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Solar Eclipse: May 2012

Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse

A rare astronomic event is taking place on 20th May 2012, starting at 21:10 GMT and ending some four hours later the next morning: a full (annular) Solar Eclipse, visible from parts of South-East Asia and the United States. Astrologically speaking, this means that for this brief period, the Sun, Moon, and Lunar Node will all be in perfect conjunction.

This reminds me of a theory I heard that this is the real meaning of the Osiris – Set – Horus myth. Osiris (the Sun) is killed by Set (the Moon passing in front of it) who is in turn avenged by Horus (note how the Sun emerging from behind the Moon looks like a giant Solar Hawk – the “jewel” of the ring being the Hawk’s body, with its wings stretching out to either side). See the picture to the left.

That was the good news: the bad news comes from a conversation I was having recently with an astrologer friend of mine. He pointed out that the last time such an event occurred, the countries from which the full eclipse was visible all suffered chaos and disaster within a few years of it taking place! Referring to the one which occurred on 11th August 1999, he pointed out that the course of the eclipse crossed most of Europe, the Middle East and Afghanistan, and what do you know, now we have the Eurozone crisis, the Afghan conflict and the second Gulf War.

To be quite frank, this reminds me of the story of the Buddha, who told the grieving widow: “I will raise your son from the dead if you bring me some Earth from a house where no-one has ever died.” However: let’s suspend our disbelief for a moment and look at what is occurring this May. The eclipse promises to start in China, go up via Japan (just missing South Korea), arc across the Pacific Ocean and hit the western seaboard of America, ending in Texas. Intriguingly, for the most part it will be following the course of the tectonic faultlines that circumscribe the Pacific.

Now, I’m not saying that China, Japan, and the United States are going to be destroyed in a conflagration of Earthquakes and tidal waves… BUT: the Egyptological myth quoted above may in fact point the way to how – magically speaking – these countries can escape or mitigate the Setian-destruction, i.e. to invoke Horus. Either that, or drop a reasonable contribution into the Alex Sumner Appreciation Fund and I can put you in touch with estate agents should you want to buy a holiday home in Europe. 🙂


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Magic Ritual for Sending Positivity To People of Japan

Hachiman, divine protector of Japan & the Japanese People.

A colleague of mine recently gave a paper on Shintoism, which I will not reproduce in its entirety save to say that it has given me exactly the idea as to how, as a magician, to send magical help to the people of Japan. After all – who better to help the Japanese people than their own traditional Gods and Goddesses! Hence I present the following – which is dedicated specifically to Hachiman, who is Japan’s divine protector. Originally an agricultural deity, Hachiman became the Tutelary God of Warriors, although His worship spread through all the social castes so that really He is an all-round protector.

The following is based on the actual procedure employed when one visits a Shinto Shrine.

Access to the sacred space is preceded by a washing of the hands and a rinsing of the mouth,symbolic of purification of the body and of speech or thought.

The symbolic move from the mundane world into the sacred world is through a Torii or gate.

(Comment: This to be visualised.)

You then walk along a roadway, a path used by the spirits or kami.

The first act as you approach the shrine is to throw a coin into an offering container.

(Comment: You could visualise it … although you might choose to make your offering more actual than symbolic.)

You then bow deeply twice to show your respect to HACHIMAN, clap hands twice at chest level to gain His attention; then worship and ask for what you wish from the Him …

i.e. Safety for the Japanese people, comfort for those injured, worried or grieving, success for the emergency services and relief operations, safety also for other countries in the Pacific, etc

… and then bow deeply twice before retiring from the shrine.

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