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Major New Website Update

You now have the chance to look at not just one but two new pages on my website – both of which represent some of the magical work I have been doing over the past year or so.

Firstly, there is the latest instalment in my series on skrying with the Enochian being EHNB. This being quite involved, I felt it needed a page of its own – which I have entitled Cosmic Alchemy. The reason I did not publish it sooner was because this update involved me doing some extra magical work which, due to an electional chart I drew up, I could only accomplish last weekend.

Secondly, there is a piece which represents my first tentative thoughts on a new theory of the Tattvas – which I have entitled Saptantattva (“The Seven Elements”). I include this because it has been colouring my outlook on magic recently.

Both these pieces can be accessed from the Articles page of this website.

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Today is Cosmic Saturday, aka Galactic Centre Day

Today the Earth, Sun and the centre of the Galaxy are all in alignment – as I explained in a previous blog post. I personally got up early so that I was ready for dawn – when I did some Enochian Theurgical working – which is related to my EHNB work. A full report shall be coming anon!

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Ag EHNB? Niis od micma!

A correspondent has written asking why there have been no updates to the EHNB page since 2008. There are actually two reasons. Firstly I was not necessarily going to update it every year, but rather update it when I thought I had a good amount of new material to add.

Secondly, I recently did some work with EHNB – it turned out to have further reaching implications than just what could be written down after a day’s skrying. This will probably involve more Enochian work over the next few months or so.

Despite this, I am mindful of the number of readers who are interested in the subject, so I shall be posting updates when I can.

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Cosmic! Major New Update To My Website

This is to announce that I have updated one of the pages of my website, the EHNB working. This was a series of Enochian workings which I first started in 2003, with the purpose of investigating the letters “E,” “H,” “N” and “B” of the so-called Tablet of Union.

As part of the original 2003 working, I was told to invoke EHNB every year subsequently on the anniversary of the first ceremony. This turned out to be Hallowe’en each year – more by luck than design – or so I thought.

I have thus now updated the original article with details of my workings from Hallowe’en 2004 through to 2008. The material received greatly expands the Cosmic-magical paradigm that was outlined in the original article.

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