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This was first written in 2003, and concerns my attempts to communicate with an Enochian entity known as “EHNB,” which I pronounce “Ehen-be.” The full details of this entity are explained below in my original introduction.

One of the results of my working with “Ehen-be” was that it told me I should follow up the operation by evoking it at least once a year thereafter, on the anniversary of the first ceremony. More through luck than judgement, the ceremony itself fell on 31st October. Hence, every Hallowe’en since then I have been spending by practicing some Enochian magick. Not a typical Samhain celebration, but there you go.

I have therefore decided to update my original article by including material which I gathered from those anniversary workings. These I have included towards the end. In many cases the anniversary workings were powerful experiences in themselves – almost as powerful as the original operation.

“Justificatus,” 2009.


This concerns a series of operations undertaken throughout 2003 to investigate the central part of the Enochian Watchtower system – the Tablet of Union. More specifically, it concerns the 4 squares which in the Golden Dawn system of Enochian magick, hold a pre-eminent place in the Tablet, E H N B.

The letters of the Tablet of Union originally came from the Black Cross which joins together the Four Elemental Watchtowers. Arranged in tabular form, they are thus:


According to the GD system of attributions, the Tablet of Union is assigned to the Element of Spirit. Now the GD elaborates the basic Dee system by assuming that the individual square are in fact truncated pyramids; the four sides have various elemental attributions, while the summits – which are the letters themselves – are thought of as the thrones of various God-forms, who thus become the cap-stones of the pyramids. Applying the GD system to the above Table, we get the following rather more colourful representation:

The Tablet of Union

(Key: White – Spirit; Yellow – Air; Blue – Water; Black – Earth; Red – Fire.)

Whilst the whole Tablet of Union is assigned to Spirit generally, the Four rows – EXARP HCOMA NANTA BITOM – are more specifically assigned to the “sub-tattvas” – Air of Spirit, Water of Spirit, Earth of Spirit and Fire of Spirit. It is these four Enochian names which are used in the Supreme Pentagram Ritual: for example, Air is invoked in the East with the Spirit Active Pentagram with the Hebrew name Eheieh and the Enochian name EXARP, followed by the Air Pentagram itself with the Hebrew name YHVH and the Enochian ORO IBAH AOZPI.

Moreover, the columns of the Tablet of Union are given elemental attributions: starting from the left,
The first column is assigned to Spirit, and to the Aces of the Tarot;
The second is assigned to Air, and to the Princes;
The third is to Water, and to the Queens;
The fourth is to Earth, and to the Princesses;
The fifth is to Fire, and to the Kings.

This may seem confusing at first, but it is by this that we can establish that each square of the Tablet of Union is associated with some other part or parts of the four Elemental Watchtowers. I.E. the Rows are each associated with their corresponding Elemental Tablet; the Columns are each associated with their corresponding Lesser Angles upon those Tablets.

Example: O of HCOMA
The second row, HCOMA, is associated with the Water Tablet.
O is in the Third Column (Water), and is thus associated with the Water Lesser Angle.
O of HCOMA is thus connected to the Water Lesser Angle, which is in the top-right corner, of the Water Tablet. For practical purposes, O would be combined with the 16 servient letters of that angle to form the names of various Angels and Spirits.

The first column of the Tablet of Union – E H N B is different however – it is not associated with any particular lesser angle, but with Kerubic Squares which are found in all the lesser angles of a given Tablet. To continue our example, although the servient squares of the Water Lesser Angle of the Water Tablet are associated with O of HCOMA, the Kerubic squares of that Lesser Angle – as indeed are the Kerubic squares of the other three lesser angles of the Water Tablet – are associated with H of HCOMA. This H is combined with those Kerubic squares to form various Divine and Archangelic names.

BUT… what do all these squares actually do? And how may we make use of them in practical terms?

What I personally did was to concentrate on the first column of the Tablet of Union – EHNB, the letters of which are said to represent “… the especial governance of the Spirit in the Tablet of Union.”1 EHNB is described as the name of an especially powerful spirit who rules or is pre-eminent over the Tablet of Union, and by extension the Enochian system generally.2

My mode of working was divided into several steps:

  1. Skry into the squares E, H, N and B individually.
  2. Evoke EHNB, and consult with “him” regarding all the information I had gathered through the skrying; as well as asking him to clarify various things said by people like Pat Zalewski, Lon Milo Duquette, and Benjamin Rowe. Actually, when it came to this stage, I had so many questions that I wanted to ask EHNB that realistically I would have to perform several evocations, limiting myself to asking two or three questions at a time. The first Evocation was a full Z2 ritual, to establish formal contact with EHNB – and also to ask EHNB if I could evoke him using a less formal procedure upon subsequent occasions (EHNB was willing).
  3. Finally, do follow-up work – i.e. various magical operations to investigate the material gained in the first two stages.

E, H, N and B.

According to the GD-system, each of these squares requires three Enochian calls to “activate” it. The First Enochian Call invokes the Tablet of Union generally; the Second Enochian Call invokes the letters E H N B; whilst the rows of the Tablet of Union are invoked by the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th calls respectively. Hence, to skry into “E” I recited the 1st, 2nd and 3rd calls; for “H” the 1st, 2nd and 4th Calls; etc.

The First Enochian Call
To Invoke the Tablet of Union generally

Ol sonf vorsag goho iad balt lonsh calzod vonpho. Sobra zod-ol ror I ta nazodpes od gra-a ta malpurg. De-es hol-qu q-a-a nothoa zimz od commah ta nobloh zodien. Soba thil gi-nonp purge aldi.
De-es urbs oboleh gi resam. Casarm ohorela taba pir. De-es zodonrenes-gi cab erm iadnah. Pe-ilah farzod-em zod-nurza adna gono iàdpil de-es hom od toh: Soba ipam lu ipamis, De-es loholo vep zom-dee poamal od bogpa aai ta piap piamo-el od vaoan. Zodacaré ca od zodamran. Odo cicle qu-a-à. Zorge lap zirdo noco Mad, hoath Ja-ida.

Translation: I reign over you, saith the God of Justice, in power exalted over a firmament of wrath. In whose hands the Sun is as a sword and the moon is as a thorough-thrusting fire. Who measureth your garments in the midst of your vestures and trussed you together as the palms of my hands. Whose seat I garnished with the fire of gathering. Who beautified your garments with admiration. Unto whom I made a law to govern the Holy Ones. Who delivered you a rod with the Ark of Knowledge. Moreover ye lifted up Your Voices and sware obedience and faith to him that liveth and triumpheth: Whose beginning is not nor end cannot be, Which shineth as a flame in the midst of your palace and reigneth amongst you as the balance of righteousness and truth. Move therefore and show yourselves. Open the mysteries of your creation. Be friendly unto me, for I am the servant of the same your God, the true worshipper of the Highest.

The Second Enochian Call
To Invoke the Letters E H N B specifically

Adget vee-pa-ah zong om fa-à-ip sald vi-iv eL sobam ial-purg i-za-zaz pi-adph. Casarma abram-gi ta talho paracleda quu ta lors-el-qua turbs ooge baltoh. Givi chis lus-dee orri od micalp chis bia ozongon. Lap no-an trof cors ta ge o qua manin Ia-I-don. Torzu goh-eL. Zodacaré ca C noqod. Zodamran micalzodo od ozodazodem urelp lap zir Io-Iad.

Translation: Can the Wings of the Winds understand your voices of wonder, O you Second of the First, whom the burning flames have framed within the depth of my jaw. Whom I have prepared as cups for a wedding or as the flowers in their beauty for the chamber of the Righteous. Stronger are your feet than the barren stone and mightier are your voices than the Manifold Winds. For ye are become a building such as is not save in the mind of the All-Powerful. Arise, saith the First. Move, therefore, unto your servants. Show yourselves in power and make me a strong seer of things, for I am of Him that liveth forever.

The Third Enochian Call
To Invoke EXARP, the Tablet of Air, and Air of Air.

Micma goho Piad3. Zir comselh azien biah os londoh. Norz chis othil gi-gi-pah, vnd-L chis ta pu-in q mospleh teloch, qui-in toltorge chis I chis-ge em ozien ds-t burgda od torzul. Ili e ol balzarge od a-ala thilnos netaab, dluga vomsarge lonsa capmiali vors CLA homil cocasb: Fafen izizop od mi-i-noag de gnetaab vaun na na e el malpirgi caosg pild. Noan unalah balt od vaoan. Do oiap mad goholor gohus amiran. Micma jehusoz ca-ca-com od do-o-a-in noar mi-ca-olz a-ai-om, casarmg gohia: Zodacar, uniglag od im-ua-mar pugo plapli ananael q-a-an.

Translation: Behold, saith your God: I am a circle on whose hands stand 12 kingdoms. 6 are the seats of living breath, the rest are as sharp sickles or the Horns of Death, wherein the creatures of Earth are and are not except mine own hands which also sleep and shall rise. In the first I made you stewards and placed you in seats 12 of government, giving unto every one of you power successively over Four, Five and Six, the true ages of time: to the intent that from the Highest Vessels and the corners of your governments ye might work my power pouring down the fires of light and increase continually upon the Earth. Thus ye are become the Skirts of Justice and Truth. In the name of the same your God, Lift up, I say, yourselves. Behold his mercies flourish, and his name is become Mighty amongst us, in whom we say: Move, descend and apply yourselves unto us, as unto the partakers of the Secret Wisdom of Your Creation.

The Fourth Enochian Call
To Invoke HCOMA, the Tablet of Water, and Water of Water.

Othil lasdi babage od dorpha, gohol: G chis ge avavago cormp Pe-De, de-es sonf vi-iv-div? Casarmi o-ali MAP-eM, sobam ag cormpo orp eL; Carsarm-ge cro-od-zi chis od ve-gedge de-es T capimali chis capimaon od lonshin chis talo CLA. Torzu nor-qua-sa-hi od ef-caosga, bagle Zodire na-I-ad4 de-es I od apila. Do-oa-ip qua-al zodacar od zodamran obelisong rest il a-af normolap.

Translation: I have placed my feet in the South and looked about me saying: Are not the Thunders of Increase numbered 33, which reign in the Second Angle? Under whom I have placed 9639, whom none hath yet numbered but One; In whom the second beginning of things are and wax strong, which also successively are the number of Time, and their powers are as the first 456. Arise ye Sons of Pleasure, and visit the Earth, for I am the Lord your God which is and liveth. In the name of the Creator, move and show yourselves as pleasant deliverers that you may praise him amongst the Sons of Men.

The Fifth Call
To Invoke NANTA, the Tablet of Earth, and Earth of Earth.

Sa-pah zi-mii du-iv od noas ta qu-anis ad-roch. Dorphal caos-ge od fa-onts pir-ip-sol ta blior. Casarm a-mip-zi na-zarth AF od dlugar zi-zop zod-lida caosgi toltorgi: Od zod-chis e-siasch eL ta ui-u od I-a-od thild de-es hubar PE-O-AL soba cormfa chis ta la vls od qu-cocasb.
Ca ni-is od darbs qu-a-as. Feth-ar-zi od bliora. Ia ial ed-nas cicles. Bagle? Ge Jad I eL.

Translation: The Mighty sounds have entered the Third Angle and are become as olives in the olive mount. Looking with gladness upon the Earth, and dwelling in the brightness of the heavens as continual comforters. Unto whom I have fastened Pillars of Gladness 19, and gave them vessels to water the Earth with all her creatures. And they are become the brothers of the First and the Second and the beginning of their own seats which are garnished with continually burning lamps 69636 whose numbers are as the First, the Ends, and the content of Time. Therefore come ye and obey your creation. Visit us in peace and comfort. Conclude us receivers of your Mysteries. For why? Our Lord and Master is the All-One.

The Sixth Call
To Invoke BITOM, the Tablet of Fire, and Fire of Fire.

Gah es di-u chis EM micalzo pilzin, sobam El harg mir babalon, od ob-loc samvelg: dlugar malpurg ar-ca-os-gi od ACAM canal, sobol-zar f-bli-ard Caosgi, od chis a netab od miam ta vi-v od D: Darsar solpeth be-en, Bri ta od zacam g-micalzo sob ha-ath trian lu-i-a-he od ecrin Mad q-a-a-on.

Translation: The Spirits of the fourth Angle are 9 mighty in the firmament of waters, whom the First hath planted a Torment to the wicked, and a Garland to the righteous; giving unto them fiery darts to vanne the Earth and 7699 continual workmen, whose courses visit with comfort the earth, and are in government and continuance as the second and the third: Wherefore hearken unto my voice, I have talked of you and I move you in power and presence, whose works shall be a Song of honour and the praise of your God in your Creation.

Now it should be noted that the attribution given above of Second Call applies to the GD-system – i.e. it is the one used by Zalewski and Duquette. However other magicians have applied different attributions to the Second Call. For example, Benjamin Rowe believed that the Second Call was used for the lesser angles of the Watchtowers and was not used for the Tablet of Union at all. Again, the Aurum Solis believes that the Second Call is used as a preliminary to invoking the 30 Aethyrs. Therefore, one of the questions that I knew I had to ask EHNB was “What is the nature and meaning of the Second Enochian Call?”

I skryed into the squares, using the following procedure:

  • First, the Watchtower Ceremony;
  • The Middle Pillar ritual;
  • Then I would firmly visualise the Square in question as a truncated pyramid, with the appropriate colours.
  • Then I would in Enochian, the appropriate Enochian Calls. For each session I would memorise all the Calls I needed. I have long found that an Enochian call is potent enough simply by reciting it, in Enochian, with full knowledge of the English translation, and knowing what it is supposed to do.
  • I would project my consciousness to the actual pyramid. I would commune with the God-form which ruled over the pyramid, seated on the letter on the summit as on a throne; and also with the Sphinx. The god-form of the square represents the drawing down of the Light into the pyramid; the Sphinx represents the manifestation of that Light. Curiously, according to the GD system of attributions, all four squares of EHNB were ruled over by one God-form: Osiris.
  • Typically, there would then follow some discussion about the nature of the Tablet of Union, or of that particular square, or some related matter. At all stages I would test the vision by the classic means of testing clairvoyance: i.e. vibrating divine names, and making the correct signs.
  • Then, I would meditate for some time on the most important issue that the vision had raised. Although this particular stage of the session is the one least described in my records, it was in fact usually the most crucial. For, whereas the vision itself is a set of astral phenomena, in meditating I was attempting to discover the higher-reality which transcended the astral. But because it transcends the astral, it also transcends ones ability to describe it in a satisfactory manner, save in the most abstract terms. I generally think of this process as, having risen to the Astral Plane, trying to discover how it is being affected by forces from higher up in the Mental Plane.
  • After a while, when I finally felt that I had got all the information that I was going to receive from this vision, I would begin the process of withdrawing. I would come back to the Astral, and thank all the beings that I had met, again by vibrating the divine names and making the correct signs. I would then bring my consciousness back to my physical body, and thus return to “normal”.
  • Finally I would finish the session by giving a License to Depart to any spirits entrapped by the ceremony, and banishing with the LBRP, BRH, and Rose-Cross Rituals.


Calls used: 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

I see the Tablet of Union floating in space – not flat but 3-D with the squares as truncated pyramids.

“Going” to the “E” of “EXARP”, I see, standing on the E i.e. the top of the pyramid, Osiris. We exchange LVX signs – all seems good.

I ask to see the Sphinx – it is an Angel.

I ask Osiris to explain the significance of this square: he says that He, Osiris, is the Higher Self, and similar to his Tiphereth-nature is more accurately the channel of the Higher Self.

The purpose of this specific square is to direct and link the energies of Spirit to the Kerubs of the Air Tablet, who are the Guardians of that tablet. The squares H, N and B hold a similar function for the Water, Earth and Fire tablets respectively. Where does this Spirit-energy come from? The Higher Self – it is ones own Higher Self that is the original source of empowerment for the Watchtowers, but moreover it is also from the 30 Aethyrs – what are collectively the “macrocosmic” Higher Self. This idea is meant to expand the notion of the Higher Self rather than constrict the notion of the Aethyrs. The Aethyrs are thirty samadhis which pour down their energy and influance into the Tablet of Union which distributes it to the Watchtowers.

What about the powers of Invisibility and Transformation which are attributed to Spirit?5 These are related: Invisibility is Transformation into something unseeable. What these powers refer to is the fact that the control of Spirit entails the control of the Astral Plane at the deepest and most rar-reaching level. Hence, control Spirit and one is able to Transform the Astral substance, perhaps even in such a way as to produce subtle effects on the physical plane.

I then Assume the form of Osiris, and meditate for a while on channelling the energy from the Supernal regions to the Kerubic squares of the Air Tablet, in the manner described. I can feel the energy. Being Osiris – a King – I “command” the energy of the Universe to flow into and through me – this has the effect of heightening the energy sensation.

I then thank Osiris, making LVX signs and leave…


Calls used: 1st, 2nd and 4th.

I see the Square in question – I see Osiris again standing on the summit. We exchange LVX signs – I vibrate IAO.

I ask Osiris to show me the Sphinx of this Square. Osiris firmly wills LIGHT to come down into the Pyramid. I project inside, and there materialises a tall figure, an Angel with a white-hooded robe. It has an Eagle’s head.

Osiris says, (similar to what said about “E” of EXARP, etc) that the is square represents the linking of the energies of Spirit to the Water tablet. Moreover, he gives me the following teaching:

Several of the more important Enochian beings have manifested in history as gods and goddesses in various races’ mythologies. However, the powers of the Tablet of Union generally – and EHNB in particular – are to cause these manifestations of “divinity” in the first place.

Hence, when a Mystic has a vision of “God” etc, there are three parties involved: the Observer (the Mystic); the thing Observed (“God” etc); and the Force causing the “God” and the Mystic to come into contact with each other. This force is the Tablet of Union (EHNB).

The Tablet of Union is thus responsible for bringing into manifestation acts and events which inspire mens minds towards the Divine. Not just mystical experiences, but physical manifestations of Nature. This particular Square, “H” of HCOMA, causes one to derive intuitions and inspirations from “Water” – both magical and physical – and by following them and concentrating on them, to perceive the divine nature behind Water (likewise, mutatis mutandur, for the squares E, N and B).6

Thus the Tablet of Union is actually an extremely powerful vehicle for both spiritual and physical wonder-working. This points up what is wrong with many attempts at Magia (as opposed to Theurgia): one should never attempt a spell for a petty end, but for one which will seriously impress all the nations of the Earth with wonder for the Divine.

I meditate for a while on this idea – of inspiring people with divine wonder. I feel calm, and buzzing with energy.

Eventually I thank Osiris as appropriate and leave…


Calls used: 1st, 2nd and 5th.

Concentrating on the inward vision, I see the square. I see Osiris standing on the N. I vibrate “Nanta” – all seems well. I vibrate “IAO”. Osiris makes the LVX signs, drawing down the astral light. Osiris is filled with LVX and projects it into the square. I see the Sphinx – a bovine-headed Angel. It vibrates “Nanta” and “IAO” and makes the LVX signs.

I perceive that the function of the square is, again, to direct the powers of Spirit to the Kerubic squares of the Earth tablet. Moreover, I am given the following message:

“‘Spirit’ = ‘Spiritus Mundi‘; look up what Agrippa has to say on the subject for further insights.7 He knew what could be done or at least had an inkling – but it was not until the Enochian system was revealed that there were effective keys to put it into practice.

“Spiritual Development using EHNB would take effect by using the power of Spirit to direct the sanctifying powers through to the appropriate elements…

“Give thanks and praise for your faculty of spiritual insight, which Divine: for you are listening in as God communicates to His creation. The Foolish dare to think that they can eavesdrop as God reveals His secrets. The Wise are content that they can hear Him speak at all!”

I attempt then to perceive the Mental-plane reality behind the Astral-plane vision. I am able to feel Spirit as the life-principle, and Earth as solidity and manifestation. I remain in this awhile, contemplating it…


Calls used: 1st, 2nd and 6th.

…I go to the square. I make Spirit-Active and Fire Signs. I call on Osiris: He appears and tests well by these signs, and also by LVX and the letters k and t.

Osiris says: “The letters of EHNB are all ruled over by me. I am in effect You, seeing as at your Neophyte initiation you were transformed into Me.

“In a certain sense, EHNB represents the Higher Genius. Consider also: EHNB is associated with the four Aces. This square in particular is associated with the Ace of Wands, which is Natural Energy, as well as being a complete synthesis of the Tree of Life9. Note also how the Four Aces are associated with the North Pole of the Ecliptic, and Kether. I.e. B of BITOM, and EHNB generally, represent Kether.”

I assume the God-form of Osiris. I venture inside the square. I meet EHNB himself, an Angel. Tests well by the various signs. He says:

“The Kerubs are the guards of the various lesser angles, because the B (of BITOM) prefix represents the Supernal Influence, or Neshamah. The I,T,O & M of BITOM, (which are used with the servient squares of the Fire Tablet), represent the Ruach.”

I see a fiery cavern. EHNB says: “EHNB represents the four Aces and Kether – which is the force which draws an individual successfully over the Abyss. It is really necessary to become the forces represented by the various Aces. Fire is great emotion, e.g. anger – but it is also joy and love. Remember that one should do the Great Work out of Love.”

EHNB then leads me out of the cavern to sunlight – Solar Fire. EHNB gives me a personal10 instruction to make Samyama on the elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. I might not necessarily obtain any siddhis this way, but it will improve my personal practice. I then thank EHNB and Osiris as appropriate and leave…

Evoking EHNB

I now applied myself to preparing to Evoke EHNB, using a full Z2-type GD ceremony. I have already written about Evoking Enochian beings at some length in The Raagiosil Working: I shall therefore limit myself to mentioning how this ceremony differed from the previous one.

I used the first two Enochian Calls, and the Supreme Invoking Pentagram Ritual. The Seal I created looked like this:

The Seal of EHNB

The back of the seal

The back of the Seal

Looking through the notes of my skrying sessions so far, I made a list of questions that I wanted to ask EHNB, to wit:

  1. Thank EHNB for advice about meditating on the Elements (see B) and apologise for not having done so before.
  2. Does EHNB have a sigil? Is this the best way of evoking EHNB, or if not, what? Would EHNB consent to appear in future without the rigmarole of going through a full ceremonial?
  3. What is the Tablet of Union? What exactly does EHNB do?
  4. What is the meaning of the First Call? In particular, what is the “Ark of Knowledge”?
  5. What is the meaning of the Second Call? “Wings of Winds”? “Second of the First”?
  6. “Spiritual Development” – please explain.
  7. Likewise “Transformation”.
  8. Likewise “Invisibility”.
  9. What did Zalewski mean when he wrote about EHNB?
  10. Likewise, what did Duquette mean?
  11. How do you explain what Rowe wrote about the Second Call?
  12. Is there any further relevant information that I need to know at this time?

I instinctively knew that I was not going to get all these questions answered at once – it would take multiple sessions of communing with EHNB. Besides, I did not want to try and do it all in one go, as I felt the quality would suffer if I exhausted myself. As it happened, it took four sessions.

The First Evocation

This was conducted in the form of a full ceremonial Z2 type ritual.

1. Thank EHNB for advice re:meditating on the Elements…

I noted down in my record: I sit in padmasana before the Triangle of Art. In my Clairvoyant vision I see a white sphere floating there. This is a representation of EHNB, apparently. EHNB accepts the thanks graciously.

2. Sigil? Best way of evoking EHNB?

EHNB says “Henceforth it will not be necessary to go through a full ceremonial, but follow this procedure: Travel to the astral plane and meditate on the notion of Spirit – even as you achieved samadhi on the same when I told you to meditate on the elements all those years ago. Why else did you think I told you to do so? Not to gain siddhis, surely? For shame!11 Then when your mind is filled with the notion of Spirit, mentally intone the first two Enochian calls. I shall appear in a manner similar to now – a sphere of effulgent white light.

3. What is the Tablet of Union? What exactly does EHNB do?

EHNB: Contemplate the four Watchtowers – see how the squares thereof come alive when you vibrate EXARP HCOMA NANTA BITOM. The Tablet of Union is that Spirit upon which you meditated. Indeed, I am that Spirit!

4. What is the meaning of the First Call?

I am led through the English translation of the call. EHNB explains key phrases.

“I reign over you…” – the idea here is that the “God of Justice” is looking down over the Universe from the vantage point of Kether.
(in the first sentence) are “the Holy Ones” mentioned infra. These are the beings of the Watchtowers – an infinity of Angels, all serving God.
“In whose hands …” –
Sun and Moon here represent spiritual forces, i.e. forces of Spiritual Alchemy.
“Who measureth your garments …” –
Garments here mean the various sheathes or subtle bodies which make up the whole individual. The life principle animates these bodies and binds the forces of the personality – and the Universe generally – together.
“Fires of gathering” – these are more Alchemical forces, here attracting the beneficial influences of the Divine nature. The “Seat” is the
Aesat i.e. the throne upon which the god sits. The suggestion is that this means the individual’s body, or Nature generally.12

In short the whole call may be viewed as a ritual of evocation addressed by God to the most powerful and pre-eminent of all the Angels.

The Second Evocation

Actually this was carried out using the abbreviated method as described in the first session.

I recite the first two Enochian calls, and behold (in the spirit vision) a sphere of white effulgent light floating above the Sigillum Dei Aemeth. I vibrate EHNB and IAW. Rays of light shoot out from this sphere successively in the pattern of the LVX sighns. I ask if it is EHNB and I sense an affirmative answer.

I contemplate the astral form of this sphere – for a brief moment my spirit is exalted but it lasts just a fraction of a second. I ask:

5. What is the meaning of the Second Call? EHNB, appearing as an Angelic form with the letters E H N B on his belt, tells me to recite the English translation thereof.

The “Wings of Wind” denote Angels. “Voice of wonder” is the power of Divine Command – and the process of investing one with this power is figuratively described. The “burning flames” of the Holy Spirit have ignited and thus sanctified “the depts of my jaw” i.e. the throat, vocal cords, or speech centre. Thus one is to think of oneself as speaking with the Voice of God Himself – asserting ones right to address oneself to all the Holy Angels.13
&quot:For ye are become a building …” – the impression I get is that this “building” is the metaphorical Temple of Solomon: i.e. the Heavenly Jerusalem, which is also the Cube of Space.

6. Spiritual Development

It appears that insofar as “Spiritual Development” pertains to EHNB it involves contemplation of the Cube of Space itself, which bears a relationship to the Enochian tablets, i.e.:

Tiphereth          - the Base -          the Tablet of Union
Netzach            - the East -          the Air Tablet
Hod                - the West -          the Water Tablet
Yesod              - the South -         the Fire Tablet
Malkuth            - the North -         the Earth Tablet


It is unclear how Geburah – the Top – and Chesed, (Daath), Binah, Chokmah and Kether, which are outside the Cube per se, fit into this Enochian system. I feel the vision beginning to slip, so I thank EHNB as appropriate, and return to my body and normal consciousness, intending to get clarification next time.

The Third Session

Seated in padmasana and with the Sigil of EHNB upon the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, I project in the astral. I recite the first two Enochian calls. I feel a sense of power – a frisson of energy. I see a glowing white sphere upon the S_ D_ A_. It grows very large: I enter it.

EHNB is here as an Angelic form – he makes the LVX signs. I vibrate IAW and EXARP HCOMA NANTA BITOM – good.

First, I thank EHNB for all he has done so far. Then I ask him to elaborate on the topic of Spiritual Development, briefly mentioned in the last session. EHNB says:

“The experience of ‘raising your vibratory level’ was a sign from me of the way forward. When it comes to Spiritual Development, your aim should be to raise your energy level and hence raise yourself to the peak of godhead. Establish the link with Divinity and make sure that the whole Self is permanently energised – i.e. raised one may trust other beneficial effects to follow as a matter of course.

“Become that ‘building’ i.e. the Cube of Space – face by face. For when the 6 faces are complete, then that is the ‘grade of Adeptus Major’ – i.e. the next stage of Spiritual Development. After that, it is a question of transcending that which is, and becoming that which causes to be – Chesed and above.

“Hence, perform Theurgical operations to complete this in this manner – using the first two Enochian Calls to aid you in raising your energy level.”

I ask: “How do I know my vanity is not interfering withthe contents of this vision?” EHNB says: “Simple – be humble! Be modest when talking about this, and deny that you have an exalted grade. That way your vanity does not become an issue.”

7. Transformation

“Transformation is like Evocation except that the ‘place’ where the form is evoked is You! Follow this procedure: Set-up the temple as for an Evocation ceremony – but sit in the Triangle of Art yourself. Now astrally project into the Circle, and conduct the Ceremony, adding the first two Enochian calls, all the while in the Astral. Evoke the form to astral appearance in the Triangle of Art – where the physical You is. At the end of the ceremony rejoin the physical self in the Triangle.

“This should go without saying, but: only ever use this formula to transform yourself into something Good! For example, someone or something with unequivocably virtuous characteristics – something which better enables you to do the Great Work, etc. Never something evil, or not unequivocably good, for this is the fastest way to psychic destruction. Remember what happened to Crowley regarding Choronzon!15

8. Invisibility

Invisibility can be accomplished in a similar manner, by evoking a creature who is Invisibility into the Triangle. NB Not evoking a creature who is invisible into the Triangle.

The Fourth Session

9. What did Zalewski mean … when he said that EHNB direxts all the energies coming into this Solar System? In response, EHNB lifts me up – high up, rising into the cosmos…

I am at a notional vantage point where I can see all the various stars of the Universe. EHNB says: “the energies come from from the various stars, which in turn come from the races inhabiting the planets encircling those stars. They project their psychologies out into the Universe just as you” (i.e. us Humans) “project yours through Astrology. Zalewski is only partially correct when he says I am responsible for your Solar System: I am in fact responsibel for all solar systems. There is a hierarchy:

Relationship of different solar systems to EHNB and ultimately to God.

Relationship of Solar System, via EHNB etc, to other cosmic influences.

“The various Solar Systems communicate To me, and Through me both to the other Solar Systems and to God the Ineffable Absolute – the Lord of the Universe Who Works in Silence and Whom nought but Silence can Express.


EHNB continues: “I am the intermediary between the inhabitants of these solar systems – e.g. Man – and God”

In an attempt to display unity with my cosmic brethren I try to project feelings of love and peace to all the races of the universe. EHNB corrects me – “Peace is not entirely appropriate, for some of them are of a highly passionate nature, and do not understand Peace to be a desirable quality per se.” OK, what if instead of peace I try projecting Happiness and Contentment? Again, EHNB says: “They themselves are not wholly appropriate either, because there are others who do not recognise emotions at all.” What then should I project? – “MAAT”

10. What did Duquette mean when he said that EHNB was the spiritual guide par excellence?

EHNB says: “I am qabalistically equivalent to Metatron – the earlier connection you noted between myself and Kether thus holds good.

“As Metatron, I could theoretically make you a Magus – were it appropriate to do so. This is why Duquette says I am the Spiritual guide par excellence – because I am!”

11. How do you explain what Rowe wrote about the Second Call?
EHNB says: “Rowe never used the first two calls together, and thus never called me: Mathers did, and did. Rowe saw the effects of the Calls but he didn’t realise he was not looking at the causes. The Lesser Angles were vivified and enlightened by the Second call, because I was vivifying them: I animate the Kerubic Squares, the Kerubs animate the Lessere Angles. Rowe saw the Lesser Angles animated, but didn’t see the Animator, i.e. Me.”

12. Is there anything more that I need to know?

EHNB says: “Plenty! Specifically – proceed next with the Transformation and Invisibility Rituals as you had planned. Also, be sure to invoke Me at least once a year in future.”16

Transformation and Invisibility

I shall briefly describe what results I have had in attempting these, according to the methods revealed by EHNB. In none of the rituals I performed did I physically transform or become invisible! The Bornless Ritual is potent, as are the first two Enochian calls, and I certainly felt as though these mighty invocations raised some sort of power. Though not enough to visibly affect my appearance in a mirror.

However, certain events in my life suggested to me that Transformation can take effect at a very subtle level. For example, if one were to opt to Transform oneself into, e.g. a deity from the Roman Pantheon (or Egyptian, or Greek, etc, depending on ones preference). The Transformation would take place on the Astral level, so that ones Astral body would be transformed into the thing in question. On the physical level however, one would find that people, animals, events, and so forth, would start reacting to oneself, as if one were that thing in question. Thus, one can take on “invisible characteristics” which observers do not see, but react to on the unconscious level. The extent to which this is successful depends on the magician’s mastery of the Transformation ritual.

Regarding Invisibility however, I ran up against an extremely potent barrier: my own Will! Living in a free country, not likely to be harassed by Police, or soldiers, or other people, being a law-abiding citizen generally – I have never felt any overwhelming desire to become Invisible – it would only cause me more problems than it would solve. E.g. cars would not stop for me on a Zebra-crossing, I would not get served in pubs, etc. Indeed, I have felt that rather than being noticed less, it would be far more useful to be noticed more – especially by people who might be in a position to give me things like money etc

Nevertheless, I went through with attempting Invisibility. This I tried to do by “transforming” myself into Harpocrates, the young Horus. It occurred to me that the greatest use of Invisibility like this is not to hide from physical beings, but to hide from spiritual forces – inhabitants of the astral plane, etc. This topic would require far more study in the future.

2004 Update

From my magical diary, 31st October 2004:

Today being the anniversary of my EHNB working – I invoked EHNB. After some fifteen minutes of pranayama, I prepared myself with the “AOTH”17 (Middle Pillar) technique, filling my aura generally – and my third eye in particular – with white light. Then, meditating with the Sigillum Dei Aemeth and the Seal of EHNB on my lap I address a short prayer to Levanah to invoke the power of the Sigillum. I then mentally recite the first two Enochian calls whilst visualising the Seal of EHNB.

The effect is very powerful. Some thoughts which occur to me:

  • Due to the power raised, I am convinced of the actual presence of EHNB. I give thanks to the “Lord of the Universe…” and ask EHNB to fill my soul with His wisdom, to the glory of God and for the advancement of the Great Work in all its forms.
  • My understanding of “Spirit” being a transformative agent is based on my study of Alchemy. My study of Alchemy is directly related to a mystical experience I had in January re: the “Vision of Beauty Triumphant.” (The implication is that EHNB somehow inspired this Vision.) Hence I am shown in my mind’s eye how there is a causative link between my mystical experiences and the advancement of my knowledge.
  • When we go beyond the Elements we get the Mercury, Sulphur and Salt, i.e. the Quintessence. When we go beyond the seven planets (rays) we get … ? A “Cosmic Quintessence?” Moreover, if the Quintessence can be derived from the Metals, etc, within the Earth, this effectively proves the existence of Immanent Deity. if the “Cosmic Quintessence” (“Octessence” ?) can be derived from the seven planets (rays), this would prove the existence of Transcendental Deity.
  • I meditate on being transformed by EHNB myself. I experience Samadhi
  • I end with the License to Depart.

Certain parts of this magical record refer to incidents which had occurred to me in the previous twelve months. The references to “Alchemy” relate to work I was doing about which I wrote in the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition. The experience specifically mentioned in that article was the basis of a great deal of continuing inspiration which affected this vision with EHNB.

Essentially, the gist is this: the seven classical planets of astrology represent seven cosmic Rays. However, they are also represented by the seven metals in terrestrial life. Now the basis of practical alchemy is that by performing spagyric processes on the seven metals one can create a “Quintessence” (i.e. the Philosophers’ Stone) – which is a Spiritual substance, something greater than its original constituents. Hence if one were to succeed in creating a Quintessence, this would prove that there must have been something Spiritual hidden within the prima materia waiting for the alchemical processes to reveal it. In other words, proof of immanent Deity.

The implication of this spiritual message is how much more powerful it would be if, instead of starting with an actual physical metal, one were to perform Spiritual Alchemy on the influence of a given planet – i.e. that its astrological influence is itself the prima materia for an alchemical operation? The result would be a form of Quintessence but on a much higher level – an “Octessence” i.e. greater than the sum of the seven planets – and coincidentally referring the Ogdoad state.

Reference to the “Vision of Beauty Triumphant” refer to when whilst meditating on the sephirah Netzach, I experienced samadhi. I seem to recall that in practical terms it was a direct intuitive confirmation of the validity of seeking spiritual enlightenment through the emotion of Unconditional Love.

2005 Update

From my magical diary, 31st October 2005:

I commune with EHNB in the following way:

  2. Recite the first and second Enochian calls. (Good)
  3. I sit down to meditate, holding the Sigillum Dei Aemeth on which I have placed the Seal of EHNB.

I visualise the four squares of the Tablet of Union which make up the name EHNB. Meanwhile I vibrate, mantra-like, “Ehen-be.”

I feel the presence of EHNB – it answers my tests satisfactorily. In my mind’s eye I see the four squares of the Tablet of Union surrounding the Earth and injecting the whol of mankind with their influences. I gain the following bits of information –

The four elementally coloured triangles18 represent the letters of YHVH and all that they represent, which goes back to the old principle of “Ha Shem” being definitive formula of creation. Hence even YHVH vivifies the world of Spirit.

All the squares are ruled by Osiris. EHNB is of Tiphereth and the light which shineth down into Tiphereth, Kether. EHNB is thus the Hierophant and the “Initiator” i.e. the Cosmic Initiator.

The trans-Saturnian realms represent (as far as Earth is concerned) primeval energies from before the dawn of time that are common to all solar systems.

The ruling Solar Spirit if evoked will represent the group soul of the Solar system. As indeed will the spirits of the stars as regards their own solar systems.

EHNB leads my to a point above the spheres of the (astrological) planets: it is a point at which the Adepts from other solar systems can meet and communicate after a fashion. An Adept who is experienced in this realm learns to view things from a cosmic point of view, eschewing a local (e.g. earth-based or humanocentric) point of view. The messages of the Cosmic Adepts will be of increasing relevance in the future.

As to me personally I should concentrate on my powers of Invisibility as will become important soon.

After this I thank EHNB and return to normal consciousness. Licence to Depart / LBRP & LBRH.

This appears to be mostly expansions on the themes originally treated in the first EHNB operations two years previously. I did not understand the reference to Invisibility and did not actually follow up on it. With hindsight it may have meant that it would have helped me avoid or otherwise deal with some incidents of misfortune which occurred to me several weeks after this operation.

2006 Update

From my magical diary, 31st October 2006:

Today I did my annual contacting of EHNB. I did it like a Huna rite,19, first by preparing with Ha Breathing, the visualising of the Squares of EHNB, and reciting the first and second Enochian calls, whilst directing Mana to my Neshamah.

I received the following information:

If I ascend to Tiphereth-consciousness, and then invoke EHNB, I am able to take my place in the universal community of stars – i.e. the Solar Genii. Once I am centred in Tiphereth, though, I am no longer an individual human. Instead I am working for the whole of the human race. Indeed, ultimately I would be acting on behalf of the whole solar system.

As I invoke EHNB, I feel the power of the Kerubic angels of the Tablets.

EHNB is equivalent to “Hua,” the “Abyss of God” – the aspect of Kether which descends to Tiphereth and brings the Adept up over the Abyss.

“Storming The Gates of Heaven” (see below) consists of ascending to Daath-Consciousness and receiving the cosmic influences. I would in fact be “becoming” EHNB. (May I be equal to perceiving these!)

A practical working – assume the form of the Solar Genius, thus ascending to Tiphereth-consciousness. Realise that as Sol, one is the Life-energy for the various Spheres in this system – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The “beings” of these spheres (i.e. Angelic or Spiritual beings) are animated by the Solar energy.

Therefore, the working consists of imagining oneself as the Solar Genius – “Shamash-Eth” – projecting energy to each of the Spheres.

The Spiritual beings of the Earth Sphere here include the those of the Moon.

This is summed up thus:
I am Sol – I am the life of the beings on the Mercury / Venus / Earth / Mars / Jupiter / Saturn Sphere.

All in all, the meditation is fairly potent.

This further develops the themes mentioned in the previous workings. The emphasis here is on a Heliocentric point of view. The implication is that Heliocentric astrology – not the current Geocentric astrology – will be the basis of the magick of the future. This necessarily means that a whole system of Heliocentric Cosmology must be worked out.

There is coming a step in the spiritual evolution of mankind when instead of abiding in Malkuth and rising up to the spiritual planes, the default position will be to abide in Tiphereth – so that views the various planetary spheres not from the point of view of the Earth, but from that of the Sun. When this happens, no longer will people think of themselves as individuals, but they will think in terms of the planet as a whole, and ultimately the solar system as a whole.

The move from Geocentric to Heliocentric Astrology neatly illustrates this ascension of consciousness, as the peculiarities of the latter form of astrology coincide with the new level of thought. In Heliocentric Astrology, a chart will always be the same for anyone born at a given time no matter where upon Earth they are born. Heliocentric charts thus do not reflect the influences on an individual so much as the influences which affect the whole planet generally at a given time. Likewise the Adept who attains Solar-Consciousness thinks not of himself as a person, but thinks in terms of the whole planet.

Moreover: in Heliocentric charts, the Moon – which is so influential in Geocentric charts – is found to be always in conjunction with the Earth. Thus in Heliocentric Astrology the Moon loses its identity as a separate planet. This is represented in the progression to Solar Consciousness by the peculiar phenomenon reported by some Adepts that cross the Abyss that Yesod and Malkuth merge into one. The Adept who has attained Solar Consciousness has thus broken down all the barriers between his conscious and Unconscious (Yesod) minds, and is able to access the latter directly.

The reference to “Hua” as the “Abyss of God” is to Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, where Hua is named as such. The reference to “Storming the Gates of Heaven” is to something which had been on my mind for several months. During the summer previous to this particular working, I happened to learn that in the Whare Ra temple of the Stella Matutina, initiates of the grade of Daath were given a ritual to perform, i.e. “Storming the Gates of Heaven,” which was described as attempting to make contact with the forces behind the Enochian tablets. On this occasion I therefore asked EHNB what this particular ritual consisted of.

“Shamash-Eth” – these are two Hebrew words meaning something like Sun-Essence or Sun-Spirit. Coincidentally, Shamash is also the name of the Babylonian Sun-deity … but I digress. “Shamash-Eth” is an interesting phrase from the point of view of the literal Qabalah, in that the letters of which it consists are the Mother-letters, plus Tau, i.e. Shin (Fire) – Mem (Water) – Shin (Spirit) – Aleph (Air) – Tau (Earth). Shamash-Eth therefore represents a deeper level of symbolism of the Pentagrammaton or mystical name of Jesus – Yeheshuah – than Reuchlin its originator was aware.

2007 Update

From my magical diary, 31st October 2007.

(Revising the first and second Enochian calls – this time from the corrected spelling of Dee’s originals.)

I perform my annual Evocation of EHNB. After clearing the place with the LBRP I settle down with the Sigillum Dei Aemeth and the Seal of EHNB. I recite the first two Enochian Calls. I feel a great sense of peace – powerful. (I am visualising the squares which make up the name as I do so).

I thank EHNB for all the inspiration I have received in the past year, the understanding of heliocentric cosmology and the causes of consciousness.

I ask: “what are the major spiritual challenges facing me over the next few months, and how do I deal with them?” I get the following message:

“Become a spiritual healer – exemplify the true Rosicrucian impulse in e.g. your work. Your healing qualities will be appreciated by the clients and by your colleagues.” *

* NB: By way of background, around this time in my mundane life I was working in the Healthcare sector, helping drug addicts and alcoholics.

“This will indirectly lead to your job becoming more satisfying, even materially – but concentrate first on Healing for the sake of it (‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God,’ etc).

“Your enemies are put there to inspire you to excellence.”

With the guidance of EHNB, I perform a Heliocentric visualisation. I am the Sun – YHVH – and I successively contemplate the planets and their Briatic names.

I then imagine a ray of consciousness stretching from me to the beyond – (Shekinah) – I travel along this ray and find myself in a great hall, filled with Genii from other solar systems arranged in a three-dimensional mandala around the central figure of “Lady Shekinah.” We meditate as a group on raising power to generate Inspiration, Love and Knowledge, and then I bring this back along the ray to my own Solar System.

I thank EHNB and give a licence to depart. Returning to normal(ish) consciousness, I perform the LBRP again.

The first part of this message was obviously a personal one meant for me. I seem to recall that I must have failed to fully realise my destiny as a spiritual healer as I ended up leaving my then current place of employment some time later.

The references to “Lady Shekinah” and to “Briatic names” refer to elaborations on previous teachings mentioned by EHNB, and which I studied in the course of the preceding year. In the “Adeptus Major” ceremonies of two offshoots of the Golden Dawn – the Stella Matutina and the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross – great importance is attached to the “Shekinah” – the Divine Feminine, or Sacred Presence of God. (It is possible that Felkin and Waite – the respective authors of these rituals were influenced by each other). Waite came up with several different versions – there is an early version which is printed in “The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic,” whilst there are one or more later versions in which the magical content is progressively stripped down and replaced with Christian mystical themes.

The early version which is published in the “Complete…” is extremely interesting for two reasons, Waite’s long-winded prose notwithstanding. Firstly – Waite identifies the aspirant who has successfully gone through the ceremony as Horus and the Shekinah as Nuit. This is essentially the same proposition of Thelema – i.e. that every man and woman is a star – represented by Ra Hoor Khuit (Horus) as the divine solar archetype – taking his or her place in the body of Nuit the sky-goddess.

Thus, despite the massive irony that Crowley ripped into Waite continuously in the Equinox, Waite had, unbeknownst to Crowley, created a Thelemic Adeptus Major ceremony. There is however an important difference. From Waite’s point of view, the change of viewpoint from Osiris to Horus is not a change in the Aeons, but in the evolutionary progress of the individual – the Osiris-phase applies up to the grade of 5=6, whereas the Horus-phase applies from the grade of 6=5 onwards.

The second interesting point about this early Waite ceremony is that there is a curious reference to Mercury being the path of progression. Waite also included other cryptic references that one can only progress up the Tree of Life by ascending a direct path. This I did not understand … until I compared the ceremony with my theories on Heliocentric Cosmology.

When one adopts the Geocentric point of view, the natural order of the planets on the Tree of Life (in reverse order) is: Earth – Moon – Mercury – Venus – Sun – Mars – Jupiter etc. However – what if one were to take a Heliocentric point of view? It would be: Sun – Mercury – Venus – Earth (Moon) – Mars – etc.

Thus, in the Heliocentric model, the Sun comes in the place the Earth would be; Mercury comes in the place the Moon would be; and Mars in the place the Sun should be. Thus assuming that an Adept was already centred in Solar consciousness, the path of progression to Mars by a straight vertical ascent would start from the Sun, thence to Mercury, and thence to Mars.

Hence from this it appeared to me that Waite had quite brilliantly hidden a secret key within the Adeptus Major ceremony – that Heliocentric cosmology is fundamental to understanding the change in consciousness from 5=6 to 6=5.

Regarding Briah, this refers to the “Heavens of Briah,” a Qabalistic teaching which at one time was illustrated in a diagram shown to aspirants in the Portal ceremony of the Golden Dawn. Now given that everything that a candidate learns in one of the grades of the outer order represents something of which he or she will make practical use when they are an Adept, it seems reasonable to suppose this applies to the “Heavens of Briah” too. Pat Zalewski once remarked that in his system an Adeptus Major studies the secret formulae of the Portal grade, so it would not be a stretch to see that this should include making practical use of the “Heavens of Briah.”

2008 update

From my magical diary, 31st October 2008:

This morning I do my annual invocation of EHNB. LBRP – SIRP – Tree of Life – Pranayama – First and Second Enochian calls. The sigil of EHNB is upon the Sigillum Dei Aemeth as I visualise it. I receive the following:

“Consider the Aces…” i.e. of the Tarot.

“Spirit is not merely the beginning or potentiality – it is also drawing all things back to it by threads which remain forever attached.

“Consider the role of Spirit in the grade ceremonies” i.e. of the Golden Dawn. “Spirit is drawing the initiate upwards…”

EHNB knows all past and future lives – here is the key to the real mystery of Samhain.

I make the following prayer: “I pray you, EHNB , to plant an irresistible impulse in my unconscious to inspire me to do the Great work every day – and give me the wherewithal to accomplish it.”

Unfortunately my session was cut short by an unwanted telephone call. Grr! Licence to depart in all names of the Tree of Life.

I remember this as quite a short session compared to previous year’s attempts, although more material is referred to here than is necessarily explained. The main emphasis of this session is meditation upon the nature of the element of Spirit. EHNB represents the most Spiritual part of the Tablet of Union and also is associated with the four Aces of the Tarot. Hence, EHNB is saying, by contemplating the meanings of the Tarot Aces it would be possible to gain an idea of the true nature of Spirit. The Aces generally represent great power, or great potentiality for new action (exactly what would depend on the particular suit). The implication I eventually received from receiving the message is that EHNB, Spirit, the Tarot Aces, the Holy Spirit of the Christian Trinity, Kether, and the Martinist concept of Omneity, in fact all represent One and the same thing.

“Samhain” is of course the ancient Celtic name for “Hallowe’en”
the day on which by chance I have been invoking EHNB every year. I had thought the day was ironic, but rather coincidental, it being no other reason than when the original set of workings culminated. Now however I was getting a message that it might not have been a coincidence after all. In his book “My Life With The Spirits,” Duquette describes his own dealings with EHNB – saying that EHNB revealed to him details of one of his past lives.

Now it so happens that Samhain was the traditional day when one made contact with the ancestral spirits. BUT … what if “ancestral spirits” was actually a metaphor for previous incarnations? The irony would be that all this time I had been invoking a Spiritual guide capable of showing me my different incarnations on the ancient pagan feast day when it would be most appropriate to do so.


See Cosmic Alchemy

2020 Cumulative Update

Going through my website it appears that I have not updated this page in a long time. Although I have been keeping up with my periodic invocations, I have not been updating this page every year as most of the resulting visions have been of the nature of “checking-in.” Besides which, I have been integrating my various insights into the main body of my website.

For example, much of my work with Aliens and the Golden Dawn was inspired by a conversation with EHNB, who also added some interesting details, to wit: a parallel can be drawn between the dragon formulae and EHNB since both are associated with Kether. Given that the letters E, H, N, and B are associated with the Tarot Aces, it also follows that EHNB may be related to the “Kether” on one’s personal TOLPIAS. Exploring this in meditation can yield fruitful results.

Likewise there is a further method of attributing the Enochian Watchtowers to TOLPIAS – by considering which tarot cards are related to which squares and where these occur projected in the sphere. This would imply, for example, that in one sense the Seniors are associated with the region from 45º S of the Ecliptic to 90º (i.e. the South Pole). The Lesser Angles would hence be associated with 0º to 45º S; and the Kerubic Squares would be associated with the “northern hemisphere,” because the Princes, Queens and Kings rule 0º to 45º N and the Princesses 45º N to 90º (i.e. the North Pole).

Clearly this requires a lot of labour to work out the full implications (another reason I have not been updating this page every year), but I believe does show the beginning of how the energies coming into the Earth from various star-systems may be related to the Enochian system.


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  3. This is how it is given in “A True and Faithful Relation…”: it seems to have been changed to Mad (“God”) in “The Golden Dawn”. Piad seems to be a compound of “P – Iad” a variation of Iad, as used in the First Call.
  4. Again, Na-iad, possibly another variation of Iad, is the word used in Casaubon, whereas it has been altered to Mad in “The Golden Dawn”.
  5. I.e. because according to “777” the magical powers attributed to path 31 bis, which is the path of Spirit, are Invisibility, Transformation, and the Vision of the Genius.
  6. Cf Jakob Boehme, who said that the Invisible World is hidden within Nature as the Soul is hidden within the body (Mysterium Magnum, ch1). The sense of the Enochian vision is that by the action of this square and its counterparts, one may observe Nature, and perceive the Invisible World therein: and that by deep contemplation upon this one may, like Boehme, sense the Divine therefrom.
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  10. I.e. this probably just applied to me. To anyone else, EHNB would presumably given an instruction specific to them.
  11. EHNB is having a dig at me here! I once used my experience of samyama on Fire, to cause a damp match to take flame. I am not particularly proud of it – it may be uncanny but as magical feats go it is little more remarkable than pulling a rabbit from a hat!
  12. Compare this notion with the Enochian pyramid system. The apex – which is the Enochian letter – is considered to be the throne of the god-form which rules over that pyramid. The god-form is effectively the “cap-stone” of that pyramid. The “seat” mentioned in the First Call would appear to be the place – or the facility – which allows the Divine to manifest – either in Nature, or in ones own self.
  13. cf: “This is He whom, having made Voice by His commandment, is Lord of all things – King, Ruler and Helper.” – The Bornless Ritual.
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  15. It has been speculated by Regardie, in The Eye in the Triangle that Crowley sat in the Triangle of Art when he explored the Tenth Aethyr, thus allowing himself to become possessed by Choronzon, the Demon of the Abyss. Crowley’s own account, The Vision and the Voice, does not reveal where Crowley was sitting at all, save that it was suppossedly a place of secrecy.
  16. As it happened this fourth session took place on October 31st, i.e. Hallowe’en!
  17. AOTH = “Art of True Healing” by Israel Regardie. The AOTH technique is a method of invoking the Sephiroth – it is basically identical with the method which Regardie also describes in “The Middle Pillar.” It is probably a complete coincidence but I found it amusing that the name I came up with for a magical technique – the acronym of Regardie’s book – is also one of the barbarous names from the famous Bornless Ritual!
  18. This refers to the coloured sides of the squares which make up the name of EHNB – see the Seal for illustration. These coloured sides are actually the power of the Tetragrammaton.
  19. Around this time I had taken an interest in Huna, as set out in the works of Max Freedom Long. I happened to perceive that there was a similarity between the Hawaiian and Qabalistic notions of the soul: also between the Ha Rite and the four-fold breath of the Golden Dawn. I have written more extensively on this subject in “Notes to A Neophyte.”


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