Vampires – the Truth

As the world’s greatest expert on the occult, I often hallucinate that people are asking me whether there is any truth to this vampire mullarkey. Well, gentle reader, the answer is Yes … though not in the way depicted by certain books and films.

The modern vampire as a literary concept (“modern” here being the operative word) – of which Dracula is the definitive example, and the Twilight movies the latest continuance – derives from Eastern European folklore of the seventeenth century onwards. However the more general concept of bloodsucking monsters or demons (in humanoid form) dates right back to ancient times and spans the globe – to such an extent that one is tempted to speculate that each culture, no matter how remote, has evolved its own version of a Vampire or vampire-like monster.

It is here that the occultist ought to be on guard. If different cultures do independently come up with Vampire myths, this would suggest either or both of two possibilities. Firstly – the Vampire-idea is an archetype of the collective unconscious. Secondly – all these separate Vampire-like beings are actually based on something from real-life.

Now we may scoff at the second possibility easily enough by saying “where’s the evidence?” The first though is somewhat more serious, because it tends to suggest that in a certain way “there is a vampire in all of us” – lurking in the dark and mysterious depths of the psyche.

There have been various attempts made – in real-life – to release this “inner vampire” with varying degrees of success. On the one-hand witness the Vampire subculture which is a part of the Goth or S&M scene – which in extreme cases apparently involves actual blood-drinking. Bizarre though this lifestyle choice appears, there are however occultists who allegedly use black-magick  to transform themselves into actual vampires. There was a method published by the occultist Dion Fortune, who described it in her novel The Demon Lover (and less explicitly in her previous book The Secrets of Doctor Taverner) and also wrote about it in her non-fiction work, Psychic Self-Defence.

The method apparently is this: it requires great control of one’s astral body. Whilst astrally projecting, the putative-Vampire attempts to absorb the life-force of a victim. In this way the putative Vampire can (it is alleged) live on independently of the physical body. The Vampire in question in Doctor Taverner and described more fully in Psychic Self-Defence attached itself to a living host (i.e. not its original self) who was its regular source of “nourishment.” As you can imagine, this left the host feeling tired and run-down all the time, however it also led to a more serious side-effect: the host started having blood-cravings himself, in order to restore his own vitality.

The literature of the Golden Dawn also suggests that “astral vampires” can be created accidentally, by creating an astral form and allowing an evil spirit (or possibly just a socially-maladjusted one) to take possession of it. This is said to be one of the things that can go wrong if the order’s rituals for Invisibility or Transformation are performed badly. Such an astral vampire would then attach itself to a human host – causing the same sort of unpleasant effects as that described by Dion Fortune.

So, how does one actually get rid of Vampires? Well, one could theorise that if the Vampire-idea is archetypal, then so too are traditional Vampire-defences. However, if the theory that Vampirism is caused by unpleasant astral entities is valid, then a more scientific method is to exorcise the alleged fiend. The Golden Dawn suggests that the Supreme Banishing Hexagram of Binah Ritual should be powerful enough to get rid of even the toughest bloodsuckers: although Dion Fortune states that the method used by Doctor Taverner’s real-life counterpart involved absorbing the astral being into his own aura and then digesting it – a method so strenuous that he was left unconscious for three days after attempting it.

(This gives me an idea of how to establish its validity by experiential proof. Kidnap a Goth from off the streets of Camden and perform the Banishing Hexagram of Binah Ritual at him. If he loses all his taste in clothes and music and turns into a Chav, it obviously worked!)

More seriously though, if the Vampire-idea is indeed an archetype, a far more constructive approach would be delve into the unconscious and confront the inner-Vampire, in a sort of active imagination cum quasi-shamanistic type venture. Perhaps that is indeed the real-truth behind Vampire stories – the quest to tackle the Vampire in its lair is actually a metaphor for finding the Darkness within oneself.


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7 responses to “Vampires – the Truth

  1. I know the vampire exists because he fucking fed on me twice last week. >[ You’d think I could fend him off by now! I’ll ask my wizard friend for a copy of that ritual; I think he has the proper spellbooks- unless you have a link? I’m a bit tired of donating quite so much “blood”. I still have an injury from the last time, a physical injury under my shoulderblade. I recognize it when it’s happening and I still let it happen. Still working on that shadow, I guess.

    • The Supreme Banishing Hexagram of Binah Ritual

      1. Stand facing East. Take up the Magic Sword.

      2. Perform the Qabalistic Cross.

      3. Circumambulate deosil to the point where you wish to draw the Hexagram. The first Triangle should be drawn starting from the “Saturn” point moving anti-clockwise: the second triangle should be drawn starting from the “Luna” point again moving anti-clockwise. (See diagram for details)

      4. Whilst tracing the Hexagram, vibrate ARARITA.

      5. Now vibrate with the formula of the Middle Pillar, the Divine Name of Binah – YOD HEH VAV HEH ELOHIM. It would also be appropriate at this point to vibrate the Angelic and other names associated with Binah as well: TZAPHQIEL (Archangel); ARALIM (Angels); SHABBATHAI (the Hebrew name of Saturn).

      6.Complete the circle of the place, returning to the East.

      7. Finish by analysing the key-word, i.e.
      I N R I – Yod Nun Resh Yod.
      Virgo, Isis, Mighty mother;
      Scorpio, Apophis & Typhon the Destroyer;
      Sol, Osiris, Slain and risen;
      Isis, Apophis, Osiris – IAO.
      The Sign of Osiris slain.
      L – the sign of Isis mourning.
      V – the sign of Apophis & Typhon.
      X – the sign of Osiris risen.
      L, V, X, LUX the Light…
      …of the Cross.

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  5. Phil Pickering

    In my experience physical, human vampires certainly exist and prey on the personal spirit and souls of others. Never having witnessed actual blood drinking among my many experiences with vampires my conclusion is that the blood may well be just a literary symbol for the vital energy or life-force.

    These life-force energies could also be referred to as personal universal energy or consciousness or time. Whatever you wish to name our personal energy it is all that we are; none of our being would exist without it, our bodies, our souls, our perception all come from it, it holds our memories and feelings and defines our personalities, we only exist as a product of those energies and yet those energies are not reliant upon us in any way whatsoever. Now certain activities can actually change our energetic makeup, for example interacting with certain non-physical, non-human entities might involve an exchange of energy, as when ascending the Tree of Knowledge with the dragon for example.

    What the dragon requires for us to fly with it is that we create a vehicle from our own energies…we actually ride along inside the vehicle that the dragon has yanked from us with its mouth. It could be described as a predatory act on the dragon’s part or alternatively likened to paying the ferryman for passage across the river. and that passage doesn’t come free… but what if someone else would foot the bill?

    Well that’s one thing that is going on it’s just that in most cases those manipulated into paying for the ride haven’t the slightest clue about any of it at all.

    This example is only the tip of the iceberg for there are many forms by which vampires look to profit from the personal energies of others. Ironically, however, it is the vampire that creates it’s own condition as once accustomed to the energies ¡of other individuals, the inner connection can soon become forgotten and ‘dry up’ leaving the vampire dependent and disconnected… un-dead in fact. As for the victims, well if the process continues unhindered for long enough it is existence itself that is at stake.

    Let me just add that none of the above ideas are anything more than that… just ideas, none of which are intended to be actual statements of fact or absolute definitions of reality. If you are entertained by any of the ideas then by all means enjoy them but please, please do not believe in any of my writings… unless of course you want to…

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