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How To Incorporate Tarot with Past-Life Therapy



You have the power to discover the secrets of your past-lives – using the Tarot! The following method is not a Tarot spread per se, but a way of using Tarot imagery in conjunction with one’s clairvoyant and intuitive abilities. To wit:

The whole point of past-life therapy – discovering one’s previous incarnations, etc – is not to aggrandise oneself by deluding oneself that one was someone really important; nor is it to go on an astral junket; instead it is to discover one’s “Karma,” and to work out how it is relevant to one’s current incarnation.

Now in the Tarot, Karmic-forces are represented by the twenty-two tarot trumps. It therefore stands to reason that they key to discovering your own Karma, and by implication your past-lives, lies within at least one of those twenty-two cards.

I have therefore devised a method by which this can be put into practice, which uses a pendulum as well as the cards. Take your favourite Tarot deck, and extract the Trumps therefrom, laying them out before you with The Fool at the very top, then trumps 1 to 7 in one row, 8 to 14 in the next, and 15 to 21 in the third.

Now, prepare as you would for a divination by banishing all unwanted influences and opening up psychically. Take your pendulum, and spend some time establishing your “Yes” and “No” signals. Now ask your pendulum the following questions:

  • “I intend to find out which tarot card holds the key to knowledge of my past lives. Can I do this?”
  • May I do this?”
  • “Should I do this?”

If you get at least one “No,” then unfortunately the time is not yet right for you to be discovering your past-lives, so stop there.

If, however, you get three “Yes” signals, continue by asking:

  • “Which tarot card holds the key to my knowledge of my past lives? Is it The Fool?” (WAIT FOR SIGNAL)
  • “Is it The Magician?” (WAIT FOR SIGNAL)
  • “Is it The High Priestess?” Etc etc etc

I.e. go through the trumps one by one. Once you get your first “Yes,” do not just stop but ask “Are any other cards relevant as well?” If you get a “Yes,” continue checking the other tarot trumps, otherwise finish there.

If you do end up with more than one Tarot trump, use the pendulum to go through them sorting them into order of importance.

In all cases one should finish by expressing gratitude for the help you have received, and by closing down psychically.

Now that you have at least one Tarot trump, you can discover exactly how this relates to your Karma by clairvoyance, e.g. by treating it as an astral doorway and then going through it, as one would a tattva-card: or by using your knowledge of the card’s qabalistic / astrological / etc symbolic associations, you can devise an appropriate magical ceremony to make contact with a corresponding spirit guide who can explain what it all means in detail.

When I first tried this method on myself, I came up with one particular tarot trump which, as it turned out, happened to represent a good summary of the successes in my life. This I took as meaning that they were successful because I was making use of my Karmic strengths, which helped me make sense of a lot of things. Different people may come up with different tarot trumps by this method – YMMV.


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101 Magical Uses For A Pendulum – Part One

A Pendulum. Probably more ostentatious than is strictly necessary but hey, I’m superficial like that!

Hey you sass that hoopy Alex Sumner? He’s a frood who really knows where his Pendulum’s at.

1. As A Radionics Machine

Radionics started out from the principle that a physician named Albert Abrams alleged he could diagnose a patient not by examining the patient’s own body, but by examining a proxy to whom the patient was connected with wires. It then progressed to the idea that one did not need wires, nor indeed another human to act as proxy, but a “Witness” (a lock of hair or other tissue sample from the patient), on the basis that the original patient was somehow mysteriously connected to the Witness by some sort of subtle energy connection. This in turn led to the development of so-called Radionics machines, which are not in fact machines at all in the sense usually understood but work by Cryptesthesia, i.e. the operator knows when the knobs and dials are set in the right place when he or she experiences a kind of sticking sensation when running his thumb over a rubber disc.

NB: The knobs etc are not actually connected in the form of an electric circuit. Indeed, Radionics practitioners have themselves admitted that a Radionics machine does not so much transmit energy but bolster the belief of the operator.

A Radionics machine is thus a glorified Talisman made out of electronic components. The idea that Radionics can be used for healing is a difficult enough concept for skeptics, but what really gets me is the amount of money that such machines go for. A quick look on Google reveals that a typical gadget sells for $1750. That’s $1750 for a device that does not actually do anything!!!

It therefore occurred to your humble blogmaster that given that the underlying principle to Radionics was basically the same as dowsing or pendulum divination, why not get rid of the Radionics machine altogether and use a Pendulum instead? I imagine that it would go something like this: you ask the pendulum “What is the first digit – is it 0 … 1 … 2 … 3… ?” etc etc, and then repeating for as many digits as you dowse to be appropriate. This is essentially what a Radionics machine does, the difference being that you can make a Pendulum from materials costing pennies, instead of having to pay out thousands of dollars.

(The pendulum belonging to your humble blogmaster actually cost a few quid, but that was only because I wanted something that looked nice!)

2. As a Telepathy Device

In the book Pendulum Power the authors relate that they needed to get in touch with a bloke really quickly but they did not know where he was: this was back in the days before mobile telephones. Being experienced Radiesthesiologists and not knowing what else to do, they found a picture of the target and held a pendulum over it, willing him to call them. Fifteen minutes later he did so. He said that fifteen minutes previously he had had a sudden urge to get in touch – it had taken him that long to get to a phone.

This is of course merely anecdotal, but it has given me the following idea…

3. For Cosmic Ordering

IMO the authors of Pendulum Power did not exploit the full potential of their discovery of a new use for the Pendulum. Instead of using it to send a simple message to one bloke, why not use it to send an Order to the Cosmos?

4. For Finding Ley Lines

I have written about this in my post The Ley of the Land.

5. For Contacting Dead People


In a busy pub, ALEX and his DRINKING COMPANION are amongst a party waiting for their food orders.


Did you know that this is the most haunted pub in Britain?


Really? Well let’s have a look.

Alex takes a pendulum out of his pocket.


I intend to use the pendulum to contact any ghosts that may be
in this pub. Can I do this?

ANGLE on Pendulum: it’s rotating anti-clockwise.

ALEX (cont’d)

No? Oh well, that’s my career as a medium at an end – for this
afternoon at any rate.

Alex puts the pendulum away.


I wonder why though it’s got the reputation for being haunted.


Perhaps it’s because they serve Spirits at the bar?

To be continued…

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