Ag EHNB? Niis od micma!

A correspondent has written asking why there have been no updates to the EHNB page since 2008. There are actually two reasons. Firstly I was not necessarily going to update it every year, but rather update it when I thought I had a good amount of new material to add.

Secondly, I recently did some work with EHNB – it turned out to have further reaching implications than just what could be written down after a day’s skrying. This will probably involve more Enochian work over the next few months or so.

Despite this, I am mindful of the number of readers who are interested in the subject, so I shall be posting updates when I can.

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One response to “Ag EHNB? Niis od micma!

  1. Oh man, I remember reading the original working when you first published; just now discovered the updates. Glad there will be more =)

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