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Is there a reputable way, a spell or ritual perhaps, to travel through time to a certain point in the past using magic? – Quora

The Akashic Records

(a2a) The magic words you are looking for are “Akashic Records” – google this phrase to research more info. The basic principle is that every thought that has ever existed has left its imprint on the Akasha, which is like Universal Mind-Substance (also known in old books of occultism as “Ether” or just “Spirit.”) Hence it ought to be possible to psychically attune yourself to the Akashic Records and examine the past through a kind of clairvoyance.

The important point to remember is that although you would see and observe the past, you would not be able to interact and interfere with it. Still, great for historical research or for doing things like recovering past-life memories.

In ceremonial magic, the Archangel Tzaphqiel (whose name means “Knowledge of God”) is thought to be the keeper of the Akashic Records, so if you were to go down this route you should think of trying to invoke this being.

Source: Alex Sumner’s answer to Is there a reputable way, a spell or ritual perhaps, to travel through time to a certain point in the past using magic? – Quora

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How can you time travel in a lucid dream? (Quora.com)

(A2A) I tried this once, and was pleasantly surprised by how successful it was! The basic technique is the same as how you do anything in a lucid dream: by carefully using self-suggestion before going to sleep one can influence the content of one’s dream. In this case I gave myself the suggestion: “I am able to travel through time whilst dreaming.”

So I fell asleep, started dreaming and became Lucid. I then willed myself to travel forward in time, imagining that I was physically going to a place where I knew I would be meeting someone in real life the next day. Once I got there I noticed what they were doing, how they were behaving, etc. Eventually I woke up.

So I then went to this actual meeting. The other person was completely unaware that anything supernatural has occurred or was occurring. But they did behave in the way I had observed them behaving in my lucid dream.

So one may argue that I didn’t physically travel through time and space whilst lucid dreaming. However, I do believe that the very act of at least attempting to do so gave me some knowledge of the future.

How can you time travel in a lucid dream? by Alex Sumner


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More Ig-Nobel Shenanigans

But this time the Norwegians are not responsible

Reading a hilarious piece in the New York Times about how a couple of physicists are predicting that all attempts to observe the Higgs-Boson particle under experimental conditions are being sabotaged from the future … by the effect of supposedly successfully observing the Higgs-Boson particle under experimental conditions. I.e. the HB-particle is doing the equivalent of travelling back in time and killing its grandfather. Whilst the concept of a particle creating a backward ripple in time is mildly-intriguing, the actual methodology proposed to prove the theory is only slightly less bizarre than the empirical data cited in support of it.

Essentially, the paper written by the physicists goes, if the HB-particle really is sabotaging its own discovery – for example, by causing governments to cut funding to high-energy physics experiments, getting scientists arrested as members of Al Qaeda, etc – then it will deliberately cause the most improbable situation to occur in order to do so. For example, if the decision whether to resume experiments with the Large Hadron Collider were to be made to depend on a card-drawing experiment, the HB-particle will cause the one card in the deck which denotes “do not resume the experiments” to be drawn. This, the physicists argue, would be so even if the deck in question consisted of a million-cards, 999,999 of which were “resume” cards and 1 “don’t resume.”

It is at this point that I spotted the flaw in the physicists’ theory. Not the fact that they were pair of complete barking mad fruit-loops who give Science a bad name: rather – that they had missed a prime chance to turn this into a money-making opportunity.

Card-drawing experiment? Card-drawing experiment??? I can think of a much better idea. One of the authors of the paper, Holger B Nielsen, is actually an employee of CERN, and so presumably would be influential in actually carrying out the LHC experiments. Therefore, all he has to do is to buy a ticket in the Euromillions lottery with the firm intention that if he wins the mega-jackpot he is going to quit his job and retire. Because it is in the HB-particle’s interest that Dr Nielsen be removed from his post at CERN, then surely it will help him win the lottery!

But hang on – Nielsen and his co-author Masao Minimoya have entered a Euro-lottery, albeit where the prize for being right is not quite the scale of the actual Euromillions jackpot but is still a fair old whack. I am talking of course about the Nobel Prize for Physics. If by some extraordinary fluke that Nielsen and Minimoya are proved right, then the implications will be so astounding that they must surely merit it.

Now readers of my previous blog entries will know that I have had some choice words to say about the Nobel Peace Prize – however, this one is completely different. For a start, it is judged by a Swedish panel not Norwegian (the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences). Moreover, assuming that Nielsen and Minimoya could provide convincing proof that they are correct, that would be hard evidence that they did in fact deserve it.

Of course it could turn out that the LHC fails without providing the proof that Nielsen and Minimoya so desire, in which case this could be evidence that the God-particle has a sense of humour.

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