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New Beginnings

Saturday March 1st 2014 is an auspicious date, astrologically speaking. The previous day, Mercury will have turned direct again after its most recent retrograde period. Whilst in the early hours of Saturday morning (GMT) is the precise moment of the New Moon.

Saturday 1st March 2014, the day of the New Moon and Mercury turning direct.

Saturday 1st March 2014, the day of the New Moon and Mercury turning direct.

What better day than to start some new adventure? Indeed, and I myself shall be marking the day by hitting the road to promote the print edition of my latest* book Taromancer. On that Saturday I shall commence my nation-wide tour of the United Kingdom with a book-signing / tarot-reading session in Manchester. The print edition is available from Amazon, although I will be bringing along a limited number of copies myself.

Please get in touch if you are interested in coming along and I will keep you informed as to the precise time and place!

* When I say “latest” I mean I came out with it on Kindle as long ago as December 2013. Yes! Believe it or not I am still on the promotional trail of the last book, unlike some writers I could mention! 😉


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Why My New Book Is Published Tomorrow…

Wednesday 11th May is an exceptional day for invoking Mercury. In fact it is a very good day for invoking a number of planets, as I shall explain shortly. Mercury is the planet of Communication, but it is also associated with businesses and businessmen: the words “Merchant” and “Mercantile” and indeed “Market” all derive from “Mercury” who was in ancient times the God of Merchants and traders. There are spells for attracting customers to ones business in The Greek Magical Papyri which involve invoking Hermes, the Greek equivalent of Mercury. Indeed, one of my most fondly-remembered money spells involved me creating a Mercury Talisman.

So, when I was trying to work out when would be a good day to start a new business venture – e.g. announcing the launch of my new book – I endeavoured to draw up an electional chart for some time when Mercury was auspiciously placed. My criteria for drawing up the chart were as follows:

  • It ought to be when the Moon is waxing – this is traditionally a good time for attracting and invoking.
  • Mercury must not be retrograde.
  • The Moon should be well-aspected to Mercury – conjunct, trine or sextile.
  • It ought to be on the day and in the hour of Mercury.
  • Mercury should preferably be well aspected to Jupiter (which amongst other things represents good-fortune in the long-term), the Sun (which in financial matters indicates ready-cash), and should have as few bad-aspects to other planets as possible.

By definition the Moon is waxing fifty percent of the time, so this could only be in 26 out 52 weeks in any given year. By avoiding when Mercury is retrograde this narrowed it down somewhat: by specifying the day and hour of Mercury this narrowed it down even more specifically to sunrise on a Wednesday morning. NB: there are other Mercury-hours during the day of course, but I thought that dawn would be when I was most likely to have time available for Magick.

This left me with the task of checking the various remaining Wednesdays in 2011 to see when (a) the Moon formed a good aspect with Mercury; and (b) when Mercury was well-aspected to other planets. Soon, one particular date stood out noticeably in comparison to the rest: Wednesday 11th March (see diagram).

Electional chart for sunrise in London, UK, on Wednesday 11th May 2011.

What first struck me most about this chart is that there is an interesting four-way Stellium in Aries consisting of not only Mercury and Jupiter but also Venus and Mars as well. Moreover – the Moon forms a Trine aspect to the lot of them. Thankfully the presence of Saturn which cast a baleful influence over the nuptials of Wills & Kate two weeks ago has now moved on.

The only possible downer is the Sun – there is a only a very weak semi-sextile between Mercury, although at least this is better than nothing. The Sun however does form a square to the Moon. I interpret this to mean that although a business venture begun tomorrow is likely be successful in the long term, large amounts of cash will not be forthcoming immediately – e.g. not until late 2012 to middle 2013.

So my new book will be a slow-burning success! All attempts to defy the stars by making it a bestseller sooner rather than later will however be greatly appreciated. 😉

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“Love Friday 2011” – Now Free For Everyone to book their weddings!

William and Kate have shunned the best astrological advice available and chosen to hold their wedding on April 29th 2011. This despite the fact that Venus will be in its detriment in Aries, and Saturn is retrograde from January until June. However, I am not going to be so offensive as that Bishop who was suspended recently, and instead say to the couple “Good Luck” – in every sense of the term.

However, what is bad (or at least not particularly brilliant, astrologically speaking) news for the Royal Couple is good news for everyone else. Apparently many brides had been afraid that if Wills’ & Kate’s big day had clashed with their own, then the Royals would have overshadowed them. However, because the Royal Couple have now chosen to get married in April, this means that the best possible date for getting married in 2011 is now up for grabs. I.e. Friday October 7th 2011, preferably at 1.42pm (if in the United Kingdom – the exact time for other countries will vary).  I have therefore officially Sumnerened the day as “LOVE FRIDAY 2011.”

I went into detail on why this is such a good date for getting married in my previous post on the subject, but the long and the short of it is because that day there is a unique astrological event – a four way conjunction between the Venus, Saturn, Sun and Mercury, whilst the (waxing) Moon forms a trine (i.e. a harmonious aspect) to the lot of them.

IMHO, this is such a good date that I shall probably be taking the day off work that day to consecrate a Venus talisman, or do some working of that nature.


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Today is a good day for invoking Mercury

The moon is waxing and forms a good aspect with Mercury. The planetary hours for London, UK are (or were) 0722 – 0806; 1230 – 1314; and 1842 – 1958 this evening.

Planetary hours for the daytime can be calculated by taking the length of time between dusk and the preceding dawn and dividing by 12. The first hour (i.e. beginning at dawn) is always that of the planet after which the day of the week is named – it is in fact the reason why in ancient times the days of the week were named as they were. Hence: Sunday = Sun, Monday = Moon, etc. The rest of the hours follow the natural order of the planets, repeating after every seven: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon.

The planetary hours for the night-time are calculated by dividing the time between dawn the following day and dusk the previous day by 12. (See, for example, here). The planets are assigned in the same order as the day hours, following straight on from the last hour which ended at dusk.

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Planetary Invocations #6 – Mercury

Another invocation taken from the Greek Magical Papyri, specifically to Hermes. As before, the words in BOLD CAPITALS should be vibrated.

Mercury (Hermes)

Hermes, lord of the world, who’re in the heart,
O Circle of Selene, spherical
And square, the founder of the words of speech,
With golden sandals, turning airy course
Beneath earth’s depth, who hold the spirit’s reins,
The sun’s and who with lamps of gods immortal 
Give joy to those beneath earth’s depts, to mortals
Who’ve finished life. The Moirai’s fatal thread
And Dream divine you’re said to be, who send
Forth Oracles by day and night, you cure
Pains of all mortals with your healing cares.
Hither, O blessed one, O mighty son
Of the goddess who brings full mental powers,
By your own form and gracious mind. And to
Me, NN, a pious man, reveal a sign
And send him your true skill of prophecy.







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