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White People Do Have Ancestors!

In response to a recent controversy on Twitter:

White people do have “Ancestors,” and what’s more: the concept of “Ancestral Worship” amongst White People was alive and well as recently as the late twentieth century!

If you analyse “Ancestor Worship” as the practice of petitioning one’s ancestral spirits for a boon, guidance, protection, comfort, etc, then it can be seen in the funerary rites of the Christian Church which has been going on for the past two thousand years, as well as the traditions of honouring the deceased. It is the sentiment of wanting to commune with one’s ancestors that lies behind going to visit their graves every so often to freshen them up. Moreover, the Church encouraged this. By burying the departed in the old Church yard, not only was the deceased given the honour of being buried in hallowed ground, it encouraged their relatives to pay their respects every time they came to Church, which normally would be once a week.

One could even argue that the idea that “Dead people can help living people” gave rise to the veneration of Saints: because Saints were people known to be in heaven, it was assumed that if a Saint presented a petition to God on behalf of a living person, God would more likely take notice.

Why then might one be led to think the contrary – that white people have no tradition of having ancestors? To my mind, there are three contributing factors:

  1. The Protestant Reformation. This basically killed off the idea of the cult of Saints at least within the Protestant churches. Note that the Catholic Church has continued to canonise Saints up to the present day, but no Protestant has since the sixteenth century, almost five hundred years ago.
  2. Disestablishmentarianism. The lack of an “established” church – or the erosion of the importance of its position – has led to a general secularization of society, and created a spiritual vacuum. Hence the great events of life – birth, marriage, death, etc – are no longer marked by any sense of the “sacramental” (outward signs of inward Grace). Most relevantly for present purposes, we get the phenomenon of Departed people being buried in civic graveyards, not on hallowed ground, often on the edge of town to which it is difficult to get – as opposed to a spiritual place where you are likely to visit at least once a week.
  3. The general ignorance of Millennials with regards to recent History.

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Rosicrucian Orders: the Real Deal

OK I’ve been hearing lately that AMORC have shut down Pat Zalewski’s website on the grounds that the latter claimed to be a Rosicrucian Order – and AMORC claimed dibs on the term. Now get this:

About a hundred years ago, Reuben Swinburne Clymer sued Harvey Spencer Lewis, and the court established then it is impossible to copyright the term “Rosicrucian.” I guess AMORC must have forgotten about this or were relying on people like me not to remind people of this.

So come on, stop wallowing in self-righteous pity! Get a lawyer and tell AMORC where they can stick their cease and desist order!


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How *Not* To Astrally Project

Astral Projection

Astral Projection

I have come to the conclusion that most books written about Astral Projection are absolute shite. They are bad because they display complete lack of empathy for their potential readers – for example by describing a method that has worked for themselves, but without giving full consideration to whether it would be suitable for others.

And the methods that are described are done badly. Usually they are in this form:

Method #1: first relax completely, then visualise such and such…

Method #2: first relax completely, then focus on this or that chakra…

Method #3: first relax completely, then chant this mantra…

Etc etc etc. I have read whole books consisting of a list of potential methods in this form.

Now from my own experience of Astral Projection, I have achieved out-of-body-experiences using several different methods: however each of them was similar in that first, before projecting, I attained a trance-like state of consciousness – deeper than deep relaxation, and yet lighter than a light sleep. I believe that this is basically the Theta-wave consciousness, which is linked to other well-known psychic phenomena. I have therefore come to the conclusion that, when it comes to Astral Projection, just about any method can be effective – so long as you attain the right trance-like state of consciousness first.

And yet, it is that trance-like state of consciousness which is the least well described part of the process – which is so often dismissed in so many badly-written Astral Projection books by “first relax completely” or some similar phrase. It strikes me that if a writer does not fully understand the importance of the prior relaxation, and the relative insignificance of the actual method to exit the body, they do not fully understand Astral Projection.


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Florida Grand Master Decides Pagans Can’t Be Freemasons

Over at the the Wild Hunt I notice that the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Florida has decided that certain named types of pagans – including Wiccans and Odinists – cannot be Freemasons. Here is a scan of the edict:

Florida Grand Master Decides Pagans Can’t Be Freemasons

Now, get this. As far as I understand Freemasonry, the authorities he has cited as part of his edict – the Landmarks, and the charge of a Freemason – are entirely correct. However he seems to have excluded a number of things from his consideration, to wit:

The Volume of the Sacred Law is not necessarily a specific book (e.g. the Bible), but that which constitutes the revelation from heaven which is binding on the conscience of the individual. Hence, it would be the Holy Book of the religion of the candidate being initiated – and indeed, non-Christians are allowed to swear their G.’. and S.’.O.’. on the Holy Book of their choice, e.g. the Tanakh, Koran, Zend Avesta, etc. It is my understanding of Freemasonry, therefore, that one may become a Mason so long as one believes in a God, who is the G.’.A.’.O.’.T’.’.U.’. from one’s own point of view,  and one is prepared in all good conscience to swear on a Holy Book of one of the world’s religions.

Furthermore, the GM of Florida has managed to discriminate against pagans, without exercising discrimination! Whilst Agnosticism probably isn’t compatible with the craft, Gnosticism and Paganism are far too general terms to bandy about and there is a lack of explanation as to what is exactly wrong with Wiccan and Odinism. The thing is, religious and political discussions are banned within craft lodges anyway, so once they are in, they cease to be members of different religions and are simply Brothers of one Craft. It is within my personal knowledge that there are many pagans who are Freemasons, though not within Florida in the United States.

Now let me tell you a little story. In my novella, Shall We Kill The President? I described a conversation between a taxi driver and a Vampire in the Deep South of America.

“The bus-boycott was when, exactly?” Elijah said.

“You’re from out-of-state, right?” the driver said. “Just cause it’s fifty years gone don’t mean attitudes change much in these parts.”

“Tell me about it,” Elijah muttered.

“Like when I joined the Masons,” the driver continued. “Whenever I tried going to a Lodge in this state, immediately they go to ‘refreshment’ soon as I walk in the door. ‘So, Bros,’ I sez to ’em, ‘when we gone from refreshment to labour again? Ain’t you got a ritual today?’ But they just plain ignore me as if I ain’t there. I gets the message real quick, and take mysel’ down to Prince Hall sharpish, if you know what I’m sayin’.”

“Huh!” Elijah snorted. He paused, before adding: “So how do you join the Masons? The Prince Hall ones, I mean.”

“Oh, you just need to believe in God and that you’re goin’ to Heaven when you die,” the driver said. “Why? Does that sound like something which appeals to you?”

Elijah frowned. “No,” he said.

The fact of the matter is that although dressed as fiction, the experience described by the taxi-driver is a real-life phenomenon experienced by African-Americans who are either Masons or who want to become Masons in certain parts of America. I know this because it was related to me by an American Mason – in the state of Florida.

That’s right: the unpalatable truth is that pagans might feel aggrieved because they can’t become Masons in Lodges warranted by the Grand Lodge of Florida, but black Masons have been discriminated against in the same state for far longer than just November 2012. The problem is far more serious than pagans seem to realise.


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Thank you Jesus!

Why? What have I done this time?

This is a response to Peregrin Wildoak’s blog post, What the (magical) world needs right now.

With all due respect to Peregrin, the idea that Shame is enough to solve the perceived evils of the Mind Body Wallet phenomenon is far too simplistic. IMO, the roots of the problem lie in deeply held cultural differences between practitioners of magic. To wit:

  • In cultures within the sphere of influence of traditional Christian morality – even if not everyone within that culture is Christian per se – anything that deviates from a conventional notion of Authentic Spirituality is likely to be labelled Charlatanism.
  • However, in cultures outside that sphere of influence, Charlatanism is Authentic Spirituality.

To illustrate my point, let me relate the story of a talk I recently went to, in which the speaker described how he went to Peru to learn the ways of Ayahuasca. One of the key points he mentioned is that the Ayahuasceros – the ones who know the true way to partake of the Vine of Death in a proper ceremonial context – are all, to a man, complete and utter scoundrels. “That is why I resolved to cut off all ties from my spiritual teacher at the earliest opportunity,” the speaker said.

The magicians in these parts of the world make no bones about charging money for their services. It is common for them if, someone comes to them asking for help, to use the old line: “Ah, a rival Brujo has placed you under a curse! Fortunately if you pay me enough money I will start a magical war with this sorcerer.” Then, when the client gets worse, he or she goes to the next magician who in his turn says that the previous magician, far from helping, himself put a curse on them – and for the usual fee, etc etc.

Moreover, such magicians view apprentices with suspicion. Far from being motivated by a sense of passing on a noble tradition, they recognise that any apprentice they train up is likely to become a business rival. Hence, whilst they may be willing to initiate an apprentice (for the right fee), they will quite happily try to keep them in a subservient position, or steal their power from them, lest they ever look like becoming as skillful a magician as they.

Most importantly though, they periodically curse the local inhabitants and make sure they know about it – so that they regularly propitiate him. And you know what? The locals just lap it up. Because they have no conception of someone like Jesus who healed people out of the goodness of His heart, or magicians who take it as  a point of principle to give their services for free, the idea that a real magician should be anything other than an unmitigated rogue is completely alien to them.

There is a saying: “If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him.” Fluffy bunnies like to misquote this as “If you meet Buddha on the road and he gets in the way, kill him.” Many people say it means “kill him in your mind” but, given the reputation of spiritual teachers in South America, Africa, Asia, etc I say it means to literally kill him – because he is most likely to be an evil so-and-so who is up to no good.

Now let us look at Western consumerism. For a start it should not be called Western Consumerism at all, but just “Consumerism,” because it is the same in principle the world over. The only difference between a Brujo in the South American jungle and a New Age practitioner in the developed world is the technology to which they have access: however if you were to ask either of them whether it is right to charge money for what they do, they would both reply identically.

Fountain, Marcel Duchamp, 1917

Marcel Duchamp invented the concept of Decommodification in 1917 when he announced: “This is a work of art, not a commode!” 😛

As far as I’m aware, the idea of true spirituality being free was established in Europe because of the influence of Christian morality generally. It has its roots in Rosicrucianism – i.e. that none of them should profess anything except to heal the sick and that gratis – and was enunciated in the late Victorian occult revival by magicians under the influence of Christianity, even if they chose not to practice it conventionally or at all – not just the Golden Dawn, but on the other side of the English Channel, by the Martinists as well. It strikes me that by Decommodifying spirituality, they anticipated the Conceptual Art movement of the twentieth century! Moreover – by making initiation free, it removes the threat of an initiator trying to exploit and cheat his initiates – and of the latter wanting to set up in competition with the former once they have served their apprenticeship. However, once a magician moves outside the hegemony of the Christian / Rosicrucian paradigm, there is no reason to suppose that they will adhere to the moral framework thereof, nor that shame will drive them back to it.


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Alex Sumner: Nobel Laureate

Back in 2009, I called into question Barack Obama’s winning of the Nobel Prize, on the grounds that he had only been in office for two weeks before nominations closed. The point being that according to Alfred Nobel’s will, the prize was meant to be awarded for work in the past year. I also pointed out that if the Nobel Committee were wiling to award so much money to someone who hadn’t actually done anything, then I was prepared to do nothing for world peace, whilst charging a considerably smaller rate for my services.

Now, at long last, the Nobel Committee have taken me up on my offer and awarded me the Noble Peace Prize! I shit ye not: they say they have awarded it to the EU, but the EU say they are accepting it on behalf of their 500 million citizens: which includes me!

May I just say that so long as the Nobel Committee pay for my air-fare, board and lodging, I will be happy to fly to Oslo to accept the Prize on the EU’s behalf. 🙂

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Goodbye YouTube Hello Vimeo

After being fucked about by YouTube yesterday, I have now set up a Vimeo channel instead. This has got most of my videos on it, with the exceptions of the series on “Lucid Dreaming” and the Enochian Calls. Grrr! YouTube will find to its cost that it is best not to mess with an arch-sorceror and world’s greatest expert on the occult! BTW, if you work for YouTube and you find yourself being savaged by a Phantom Hound which mysteriously disappears immediately after doing you terrible injury, I disclaim all responsibility.

Click here to visit my Vimeo Channel.

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The L Word

The cast of "The L Word" sans clothes though non-explicit

These people do not care about "Lineage."

No order claiming to be “Rosicrucian” has any lineage whatsoever! Even the genuine ones (if there is such a thing).

The reason is simple: they have no lineage because the original order described in the Fama Fraternitatis had none itself. When Frater N was sitting in the library that fateful day in 1604, he had absolutely no way of knowing that he was truly connected to the original order founded by CRC. Then by chance he found the Vault of the Adepti, and based his legitimacy to be a Rosicrucian purely on the fact of that discovery.

So: anytime you hear anyone go on about the L Word, just remember that Rosicrucianism itself was never founded on the basis of lineage, but on possession – even physical possession – of “Rosicrucian secrets” e.g. The Vault, the cipher mss, etc.

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The Truth About The Golden Dawn!!!

Disguising myself as a human being, I teleported to London, England, last night in order to attend a talk upon the Golden Dawn. I shall not reveal the precise location of the talk, nor who gave it, for reasons which I fear will become all too obvious.

Anywho – I have now been informed of the Truth about the Golden Dawn! So all you people like Chic Cicero, Robert Zink, David Griffin, Nick Farrell, Pat Zalewski, etc etc take note! Here is what I was told (I shit ye not):

  • William Wynn Westcott did not play a major part in forming or running the Golden Dawn. He did not translate the Cipher Manuscripts, and when Macgregor Mathers emigrated to Paris, he did not run the English branch of the Order as Chief Adept in Anglia until his resignation in 1897.
  • Westcott also was a fuddy duddy old man with a long grey beard when the Golden Dawn began, even though he was only 39 years old at the time.
  • Samuel and Moina Mathers translated the Cipher manuscripts themselves.
  • Moina persuaded Annie Horniman to join the GD by saying “Hey, it’s really cool, it’s like dropping acid.”
  • When Macgregor & Moina Mathers emigrated to Paris, they retired from the Golden Dawn altogether and did not really do anything more for the Order (like creating the 5=6 ritual, designing the Vault of the Adepti or coming up with the inner order curriculum) from that point on.
  • Florence Farr was thus left as the sole chief in charge. She and W B Yeats wrote a load of new rituals for the Golden Dawn, which can be found in Regardie’s Black Brick. Probably.
  • George Bernard Shaw was a member of the GD. So too was Oscar Wilde’s wife Constance who, despite only turning up for her neophyte ceremony and then not appearing in the Temple again, was a member of long-standing.
  • No-one in the Golden Dawn who attended a temple outside London ever did anything of note, ever.

So let this be a lesson for you whenever someone purports to tell you the history of the GD!


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The Halloween Conspiracy – An exposé!

Merry Samhain!

There is a sinister Halloween conspiracy afoot. It is a truly insidious attempt to subvert this traditional holiday and turn it into something evil. As far as I am aware, this has never been talked about publicly before, so powerful is the wall of silence surrounding this dastardly scheme. This conspiracy is so disturbing it makes the members of the Warren Commission look like pillars of rectitude, and the extraordinary renditions of British citizens to Libya during Tony Blair’s time in office as UK Prime Minister nothing more than an attempt to send these people on holiday.

However, that is all about to change as I, Alex Sumner, the World’s Greatest Conspiracy Theorist, now blow the gaffe on the great Halloween Conspiracy. What is fundamental to understand is that this particular conspiracy is being perpetrated by an unholy partnership of Christians and secular groups on Wiccan, Pagans, Occultists  – and indeed other Christians.

I shit ye not! This all occurred to me when I was pondering why there has been a move away from traditional Halloween costumes in recent years towards costumes which are not particularly scary at all. Heidi Klum’s effort to look like a dead-body is probably the worthiest Halloween costume that your humble blogmaster has seen this year: it is not only a highly artistic effort, but splendidly enters into the macabre spirit of things. Other costumes however seem to be missing the point of Halloween, with a lot of people under the impression that all that is required is “fancy dress.”

I have said this before, but for the avoidance of doubt I will say it again: a costume is only an authentic Halloween costume if it amounts to a disguise – i.e. so that if an evil spirit came along, it would not recognise you. This is how the tradition of wearing costumes Halloween derives from the pagan celebration of Samhain.

That’s when it hit me: the move from traditional scary costumes to non-traditional fancy dress is a deliberate ploy to take the “Samhain” out of “Halloween” ! Now a lot of Christian Fundamentalists simply come out and say: “Don’t celebrate Halloween, because it’s Satanic,” and all they achieve is they manage to publicise the pagan festival which is its origin. However: the Halloween Conspiracy seeks to spread the idea that Halloween is not about scary costumes but about fancy dress – and hence subtly sever the associations to Samhain. It is in fact the Pagan equivalent of All Souls’ Day, the day of honouring ones deceased relatives. I believe the ancient Church recognised this and deliberately chose to mark All Souls’ Day as close to Samhain as possible (November 2nd) for this very reason.

By severing the connection between Halloween and Samhain, it plays partly into Christian hands who find a secular fancy dress holiday more palatable than one associated with wrongly-so-called Satanic imagery. However, far more pernicious is the fact that it also plays into the hands of secular-politically-correct-atheistic-liberal-consensus that is uncomfortable with any mention of spirituality whatsoever.

Hence: what Christians and Pagans should be doing is, instead of fighting each other, join forces to combat the growing rise of secularism. This can only be done by Christians embracing the scary imagery, and by pagans realising that Christians are not necessarily the enemy but potential allies in the cause of Keeping Samhain Spiritual.

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