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The Solar Venus Transit of 2012

In which I vlog about the Sun / Venus transit which is taking place on June 5th / 6th 2012, and present a Graeco Egyptian Invocation of Aphrodite, which I previously featured on my website.


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“Love Friday 2011” – Now Free For Everyone to book their weddings!

William and Kate have shunned the best astrological advice available and chosen to hold their wedding on April 29th 2011. This despite the fact that Venus will be in its detriment in Aries, and Saturn is retrograde from January until June. However, I am not going to be so offensive as that Bishop who was suspended recently, and instead say to the couple “Good Luck” – in every sense of the term.

However, what is bad (or at least not particularly brilliant, astrologically speaking) news for the Royal Couple is good news for everyone else. Apparently many brides had been afraid that if Wills’ & Kate’s big day had clashed with their own, then the Royals would have overshadowed them. However, because the Royal Couple have now chosen to get married in April, this means that the best possible date for getting married in 2011 is now up for grabs. I.e. Friday October 7th 2011, preferably at 1.42pm (if in the United Kingdom – the exact time for other countries will vary).  I have therefore officially Sumnerened the day as “LOVE FRIDAY 2011.”

I went into detail on why this is such a good date for getting married in my previous post on the subject, but the long and the short of it is because that day there is a unique astrological event – a four way conjunction between the Venus, Saturn, Sun and Mercury, whilst the (waxing) Moon forms a trine (i.e. a harmonious aspect) to the lot of them.

IMHO, this is such a good date that I shall probably be taking the day off work that day to consecrate a Venus talisman, or do some working of that nature.


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The Music of the Sun

I read with interest that some scientists have concluded that the Sun actually makes music. What they in fact mean is that the various magnetic fields of the sun vibrate at frequencies which, if they were vibrations in an acoustic medium and they were speeded up to be audible to humans, they would indeed sound like something. The sceptical among you  will be thinking that a sound which is speeded up by an arbitrary amount can hardly be said to be the authentic music of anything: for example, if I had a note vibrating at 440Hz and speeded it up to 660Hz, I would be raising it in pitch from A to E. Do that too many times and on an inconsistent basis and that is tantamount to altering the melody of the whole song!

However, if one were to look at it not as the actual sounds in themselves but as a method of composition – by applying a consistent algorithm (algo-rhythm?) to the vibrations – one actually comes up with a piece of ambient process music of the kind that Karlheinz Stockhausen or Brian Eno would be interested in.

For those interested in hearing a WAV file of the sounds generated by the scientists from the Sun, Please click this link.


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