Planetary Invocations #4 – The Moon

This is a ritual drawn again from the Greek Magical Papyri. I often use this in the context of Dream Divination. The invocation is adapted from a spell to invoke the Moon for the purposes of Divination. The rubric of the spell says that this chant should be repeated “7 or 9 times” – although Qabalistically it makes sense to always chant it nine times. The repetition combined with the “barbarous names of evocation” creates a hypnotic or altered state of consciousness by itself.

As before, words in bold type should be “vibrated.”

The Moon

For thou art the Moon, the chief of the stars,
He that did form them.
Listen to the things that I have said,
Follow the words of my mouth,
Reveal thyself to me,
This is my correct name.

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