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QOTD: Equinox Prayer

Let us adore the Father of Beings and Spaces.

Lord of the Universe, blessed be Thy name unto the Eternal Ages. Look with favour upon this Order, and grant that its members may attain unto the Summum Bonum, the Perfect Wisdom, the Universal Light, to the Glory of Thy Ineffable Name. AMEN.

Unknown, but presumably S L MacGregor Mathers, 1892
From the original Equinox ceremony of the Golden Dawn.

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September 23, 2018 · 2:54 am

QOTD: “Hekas! Hekas! Este bebeloi!”

Yahdonhai (Hebrew letters); Taphthartharath (Sigil)

The Chief Magus rises, holding the Ibis wand by its black end, and proclaims: ” “HEKAS, HEKAS ESTE BEBELOI!” 3

3 WEH NOTE: This is the cry of the Dionysian mysteries. It was shouted to warn the uninitiated that the new candidates were about to run amuck. Rough translation: “Look out! Look out! Here come the Drunks!”


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Re: Equinox Ceremony (Golden Dawn Group)

Lurking on Pat Zalewski’s Yahoo Forum, I have come to the conclusion: there are no innovations or new developments in the Golden Dawn!

I say this because the same subjects keep getting debated month after month: only the titles of the threads change. Heck, with only so many shopping days to go til Christmas, we will be probably going on about solstices soon enough!

Anyway: here is a prime example – a debate whether in the Golden Dawn it is a good idea to open the temple in the 0=0, then raise it to a higher grade, then lower it back down again afterwards. It was gone over last month, but in the context of opening and closing by sceptre.

— In golden-dawn-group@yahoogroups.com, “Martin Thibeault” <reaux.croix@…> wrote:

Aside from schedule conflicts, I am interested to hear how you would deal with the 0=0 Godforms invoked on the floor for the Opening and then invoking the ones for the Elemental Ceremony to follow. Would you invoke the 0=0 ones, leave them there then have Officers briefly leave Temple while the Hierophant invokes the Elemental ones? Would you `release’ the 0=0 ones prior to invoking the Elemental ones? If so would you re-invoke them for the closing at the end?

Given that Macgregor Mathers thought that the god-forms of the 0=0 were basically the same as those of the Outer Order generally but with  a few variations, this would be entirely reasonable: what’s more there would be no re-invocation because they are already there.

Of course – if on the other hand you subscribe to the rather sophisticated method of attributions set out in Rituals & Commentaries this would not be feasible.

It all boils down to what you consider authentic GD practice: the kind outlined in Mathers’ paper on the 1=10 ceremony, or what was done at Whare Ra.

See what I did there? I included a plug for two different Pat Zalewski books, so he’s in a win-win situation whatever the outcome of the debate! 🙂

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