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Love Friday 2013 (vlog)

In which I announce the date of the most favourable day this year for invoking the planet Venus, the planet of Love and Romance: FRIDAY 22ND MARCH 2013.


March 18, 2013 · 10:38 pm

The Solar Venus Transit of 2012

In which I vlog about the Sun / Venus transit which is taking place on June 5th / 6th 2012, and present a Graeco Egyptian Invocation of Aphrodite, which I previously featured on my website.


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How are you celebrating LoveFriday2011?


Friday 7th October 2011 is, astrologically speaking, the best day of the year to invoke Venus, the planet of Love. It has nothing to do with the date but with the fact the planets are lined up in the most auspicious manner on that particular day. I have explained the full reasons for why this is so in a post from last year entitled Wedding Date for Prince William and Kate Middleton predicted by Astrology. Unfortunately the Royal couple chose not to go with my recommendations, but the fact remains that tomorrow is an excellent day for embarking on matters associated with the planet Venus, such as getting married, forming a long-term relationship with a new lover, etc.

I personally will be doing some ritual which will involve a Graeco-Egyptian invocation of Venus.

I wish you all a happy LoveFriday2011, and please share any glad tidings in the comments section below. 🙂

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“Love Friday 2011” – Now Free For Everyone to book their weddings!

William and Kate have shunned the best astrological advice available and chosen to hold their wedding on April 29th 2011. This despite the fact that Venus will be in its detriment in Aries, and Saturn is retrograde from January until June. However, I am not going to be so offensive as that Bishop who was suspended recently, and instead say to the couple “Good Luck” – in every sense of the term.

However, what is bad (or at least not particularly brilliant, astrologically speaking) news for the Royal Couple is good news for everyone else. Apparently many brides had been afraid that if Wills’ & Kate’s big day had clashed with their own, then the Royals would have overshadowed them. However, because the Royal Couple have now chosen to get married in April, this means that the best possible date for getting married in 2011 is now up for grabs. I.e. Friday October 7th 2011, preferably at 1.42pm (if in the United Kingdom – the exact time for other countries will vary).  I have therefore officially Sumnerened the day as “LOVE FRIDAY 2011.”

I went into detail on why this is such a good date for getting married in my previous post on the subject, but the long and the short of it is because that day there is a unique astrological event – a four way conjunction between the Venus, Saturn, Sun and Mercury, whilst the (waxing) Moon forms a trine (i.e. a harmonious aspect) to the lot of them.

IMHO, this is such a good date that I shall probably be taking the day off work that day to consecrate a Venus talisman, or do some working of that nature.


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The Pentagram

News today of naughty Pagan goings on in the Forest of Dean, in Gloucestershire, UK.  Apparently, a local well has been the subject of a severe case of well-dressings to celebrate the Equinox. Shock, horror! Apparently St Anthony’s Well, which is the renowned for its miracle cures for skin conditions, has been haunted by several teenage delinquents who have also been leaving pentagrams nearby, much to the consternation of local Christians.

Let us gloss over for one moment the fact that Christians ought to be praising God for any teenager that ventures near a cure for skin conditions, no matter how odd. Let us also gloss over the fact that this ancient well, though supposedly a Christian site is almost certainly an old pagan one that got saved for the Lord. What – pray tell – exactly is wrong with a Pentagram?

The Pentagram is a symbol of Nature – literally. Its proportions are based upon the Golden Ratio – 1:1.618… etc – which itself is based upon the Fibonnaci series.

Now there is a curious (and not unrelated) fact – if one were to imagine that the orbits of both the Earth and the Planet Venus were circles, then the major occlusions of the Sun by Venus as seen from Earth would mark out the points of a pentagram! There is a simple reason for this: the ratio of the distance of Venus from the Sun, to the distance of the Earth to the Sun, corresponds to the Golden Ratio – 1:1.618. Because orbital speed is also proportional to its distance from the Sun, it follows as a Math that a Pentagram-like arrangement would occur.

I was chatting on this matter to some Companions of mine in the pub – where all matters of cosmic importance are always discussed.

“What I find most remarkable,” I said, “is that the planet Venus just so happens to be that particular distance from the Sun in relation to Earth.”
“Yes,” one of my Companions answered. “And we are the only planet with intelligent life to see it.”

In this sense the Pentagram is quite exciting – it is a greater argument for Intelligent Design than a lot of the tripe put forward by Bible-bashing fundies. Christians have a unique opportunity to embrace this symbol because it really does indicate that a divine being created the Heavens and the Earth – yet they shy away from it because they think it is a symbol of the occult. Pagans are smarter in that respect.

Of course there are some Christians who like to appropriate the Pentagram as a sacred symbol – simply because it is a symbol of the number 5. There were 5 wounds of Christ, and there are 5 letters in the Hebrew spelling of the Qabalistic name of Jesus – “Yeheshuah.” This, incidentally is the basis for the Pentagram ritual of the Golden Dawn, which itself has passed into the neo-pagan tradition.


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Planetary Invocations #1 – Venus

Today I shall begin the first in a series of Planetary invocations. These are all ones I use in my own magical practice.


One of my favourite sources for deriving traditional rituals is The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation, Including the Demotic Spells: Texts v. 1. Despite the name these are actually mostly from Ptolemaic Egypt and are thus more Graeco-Egyptian than Greek per se. The Greek Magical Papyri show an eclectic range of influences, including not just traditional Greek and Egyptian traditions but also Gnostic and even proto-Qabalistic ones as well.

Many of the spells are of the eye of newt and tongue of bat variety, but there are a number which are conducive to more theurgical types of working. One of these is the famous Bornless Ritual: another is the invocation I present below.

The following is an invocation to Venus – or more accurately, Aphrodite. I adapted it from a spell to invoke Aphrodite for divinatory purposes.

The invocation is in three parts: parts one and three – the basic invocation and the welcome to the Goddess – should always be used; part two may be used in addition to part one at the discretion of the magician. The words in bold type – the “barbarous names of evocation” – should be vibrated or chanted with a full breath – a very powerful effect is achieved when this is done properly.


I call upon You, the Mother and Mistress of Nymphs
Come in Holy Light and give Answer, showing Your Lovely Shape!

I call upon thee ILAOUCH who has begotten Himeros, the Lovely Horai and You Graces;
I also call upon the Zeus-sprung Physis of All Things,
Two-formed, indivisible, straight, foam-beautiful Aphrodite.
Reveal to me Your Lovely Light and Your Lovely Face, O Mistress ILAOUCH.

I conjure You, Giver of Fire, by ELGINAL, and by the Great Names:

I also ask You by the All Wonderful Names:

Bring Light and Your Lovely Face and the knowledge of Your Divine Self,
You shining with Fire, bearing Fire all around, stirring the Land from afar –
Do it!

Hail, Very Glorious Goddess, ILARA OUCH!


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