What’s the most sure-fire way of lucid dreaming?

Answer by Alex Sumner:

The method which I personally used to become a lucid dreamer started off by first learning to remember my dreams – by assiduously keeping a dream diary. I then moved on to attempting to influence the content of my dreams, by using a simple form of self-hypnosis whilst falling asleep, and also employing a number of memory tricks to make sure that my dreams were more likely to be about what I wanted, and not affected by memories of the past day. Once I found I was able to do this, I learnt to become lucid by telling myself to be on the look out for differences between what could happen in dreams and real-life, and that when I spotted one I would become lucid.

It took a couple of months practice to have my first lucid dream this way, but after I had the first, lucid dreams became easier after that. So this is a slow-but-steady route to success – but it does work.

I write more about this at my website: Articles

What’s the most sure-fire way of lucid dreaming?

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