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This is an experimental video project. The soundtrack is an “isochronic tone” intended to aid “Manifestation” (cosmic ordering, creative visualisation, “the Secret” etc). The images are selected to represent positive goals which will benefit both the individual and the whole planet, e.g.

* Success (sporting endeavour)
* Abundance
* Love
* Peace
* Respect (for others and for the planet)

Recommended for meditation.

No copyright intended: all sounds and images are copyright the respective owners.

Isochronic tones available from:

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January 1, 2018 · 12:00 am

Cosmic Ordering Calendar 2018

Some eight years ago I first came up with the idea of devising one’s own Cosmic Ordering Calendar. As a reaction against some of the cynical and trashy novelty calendars that were then doing the rounds, I thought, why not create one’s own calendar to do something noble like manifest one’s goals and aspirations?

Example of a blank photo calendar

Needless to say, I am currently using the break between Christmas and New Year’s Eve to prepare my Calendar for 2018. I’ve found that a great deal of the work can be done for you by getting photo calendars, which are available from major stationers: their intent was for you to put twelve cute pictures of your family on it and send it to your relatives. However, the Cosmic Orderer can subvert this and put twelve pictures of what one wants to manifest in the forthcoming year.

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Love And The Law Of Attraction

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

You have the power to call upon the abundance of the Universe to manifest your needs and desires. But what, you may well ask, in a world where you may have potentially infinite wants, should you attempt to manifest first and most importantly above all?

I suggest that by far the most important priority is LOVE, i.e. finding and falling in love with your soul-mate – for the following reasons:

Firstly: the Romantic Reason – because finding true love is an end in itself.

Secondly, if the first reason were not good enough, there is a slightly crafty reason – because once you find true love, this will inspire you to Manifest all your other wants as well!

This is not just a case of the resulting boost in self-esteem causing happiness in all areas in your life generally. In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill makes the observation many of the world’s most successful men were highly sexual and all had the love of a good woman behind them. They would spend their entire day giving their all to their chosen profession, whilst in the evening coming and being just as attentive to their spouse as they had to just earlier in the day to their business. They had, in other words mastered the art of harnessing the power of their sex-drive to enthuse them for whatever task was most important at any given time.

Hill’s book, unfortunately, is of its era (the 1930s) in that he did not include successful women in the list of people which he analysed, although to be fair this probably says more about the Era than it does about Hill. However, assuming that the female sex-drive is at least as high as that of men, then there is no reason why the basic principle should not apply equally to both sexes.

So there you have it! A Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, and may all your wishes – Romantic and otherwise – come true. 🙂

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A blog-post written by my friend Jacqueline who interviewed me about Cosmic Ordering. 🙂


Creating a visual prayer is easy and fun.  Just go through magazines and cut out pictures, words, and images that depict the future you’d like to attract into your life.  Again, be careful what you wish for.  I’ve seen people put pictures of messy rooms up on their vision board to remind them to declutter.  The Universe doesn’t work that way.  If you put a picture of clutter on your vision board, you can be sure that your clutter will be there to stay.  Instead, choose a picture of a serene, clear, uncluttered room and attract that into your life.

You can also put words, quotes and poems on your vision board.  Back in 2004, when I first heard the term ‘Future Pull’, I tried to buy the domain name, futurepull.com, but it was not available.  I printed it out on the computer in a large font and put it…

View original post 450 more words

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Cosmic Ordering Cheque!

Design © Alex Sumner 2012

Free blank cheque! Download, print out and write it out to yourself!

Please note that amounts are paid out in Pounds Sterling. To convert to your own currency, click here.


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101 Magical Uses For A Pendulum – Part One

A Pendulum. Probably more ostentatious than is strictly necessary but hey, I’m superficial like that!

Hey you sass that hoopy Alex Sumner? He’s a frood who really knows where his Pendulum’s at.

1. As A Radionics Machine

Radionics started out from the principle that a physician named Albert Abrams alleged he could diagnose a patient not by examining the patient’s own body, but by examining a proxy to whom the patient was connected with wires. It then progressed to the idea that one did not need wires, nor indeed another human to act as proxy, but a “Witness” (a lock of hair or other tissue sample from the patient), on the basis that the original patient was somehow mysteriously connected to the Witness by some sort of subtle energy connection. This in turn led to the development of so-called Radionics machines, which are not in fact machines at all in the sense usually understood but work by Cryptesthesia, i.e. the operator knows when the knobs and dials are set in the right place when he or she experiences a kind of sticking sensation when running his thumb over a rubber disc.

NB: The knobs etc are not actually connected in the form of an electric circuit. Indeed, Radionics practitioners have themselves admitted that a Radionics machine does not so much transmit energy but bolster the belief of the operator.

A Radionics machine is thus a glorified Talisman made out of electronic components. The idea that Radionics can be used for healing is a difficult enough concept for skeptics, but what really gets me is the amount of money that such machines go for. A quick look on Google reveals that a typical gadget sells for $1750. That’s $1750 for a device that does not actually do anything!!!

It therefore occurred to your humble blogmaster that given that the underlying principle to Radionics was basically the same as dowsing or pendulum divination, why not get rid of the Radionics machine altogether and use a Pendulum instead? I imagine that it would go something like this: you ask the pendulum “What is the first digit – is it 0 … 1 … 2 … 3… ?” etc etc, and then repeating for as many digits as you dowse to be appropriate. This is essentially what a Radionics machine does, the difference being that you can make a Pendulum from materials costing pennies, instead of having to pay out thousands of dollars.

(The pendulum belonging to your humble blogmaster actually cost a few quid, but that was only because I wanted something that looked nice!)

2. As a Telepathy Device

In the book Pendulum Power the authors relate that they needed to get in touch with a bloke really quickly but they did not know where he was: this was back in the days before mobile telephones. Being experienced Radiesthesiologists and not knowing what else to do, they found a picture of the target and held a pendulum over it, willing him to call them. Fifteen minutes later he did so. He said that fifteen minutes previously he had had a sudden urge to get in touch – it had taken him that long to get to a phone.

This is of course merely anecdotal, but it has given me the following idea…

3. For Cosmic Ordering

IMO the authors of Pendulum Power did not exploit the full potential of their discovery of a new use for the Pendulum. Instead of using it to send a simple message to one bloke, why not use it to send an Order to the Cosmos?

4. For Finding Ley Lines

I have written about this in my post The Ley of the Land.

5. For Contacting Dead People


In a busy pub, ALEX and his DRINKING COMPANION are amongst a party waiting for their food orders.


Did you know that this is the most haunted pub in Britain?


Really? Well let’s have a look.

Alex takes a pendulum out of his pocket.


I intend to use the pendulum to contact any ghosts that may be
in this pub. Can I do this?

ANGLE on Pendulum: it’s rotating anti-clockwise.

ALEX (cont’d)

No? Oh well, that’s my career as a medium at an end – for this
afternoon at any rate.

Alex puts the pendulum away.


I wonder why though it’s got the reputation for being haunted.


Perhaps it’s because they serve Spirits at the bar?

To be continued…

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Cosmic Ordering Calendar 2011

Currently I am working on my 2011 Cosmic Ordering Calendar – see here for my original post about the subject last year.

As regards this year’s it seems that the various things that have been occurring have done so but in the wrong order!

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An Open Letter to Lady Gaga, on seeing that she has held a Seance.


Lady Gaga


Dear Lady Gaga,

We have not corresponded before but hopefully in the future you will look back upon this moment as the beginning of a long and fruitful professional relationship.

Have you ever imagined the sight of a bill for ghostbusting services which has the letters F O C* printed on it and felt like “Oh my God! Why didn’t I hire this wonderful man before now?” For this is the service which I, Alex Sumner, Prophet of the Age of Capricorn, Ascended Master, and all-round expert on all things Occult can provide! In fact I will start right now by proffering some advice on seeing that you have recently held a Seance whilst on tour in Ireland.

Firstly, the good news. The spirit you refer to as Ryan is unlikely to be the soul of an actual dead person in torment upon this Earthly plane. Generally speaking, the souls of dead people only hang around the material plane up to few days after their physical passing, whilst the remaining ties which bind them here are themselves dissolving. Thereupon they depart for the after-life in the usual manner.

Moreover, mediums do not generally contact dead people even though they purport to do so, because the person’s soul has long since ceased to be in a position to provide useful information. If they are collecting accurate information about a person’s life it is likely that they are reading it off the Akashic Records. NB: don’t expect a spirit to provide more information than it would have known whilst alive, and beware of any supposed spirit which purports to do so. There is a saying in the Occult: “Just because you are dead does not make you more intelligent.” This sounds so obvious but often people who go to consult mediums tend to forget it.

The bad news however is that it may very well be that Ryan is a genuine “thing” of some description. It might be some sort of negative entity or elemental which you have attracted to yourself because of emotional trouble. Like a Bad Romance for example! (Heh, see what I did there?) This is not the end of the world however as there are various ways to get rid of it, e.g. the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or in extreme cases some of the techniques which I describe in my blog-posts about Vampires (see here and here). Furthermore, one can reinforce this by actively attracting positive and beneficial influences (see, e.g. here).

There is a remote, and I stress the word remote possibility that it is a real entity sent by someone nasty: however this is unlikely to be the case. The vast majority of people complaining about being psychically attacked by someone else are in fact nothing of the sort – if anything they are just severe cases of people attracting bad influences on themselves, in the manner I describe above. In any event, remedies such as the LBRP etc should be more than enough to protect you.

By now you should be reading these lines and becoming more and more fascinated with the idea of hiring the services which only I can provide. You will be pleased to know that you can contact me further to discuss hiring me. Hope the tour goes well,



*NB: I may have said F O C but this applies only to my ghost-busting efforts. I still charge expenses!


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The Magical Basis for the Law of Attraction

The Secret. Cosmic Ordering. Law of Attraction. Creative Visualisation. The Power. Etc ect tec. Books like these and similar are available from the Mind Body Spirit section of every book store across the globe (I wait until they are available through my local library though, if I read them at all). The more I do read of them, however, the more I am convinced that they are all saying the same thing but expressing it in different words. Equally, however, when I read them, I almost never get a satisfactory explanation as to why they should work if at all.

Well: I have decided for the benefit of poor benighted mankind to give away the real Secret behind The Secret, as it were, for free, by revealing how the modern fancy for the so-called “Law of Attraction” was anticipated by the occult-revival of the late 19th century – and in doing so I hope to indicate a practical method which you, my readers, can put to work yourselves.

The key to it all is in Theosophy.

I have been an aficionado of  the Golden Dawn for an extremely long time. The more I look into it the more I am convinced that the Theosophy of H P Blavatsky is a far greater influence  on it than is generally accepted. According to certain researches I have been doing, I believe that both Mathers and Westcott intended the teachings of the higher grades – which have never been published – to be “westernised” versions of the more recondite teachings of Theosophy. Moreover: at the time the Golden Dawn was founded, just about everyone into the occult scene of the late 19th century was into Theosophy anyway, so the founders of the GD fully intended  the teachings of the order to be interpreted in the light of that movement. It is as if the Golden Dawn provided the How; but Theosophy provided the What.

So to cut a long story short, there I was researching the origin of the concept of Artificial Elementals, and I decided to find out what the various Theosophical sources had to say about the subject.

I had read various people describe extremely convoluted methods of creating Artificial Elementals for magical purposes – more shame them! – but the reality of the subject is actually quite simple:

A Thought, which is contemplated with enough effort, takes on a life of its own on the Astral plane.

That is, essentially, the whole secret of Artificial Elementals in one sentence! The thoughts we have day to day, moment to moment, each create some presence on the astral plane: but because we do not devote much effort to considering them, they soon fade away into nothingness. However: a Thought which is considered often, for long periods at a time, which is invested with much emotional significance and so forth persists on the Astral Plane to the extent that it can attract energy which is sympathetic to it to feed it and prolong its existence. These Thought-Entities (“thought-forms”) can even become so animated that they instinctively perform acts which are consonant with their nature, which have an effect on the physical plane.

The classic example of this is that of a mother who loves her children so much, that quite unconsciously her love for her children creates “guardian angels” for them.

So therefore, the wise magician could attract good fortune unto him or herself, by filling  the mind with strong feelings of positivity, concentrating on this hard and repeating it often. This positivity would then form a kind of Artificial Elemental which coalesces into a helper-spirit which naturally aids the magician.

Similarly, one can wish good fortune unto another by e.g. visualising the subject and concentrating on good feelings towards them.

This is an infinitely flexible method of working: it could be used for Health (by visualising the subject being happy and healthy), or Wealth, Success or something more specific, by altering the precise nature of the visualisation that one concentrates upon.

However: there is a corollary to all this. Just as good thoughts create Artificial Elementals of a benevolent nature, so do bad thoughts create ones of a malevolent or unpleasant nature. Hence, it is not just enough to concentrate on positive thoughts and emotions, one must free ones mind from all negative ones as well. Dwelling on bad, unproductive thoughts lock you into a downward spiral. Moreover, if you were attempting to think your way to success, but retained any small idea that you did not deserve it, or doubt that it would occur, this would serve to negate or lessen the good work that you do.

This is also the best reason for avoiding attempting malevolent or evil magick, because it invariably involves attracting bad influences around you, even if you purport to try and then direct them to someone else.

So I hope you now see how this fits in with the “Law of Attraction” – basically, the various forms which it takes are all methods of creating Artificial Elementals which influence others – whether you know it or not – into bringing the thing thought about to you. Theosophy predicted it over a hundred years ago – but still there seem to be new books coming out about it all the time, none of which acknowledge the source.

Incidentally: I have come across a number of people who claim to be “white magicians” who refuse to cast spells for other people, claiming that even something well-intentioned is somehow black magick. This seems to me utter nonsense – and dangerously hypocritical as well. As far as I am concerned, there is no moral difference between shaking someone’s hand and saying “I Wish You Well,” and casting a spell to wish them well: because if you shake someone’s hand and mean it, you are casting a spell! A little spell, maybe, but still with an effect on the astral plane nonetheless. NB: these people of whom I complain did actually shake my hand supposedly heartily, so you may appreciate why I have a suspicion of insincerity about them.

Practical Exercise – for attracting general Good Fortune.

As promised I will end with describing a simple little exercise which you can put into practice immediately. Note carefully, however, what I say about dwelling on negativity. If you do not banish – e.g. with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram – every negative influence from your life, you will find that the exercise is not likely to work.

The exercise is this:

Every day, spend about 5 to 10 minutes in meditation, meditating in the following manner. Visualise that you are outside your body looking at yourself. As you contemplate yourself, mentally repeat the phrase “I LOVE YOU” like a mantra. As you do so, allow yourself to feel pure, unselfish Love filling you and projecting out towards this visualised image of yourself.

In the short term you will experience an immediate effect of feeling good about yourself. In the long term, by repeating this exercise every day, you will begin to notice that you are attracting good fortune into your life (i.e. because you are forming a benevolent Artificial Elemental on the astral plane).


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