Doesn’t lucid dreaming take a little ’magic’ from the dreaming?

Answer by Alex Sumner:

Your question is based upon a false assumption: that a lucid dreamer, having control of his or her dreams, would consequently want to experience a boring, unremarkable, mundane world which is indistinguishable from real-life.

Technically, yes – lucid dreaming does take away some of the unpredictability of non-lucid dreams. However the trade off is that instead you get Matrix-like superpowers, go on epic adventures to anywhere imaginable, have sex with zillions of hot supermodels, and even experience actual psychic, magical and spiritual phenomena as you access the higher reaches of the astral plane.

Personally this is a sacrifice that I and I guess most lucid dreamers are willing to make.

Doesn’t lucid dreaming take a little ’magic’ from the dreaming?

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