Galactic Centre Day 2011

This blog post came about partly as a result of a conversation with the writer Mike Crowson. Apparently he had unearthed some parapsychological research that says that psychic phenomena tend to increase when the centre of the Galaxy is rising on the horizon. Why this should be so neither he, I, nor the authors of the research were aware, but apparently there was statistical correlation for the assertion.

Now the Galactic Centre can be plotted astronomically – it is where the the belt of the Milky Way cuts the Ecliptic between the end of the constellation of Sagittarius and the beginning of that of Capricorn. Astrologically the Milky Way has figured in the myths of various cultures since ancient times, being thought of as the River of Souls up which we traverse in our post-mortem existence. The example par excellence is Ancient Egypt where it was considered to be the “Heavenly Nile.” The fact that the Milky Way cut the ecliptic at approximately the same point as where the Sun changes direction at the winter solstice did not escape the ancients: they believed that 0º Capricorn and 0º Cancer (approximately where the other end of the Milky Way crosses the ecliptic) were “Soul Gateways.”

Pentagram, with elemental attributions.

Here I depart from what Mike came up with and inserted my own findings (in other words – don’t blame him for the following). The pentagram, you will notice, has the elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth in a particular order – starting in the lower right point and reading widdershins. Why are they in this particular order and not another? It is because they correspond to the Kerubic signs of the Zodiac. That is to say, if Leo corresponds to the Fire point, Scorpio will correspond to the Water point, Aquarius the Air and Taurus the Earth points. This can be illustrated by the following crude diagram:

Pentagram (approximately) drawn on the belt of the Zodiac.

Now you notice that if the preceding is given, where the fifth point of Spirit lies? 0º Capricorn, the Galactic Centre and one of the two Soul Gateways! We thus have an occult explanation, or at least a theory, why the Galactic Centre appears to be connected with psychic phenomena, although this still raises the question why this should be so, and whether the connection with the Pentagram is not just an almighty coincidence. After all, the belt of the Zodiac only appears the way it does from our vantage point on Earth. Go anywhere else in the galaxy and they do not perceive the same constellations as we do. Unless the influence of the Galactic Centre has somehow managed to cause archetypal images in our collective unconscious, or influenced the formation of our solar system to  a Paranormal degree, or both.

Why am I going on about the Galactic centre though, I hallucinate that I hear you ask. Well – it just so happens that the Earth, Sun and the Galactic Centre will all be in alignment on Saturday 15th January 2011 – just two weeks hence. This is the moment when the Sun is at 0º Capricorn in the Sidereal Zodiac (Fagan-Bradley system), nb not the Tropical Zodiac – which would have been the Solstice, 21st December 2010. By using a sidereal system this more closely approximates actual astronomy than a tropical system. We thus have the exciting possibility that on that at dawn on that day our Solar System will be aligned with the Galactic Centre, and we will be able to accomplish great works of a psychic nature.


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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, this looks like an excellent opportunity.

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