Major New Website Update

You now have the chance to look at not just one but two new pages on my website – both of which represent some of the magical work I have been doing over the past year or so.

Firstly, there is the latest instalment in my series on skrying with the Enochian being EHNB. This being quite involved, I felt it needed a page of its own – which I have entitled Cosmic Alchemy. The reason I did not publish it sooner was because this update involved me doing some extra magical work which, due to an electional chart I drew up, I could only accomplish last weekend.

Secondly, there is a piece which represents my first tentative thoughts on a new theory of the Tattvas – which I have entitled Saptantattva (“The Seven Elements”). I include this because it has been colouring my outlook on magic recently.

Both these pieces can be accessed from the Articles page of this website.

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