus, Mars and Mercury will be fairly close together for most of the year. Moreover – because Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are slow-moving planets, their energies apply to the long term, not to pinning down specific dates. It is only the Pluto Trine that can said to be specific to that particular time-period.

Hence, here are my predictions for so-called May 21 Doomsday:

  1. The end of the world is not going to occur on May 21st.
  2. If anything momentous does occur, it is most likely to be a revolution in music and/or the arts – for example an artistic event which causes great controversy.
  3. A lot of people will be complaining about bad things occurring to them: however – this will be more to do with the times generally, not Saturday May 21st specifically.


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