How are you celebrating LoveFriday2011?


Friday 7th October 2011 is, astrologically speaking, the best day of the year to invoke Venus, the planet of Love. It has nothing to do with the date but with the fact the planets are lined up in the most auspicious manner on that particular day. I have explained the full reasons for why this is so in a post from last year entitled Wedding Date for Prince William and Kate Middleton predicted by Astrology. Unfortunately the Royal couple chose not to go with my recommendations, but the fact remains that tomorrow is an excellent day for embarking on matters associated with the planet Venus, such as getting married, forming a long-term relationship with a new lover, etc.

I personally will be doing some ritual which will involve a Graeco-Egyptian invocation of Venus.

I wish you all a happy LoveFriday2011, and please share any glad tidings in the comments section below. 🙂

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