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Love And The Law Of Attraction

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

You have the power to call upon the abundance of the Universe to manifest your needs and desires. But what, you may well ask, in a world where you may have potentially infinite wants, should you attempt to manifest first and most importantly above all?

I suggest that by far the most important priority is LOVE, i.e. finding and falling in love with your soul-mate – for the following reasons:

Firstly: the Romantic Reason – because finding true love is an end in itself.

Secondly, if the first reason were not good enough, there is a slightly crafty reason – because once you find true love, this will inspire you to Manifest all your other wants as well!

This is not just a case of the resulting boost in self-esteem causing happiness in all areas in your life generally. In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill makes the observation many of the world’s most successful men were highly sexual and all had the love of a good woman behind them. They would spend their entire day giving their all to their chosen profession, whilst in the evening coming and being just as attentive to their spouse as they had to just earlier in the day to their business. They had, in other words mastered the art of harnessing the power of their sex-drive to enthuse them for whatever task was most important at any given time.

Hill’s book, unfortunately, is of its era (the 1930s) in that he did not include successful women in the list of people which he analysed, although to be fair this probably says more about the Era than it does about Hill. However, assuming that the female sex-drive is at least as high as that of men, then there is no reason why the basic principle should not apply equally to both sexes.

So there you have it! A Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, and may all your wishes – Romantic and otherwise – come true. 🙂

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