Rosicrucian Orders: the Real Deal

OK I’ve been hearing lately that AMORC have shut down Pat Zalewski’s website on the grounds that the latter claimed to be a Rosicrucian Order – and AMORC claimed dibs on the term. Now get this:

About a hundred years ago, Reuben Swinburne Clymer sued Harvey Spencer Lewis, and the court established then it is impossible to copyright the term “Rosicrucian.” I guess AMORC must have forgotten about this or were relying on people like me not to remind people of this.

So come on, stop wallowing in self-righteous pity! Get a lawyer and tell AMORC where they can stick their cease and desist order!


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3 responses to “Rosicrucian Orders: the Real Deal

  1. Adams-Myth

    They may have a ‘judge’ in their order willing to enforce it, ad squash precedents from that long ago. I just can’t imagine how they can even get away with THAT one.

  2. I remember the Clymer book too. Darn good read, especially the stuff with the OTO. Didn’t AMORC go after DG of the ROofAO some time last year. i don’t think anything came of it.

  3. The interesting part is that AMORC went after the ISP, and not ROGD directly—which I think screams that they know that they can’t make it stand up in court.

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