Cosmic Alchemy

This came about originally as the latest (2010) episode in my series of EHNB workings. I advise my readers to refer to that to set the context, but the gist is essentially that every year on Hallowe’en I do Enochian skrying work which has been leading me into Galactic areas. This page should also be read in conjunction with the page Saptantattva.

Pentagram (approximately) drawn on the belt of the Zodiac.

In a blog post I explained that a number of factors had convinced me that the Galactic Centre was both connected with psychic phenomena, and with the Spirit point of a Pentagram, of which the four Kerubic constellations of the Zodiac made the points of the other four elements. I therefore decided to put this to the test – by creating a full-blown ritual based on this. I therefore set up my temple as follows:

  • In the centre: the Holy Table, on which I placed the seven Ensigns of creation, the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, and the seal of EHNB atop the Sigillum. My Holy Table, incidentally, is a 2′ by 2′ white board painted appropriately, which I rested on an ordinary table or stool of the correct height. This ordinary table itself rested lightly on four more Sigilla Dei Aemeth. I remember I had to come to some precarious arrangement so they would not be crushed or damaged.
  • In the South-west corner of the Temple – the Fire Tablet.
  • In the North-west – the Earth Tablet.
  • In the North-east – the Air Tablet.
  • In the South-east – the Water Tablet.
  • In the East – the Tablet of Union.
  • In the South – burning incense.
  • In the North – a cup of Lustral water.

You will notice that this arrangement is quite unlike how Enochian tablets are usually set up in the Golden Dawn – this was quite deliberate. The Tablets were placed so they occupied the same relative positions as if the Reformed Table of Raphael had been overlaid on a plan of the temple – with the top corresponding to the East. Coincidentally the tablets also corresponded to the relative positions of the Kerubic signs of the Zodiac (imagine a zodiacal belt encircling the Temple) and the points of the Pentagram. The Tablet of Union, which does not feature in the Reformed Table in that form, was placed in the East to represent the point of Spirit – coincidentally corresponding to 0º Capricorn and the Galactic Centre.

The time appointed for the Ritual was when 0º Capricorn was on the Ascendant. The actual structure of the ritual was as follows:

  1. “Hekas! Hekas este bebeloi!”
    Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.
    Purification and Consecration with Water and with Fire.
    Circumambulation and adoration to the Lord of the Universe.
    (So far all very much like GD ritual magick)
  2. Face East. Recite the first and second Enochian Calls.
  3. “Special Invoking Pentagram Ritual” – to wit:
    1. Qabalistic Cross
    2. Circumambulate to South-west. Invoking Pentagrams of Leo (i.e. Spirit Active, Fire, and HVYH) – i.e. referring to the permutation of Tetragrammaton to invoke when tracing the sigil of the Constellation itself.
    3. … to South-east (i.e. deosil – going right round). Invoking Pentagrams of Scorpio (Spirit Passive, Water, and VHHY).
    4. … to North-east. Invoking Pentagrams of Aquarius (Spirit Active, Air, and HYVH).
    5. … to North-west. Invoking Pentagrams of Taurus (Spirit Passive, Earth, and YHHV).
    6. … to East. Archangels.
    7. Qabalistic Cross.
  4. “Special Invoking Hexagram Ritual”:
    1. Qabalistic Cross.
    2. … to South-west. Invoking Hexagram(s) of Sol.
    3. … to South-east. Invoking Hexagram of Mars.
    4. … to North-east. Invoking Hexagram of Saturn.
    5. … to North-west. Invoking Hexagram of Venus.
    6. … to East. Analysis of the Key-word – INRI / LVX etc.
  5. Meditation on EHNB. Discern enlightenment of Galactic centre and cognate subjects.
  6. Licence to Depart.
    Lesser Banishing Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram again.

Come the appointed time, I performed the ritual as above. From my magical record:

I immediately sensed the power. I settled down to meditate on EHNB and got the following insights:

1. Cosmic Alchemy. The “grand plan” is to raise ones soul up to Akasha / Anupadaka / Adi – represented by the centre of the Galaxy – there to have it purified, transmuted and returned to Earth, like a cosmic alchemy operation – rising on the planes, etc.

However: it is not enough to do this to ones individual soul. Ultimately the whole SPIRITUS MUNDI has to go through this operation.

(NB: I think here my feeble human brain got in the way of the message I was supposed to be receiving. It should have been ANIMA MUNDI. The Anima Mundi invokes, the Spiritus Mundi is what is invoked. Or in other words, the Anima Mundi is the World-Consciousness, while the Spiritus Mundi is the World-Superconsciousness.)

EHNB therefore tells me  to repeat this ritual when the Sun is conjunct 0º Capricorn sidereally, and working with the Spiritus Mundi, not just on my own behalf.

2. Star-seeds. In answer to a question I pose, EHNB tells me the following.

It is possible for a soul to re-incarnate in another solar-system. A soul travels in the direction its karma has set for it – if the karma points to another star – that is where the soul goes.

(Your karma – due to all this EHNB business – will be taking you, *Alex* to the Galactic Centre!)

NB: It is not necessarily natural to travel to another solar-system in this way. Souls that do make the journey do so out of bad karma – they fail to learn the lessons on their home-world.

In a way you are all star-seeds – the Star in question being the Sun. You should as a race stop thinking about learning from every indigo-coloured alien that crash-lands in our astrosphere, but think about instead what you have to teach them! (Your cosmic mission – should you choose to accept it – is to teach poor benighted humanity not to have such an inferiority complex.)

Well! Let’s ignore any inference that I am somehow being appointed a Cosmic Messiah by all this and focus on the more interesting bits of this message. A lot of people in the New Age community say we are supposed to learn from these Indigo people, Star-Seeds, etc but this encounter with EHNB got me thinking: we humans are a race, existing in a place, in space, just like these aliens supposedly – so surely we have just as much to present to the Cosmos as we have to take therefrom! But what??? Discern what is the Best of Humanity is, and one has the kernel of the spiritual message that we have to give to the stars. I rather think if humanity has anything to be proud of it is for coming up with people like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. Probably best not to mention to these aliens that we pulled out a right stinker with Adolf Hitler. I remember I wrote about my concerns regarding Star-seeds in a blog-post at the time.

Coincidentally – by discerning what is the Best of Humanity, one comes to the heart of discerning the Anima Mundi. The idea of a “World Soul” or “World Consciousness” is quite old. A lot of people I talk to on the esoteric scene may not have heard the expression before, but when they start talking about what they instinctively believe, they manage to describe it exactly. It is an archetypal force. Its knowledge seems to have been lost in the modern day but it has actually only been lost in the past few hundred years, since really the time of the so-called “Enlightenment.” At its heart is the idea that we are all part of Nature and thus all united with one another.

How can we return our light to the World Soul?

Once we make the simple acknowledgement that we are a part of the whole, then a connection is made between our light and the world. We make this connection with our consciousness and with our imagination; then through this connection our light begins to flow.

Our real gift to life is an awareness of its purpose. When we are aware of life’s purpose, the light of the soul shines in our life, and its secret hidden within the world comes alive. And the light that is within us is within everything; it is “at the centre of all things.” When our light comes alive within us, it comes alive within all of creation.

Anima Mundi: Awakening the Soul of the World

I calculated that sidereally speaking – using the Fagan-Bradley method – the Sun would be conjunct 0º Capricorn on Saturday January 15th 2011, some 21/2 months after the working. I therefore hit upon the following plan. I would follow the exact same ritual as I had on Hallowe’en 2010, but with a few certain modifications. Before beginning the ritual, I would  attune myself to the World-Consciousness by meditating on a suitable mantra, i.e. “We are all joined in love in the Anima Mundi.” After the Special Pentagram and Hexagram rituals, I would call upon EHNB to assist with the invocation of the Spiritus Mundi. Then I would meditate upon raising the Anima Mundi, via the Spiritus Mundi, to the Galactic Centre – there to be purified, transmusted and returned back to Earth. This I visualised as raising consciousness via the chakras or saptantattvas – i.e. the whole World Consciousness, not just my own.

On the day of the ritual – which I had dubbed “Galactic Centre Day 2011,” I went through with the  ceremony, noting in my magical diary that it was generally “very good,” and more specifically the following:

  • The Milky Way is a path along which one can astrally travel from here to the Galactic centre. It is also a path from the centre to the rest of the Galaxy. This is powerful.
  • The “Solar Year” – 26,000 years – is the length of time each soul is destined to spend on Earth. One human lifetime – approximately 7o years – is also the length of time (approximately) that the Equinox precesses by 1º. This is not a coincidence.
  • The “Galactic Year” – (i.e. with relation to our Sun – some 250 million years) is the unit of time measurement for (what humans know as) “Spirit.”
  • Dwelling at the Centre I (acting on behalf of the whole Anima Mundi) will that an impulse of Peace be sent via the “Galaxy” (i.e. the Milky Way) to all Solar Systems, including our own. I also meditate that our Anima Mundi is cleansed and purified, and returned to Earth renewed. I also will that the vessel of this renewal, to wit me, be given the power and the wherewithal to accomplish this cosmic task.
  • I have plenty more to learn – it will take the best part of 26,000 years or so – although when I dwell in my Spirit-consciousness, as opposed to my body-consciousness, Time becomes meaningless.

I think the idea that we are all beings with earthly-life spans lasting 26 millenia, not just 70 short years in the body was the most important lesson I took away from this particular experience. And this of course does not say anything about the time spent in the cosmos generally, which will be even more – assuming we do not escape the wheel of samsara altogether. It encourages one to stop worrying about this life as if it is all that there is, and take a far more historical perspective.