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How do you astral project from a lucid dream state? – Quora

Astral Projection

(a2a) If you can lucid dream already, you are so close to full astral projection. You just need to be able to do three things:

Firstly: take control of your lucid dream. Not only do you need to be aware you are dreaming but you can alter the content of, and move about in, your dream at will.

Secondly: you have to do something which in New Age speak is called raising your level of vibration. In practical terms this means invoking divine energy, e.g. through the chanting of divine and angelic names, meditating on and filling yourself with the qualities of the place on the Astral Plane you wish to visit, etc.

Thirdly, after you’ve done that, you then project to somewhere you -know- is on the Astral Plane. This could be done by deliberately flying as far away from Earth as possible – which signifies getting away from content created by your own brain, until you reach astral phenomena which exist objectively. Alternatively, try dissolving everything you see into Whiteness – and when you think you can’t dissolve any more, dissolve -that- as well.

In occultism, the most popular method is to project through a Magical Symbol as if it were a Doorway – this has the effect of taking you away from your own mind, to a place on the Astral Plane which the Magical Symbol represents. “Tattva” symbols are commonly used to take one to a place associated with Elemental forces, but you could theoretically use a whole host of symbols, such as astrological or Qabalistic symbols, or even Tarot cards.

Apas (i.e. Water) tattva

It is always sensible to remain cautious: be open to what you see and experience but don’t necessarily believe it; ask for a Guide to accompany you when you project, and always make the beings and things you encounter show bona fides that they are telling you the truth. Then when it is time to leave, thank your guides, and retrace your steps back to your physical body here on Earth.

Source: Alex Sumner’s answer to How do you astral project from a lucid dream state? – Quora


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How can you time travel in a lucid dream? (Quora.com)

(A2A) I tried this once, and was pleasantly surprised by how successful it was! The basic technique is the same as how you do anything in a lucid dream: by carefully using self-suggestion before going to sleep one can influence the content of one’s dream. In this case I gave myself the suggestion: “I am able to travel through time whilst dreaming.”

So I fell asleep, started dreaming and became Lucid. I then willed myself to travel forward in time, imagining that I was physically going to a place where I knew I would be meeting someone in real life the next day. Once I got there I noticed what they were doing, how they were behaving, etc. Eventually I woke up.

So I then went to this actual meeting. The other person was completely unaware that anything supernatural has occurred or was occurring. But they did behave in the way I had observed them behaving in my lucid dream.

So one may argue that I didn’t physically travel through time and space whilst lucid dreaming. However, I do believe that the very act of at least attempting to do so gave me some knowledge of the future.

How can you time travel in a lucid dream? by Alex Sumner


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How do I Start Lucid Dreaming?

Many of the questions I get about Lucid Dreaming come from complete beginners to the subject, and by far the most popular is, simply: “How do I do it?”

Source: How do I Start Lucid Dreaming?

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Better Lucid Dreaming: Make Your Dreams Vivid! | Alex Sumner

Lucid Dreaming is the art of becoming aware that you are dreaming, whilst dreaming. When you experience this you find your dream-life instantly becomes more exciting.

Source: Better Lucid Dreaming: Make Your Dreams Vivid! | Alex Sumner

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Doesn’t lucid dreaming take a little ’magic’ from the dreaming?

Answer by Alex Sumner:

Your question is based upon a false assumption: that a lucid dreamer, having control of his or her dreams, would consequently want to experience a boring, unremarkable, mundane world which is indistinguishable from real-life.

Technically, yes – lucid dreaming does take away some of the unpredictability of non-lucid dreams. However the trade off is that instead you get Matrix-like superpowers, go on epic adventures to anywhere imaginable, have sex with zillions of hot supermodels, and even experience actual psychic, magical and spiritual phenomena as you access the higher reaches of the astral plane.

Personally this is a sacrifice that I and I guess most lucid dreamers are willing to make.

Doesn’t lucid dreaming take a little ’magic’ from the dreaming?

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What’s the most sure-fire way of lucid dreaming?

Answer by Alex Sumner:

The method which I personally used to become a lucid dreamer started off by first learning to remember my dreams – by assiduously keeping a dream diary. I then moved on to attempting to influence the content of my dreams, by using a simple form of self-hypnosis whilst falling asleep, and also employing a number of memory tricks to make sure that my dreams were more likely to be about what I wanted, and not affected by memories of the past day. Once I found I was able to do this, I learnt to become lucid by telling myself to be on the look out for differences between what could happen in dreams and real-life, and that when I spotted one I would become lucid.

It took a couple of months practice to have my first lucid dream this way, but after I had the first, lucid dreams became easier after that. So this is a slow-but-steady route to success – but it does work.

I write more about this at my website: Articles

What’s the most sure-fire way of lucid dreaming?

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How does one stop the mental chatter (such as the narration of their dreams and random songs) from running through their head all night w…

Answer by Alex Sumner:

  • Lead a healthy and vigorous sex life – full of Love, and free from any negative emotions such as guilt, etc. Seriously, there are scientific studies which show a positive correlation between having good sex and having a good night’s sleep immediately afterwards.
  • Meditate before going to bed. Mentally review the events of the day like a movie going backwards before your mind’s eye, going back as far as you can go. This has the result of “releasing” memories of the day just gone so they don’t need to be processed by your dreaming mind. Adepts of the tantric arts could do this meditation whilst carrying out the preceding step.
  • Observe regular sleep patterns – not just the right amount of sleep (i.e. 8 hours for young/middle-aged adults) but following the body’s natural circadian rhythms as well.
  • Do not go to bed drunk or high on drugs.
  • Do not eat foods which are hard to digest soon before going to bed. If you do have an evening meal, try to eat it early enough that it fully digested before you attempt to retire. The old saying about eating cheese before going to bed is a superstition: what matters is whether or not your digestive system will disturb you during the night.
  • Undergo regular psychotherapy or similar, so that your sleeping mind is not plagued by old neuroses.
  • Live in Peace with all beings. More especially, do not get into conflict with others, and try to resolve the arguments that you gotten into peacefully. Not only will you get a good night’s sleep, you will also help make the World a better place.

How does one stop the mental chatter (such as the narration of their dreams and random songs) from running through their head all night w…

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Is there any way to manipulate your dreams, for example changing your place, changing persons?

Answer by Alex Sumner:

It is possible to program the contents of your dream in advance, by fixing a firm intention in your mind immediately before falling asleep. This is akin to a form of self-hypnosis.

It is also possible to do it “in-dream.” Contrary to what other responders have answered, this is not simply a case of just lucid dreaming, but of becoming lucid and using self-hypnosis again but this time to convince yourself that you have the power to alter your dreams on the fly. It takes practice but it can be done.

I write more about it here: https://solascendans.com/articles

Is there any way to manipulate your dreams, for example changing your place, changing persons?

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Meteor Shower Tonight – A Spell

This is an updated version of a blog I first wrote several years ago, on the occasion of a previous meteor shower. I wrote:

…this has given me a great idea for casting a simple magic spell to make all your dreams come true. Here it is:

Make a list of all your wishes before going to sleep, and use the power of lucid dreaming to dream about the Leonid meteor shower from the comfort of your own bed!

This will be just as effective as actually watching it, and it has the advantage of being a lot warmer and more comfortable.

More to the point: it occurs to me that certain meteor showers occur every year with predictable certainty. Hence, if there is anything in this whole “wishing upon a star” business, there must be certain days of the year which are always bound to be luckier than others.

I have therefore compiled a list for these “lucky days” for 2015:

Meteor Shower When peaks:
Quadrantids Jan 1st to 10th Jan 3rd / 4th
Lyrids April 16th to 25th April 22nd / 23rd
Eta Aquarids April 19th to May 26th May 6th / 7th
Alpha Capricornids July 11th to August 10th July 27th / 28th
Delta Aquarids July 21st to August 23rd July 28th / 29th
Perseids July 13th to August 26th August 12th / 13th
Orionids October 4th to November 14th October 21st / 22nd
Southern Taurids September 7th to November 19th October 23rd / 24th
Northern Taurids October 19th to December 10th November 11th / 12th
Leonids December 4th to 16th December 13th / 14th
Ursids December 17th to 23rd December 21st / 22nd

For more information, follow this link to the American Meteor Society Meteor Shower Calendar.

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The Difference Between Lucid Dreaming and Sleep Paralysis Explained

On Twitter there appear to be a large number of people who do not know the difference between Lucid Dreaming and Sleep Paralysis – so much so, that when they experience the latter they think it is the former, and consequently do not want ever to attempt to lucid dream again. Now I want you to understand the following:


Lucid Dreaming is when you are asleep, dreaming, and aware that you are dreaming whilst doing so.

Sleep paralysis is a natural phenomenon which prevents your physical body responding automatically to the thoughts in your mind when you sleep. Everyone experiences this when they go to sleep and it is perfectly natural – unless you happen to have a sleep disorder like somnambulism (sleep walking). What seems to confuse people on social media is that sometimes it is possible to wake up mentally, and yet find that they are still experiencing Sleep Paralysis, which is what unnerves them. Occultists have claimed in the past that it was due to the astral body not being completely aligned with the physical body. However, it is not the same as Lucid Dreaming, because you are neither Asleep at that point, nor indeed Dreaming.

Incidentally, there is a very simple and easy way to overcome Sleep paralysis, and that is to just relax completely and wait for it to wear off of its own accord. I realised this as a small child, so the idea that Sleep Paralysis was anything of which to be frightened has never occurred to me.

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